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          Some people can use or develop their existing creative imagery and fantasy to initiate enthusiasm.  Others find it easier to call forth feelings of joy, inspiration, and enthusiasm from prior experiences.  Make a mental scrapbook of times you’ve felt loved, got a pat on the shoulder, experienced joy, happiness, or enthusiasm.  Permit yourself to call these “snapshots” forth to re-create similar good feelings.  Combine past experience with the present creative imagery to develop the results you want.
          Experiment by creating your own skills in emotional self-endorsement.  Try it when you wake up in the morning.  What do you say to yourself when you first look in the mirror?  “What a hot sketch I am!”? Or do you say something else?  If you are like most people who are practiced in the art of emotionally self-blaming, but are weak in emotionally endorsing yourself, apply your conscious awareness to nurture self-endorsement.  Your efforts will be amply rewarded.  Practice!  Practice!  Practice!
          The next four wisdoms will recognize the three masters who govern our life’s experience, how we free ourselves from our early dictators, and the powerful tool that enables us to become a powerful creator and make our life’s experience joyous and meaningful.  Then we’ll resume with a number of proven self-endorsement wisdoms.