Welcome! You have come to The Educational Community STREN* collection - forever free - designed to add joy, wisdom, and meaning to your life. Collect enough strens and you will make yourself a Mental-Spiritual Wealth millionaire and a teacher of Einstein’s Solution for permanent World Peace.

*STREN (mental strength) = any idea, insight, wisdom, or experience that adds to our well-being.

4. From War to Peace

Essay Explains Why We Have War, What We Must Do to Prevent Our Self-annihilation, and How We Can Proceed to Succeed.

5. Essential Skills

The Building Blocks to Mental Freedom

6. The Mini-Course

An Overview and Solution to the Either/Or Way of Thinking That is About to Slay Us

7. Creating World Peace

A Newer Way of Thinking (ANWOT)

Proceed to Succeed ASAP Through the Domino Effect

8. The Maxi-Course

100+ Strens

Creating Joy, Purpose, and Teachers of World Peace

9. Call to Action

Become the Solution Instead of Remaining Part of the Problem.