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The six passively acquired mental action pathways:

          The blaming-out and avoidance MAPs are the first established because they are the mental expressions of our genetically coded primitive fight or flight instinct.  The blaming-in MAP is prominent only in humankind because our nurturers “educate” us in guilt and self-putdowns very early after birth.  Blaming-in is a powerful way to direct behavior.  The hopeless/helpless give-up” MAP has been shown to be acquired early in animals and humans.  Once this MAP shuts down our energy factory we passively adapt to remaining a servant to our early dictators.  The worry MAP is also learned as we acquire language.  Symbols become signals that transform the innate “red alert” emergency response from a physical reaction to a mental one. In today’s world, danger is more symbolic and occurs over a prolonged period rather than requiring an instant action that quickly resolves the red alert state.  The outcome of worry is a sustained “pink alert” state leading to a variety of avoidance and mind/body disorders.  Our inherited mind/body connection is easily set off balance by the persistence of a state of “pink alert.” Prolonged physiologic imbalance leads to multiple physical and mental disorders.    

The two action pathways your freed will must personally initiate:

          Problem-solving is creating symbols that turn on an original action path to solve a current challenge when the established path is no longer effective.  Common sense solutions created through intelligence tend to lack sufficient emotional energy to overrule well established earlier action patterns.  Problem-solving must be linked to self-endorsement to provide the necessary emotional energy to overrule established action pathways.  Make the Mental Freedom Control Panel a powerful tool to recognize and consistently apply the mental action choices that work.   The combinations that no longer serve their original purpose will atrophy from disuse.  Individuals who repetitiously combine the problem-solving and self-endorsement patterns create a successful life experience. 

          Each of the eight choices offers both satisfaction and cost.  You might expect that your thinking would seek whatever benefits each action pattern has to offer, but that’s not how it works.  The negative action paths persist because instinct and tradition link their commands to instant emotional consequences.  Emotion provides great power to survive and resist change.  The wiser action paths of common sense intellect, such as collaboration for mutual benefit, usually lack sufficient power to replace the emotionally linked survival of the fittest, fight or flight, win/lose, self-serving action paths of instinct and tradition.  We commonly observe combinations of the blaming, avoidance, worrying, hopelessness, and Mind/Body mental actions that result in harm and respond poorly to conventional treatment.  The power of this stren is that once you can label the negative combinations, you can challenge and replace them with a more effective mental action. 

         Linking the problem-solving and self-endorsement mental action pathways will generate the energy, creative power, and patience to make yourself a wise and powerful creator of your own destiny.  The problem-solving sentence applies common sense wisdom and original “out of the box” self-initiated actions specific to today’s issues.  Self-endorsement creates the emotional energy required to overrule those patterns no longer adaptable to new knowledge.  You will position your freed will to assume personal responsibility for the way you think, feel, and act.  You will join fate and circumstance as a new member of your personal Board of Directors and succeed in becoming its Chairperson.  Our best hope to create world peace is global education in the newer way of thinking that consistently combines these two mind-freeing, easy to teach and learn MAPs.  You can do it!  Although the methods are easy and available to anyone, they require work, patience, direction, and some degree of risk-taking.  For practice in recognizing MAPs, periodically redo the exercise and score sheet provided in stren #44.