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         I am especially excited about the next four wisdom tips because they serve as a foundation for everything that follows.  Today’s wisdom will identify the three masters who control our life’s experience, the first two being dictators and the third being what we call “self-mastery,” the exercise of our freed will to personally direct our life experience. The second wisdom will explain the power of interpretation that makes us different from all life on earth; the third reveals the secret means by which we become powerful creators; and the fourth wisdom introduces the important concept that inspires the newer way of thinking that enables anyone to lead a joyous, meaningful life.

Without exception, all life is controlled by two dictators that we identify by such labels as nature and nurture or fate and circumstance.  The simplest forms of life are innately equipped by nature to survive at birth.  More complex life requires nurturing from external providers such as parents.  Only humankind has been gifted with a sufficiently intelligent specialized organ to become a powerful creator through the process we call by such terms as becoming one’s own person, mental freedom, and self-mastery.  As the portion of our unique human brain that we call the cerebral cortex matures we attain the power to program ourselves.  We alone acquire, store, share, and grow knowledge by passing it forward to successive generations.  Increasingly, we have joined nature and nurture in determining who we are and what we will become.  Our recent explosive growth of knowledge has made us so powerful that we can now create the utopia within our imagination and/or we can make ourselves history by unleashing our unprecedented weapons of ultimate destruction.

Let’s recognize that both as individuals and collectively as humankind, we are a work-in-progress with a mission.  Mental freedom is the power to create both wisely and foolishly.  Our unprecedented creative and destructive power makes us responsible for consistently directing actions to constructive outcomes. Our work-in-progress is quite clearly defined – we must urgently develop the wisdom to manage our new weapons of ultimate destructive power.  The future of our loved ones and humanity has suddenly become the responsibility of our generation.  Our future requires that we teach ourselves a newer way of thinking based on common sense wisdom where instinct and tradition have become maladaptive.        

We take the beginning step to add wisdom to self-management when we identify the sources that control the way we think, feel, and act.  Let’s begin today to create an indelible picture in our mind that enlightens our consciousness to the three masters that direct our life’s experience.  Think of turning a light “on” or “off.”   If just thinking “Let there be light” worked, you’d probably think you had magic.  However, you know the trick of creating light is quite easily accomplished. You simply walk over to a light switch and change its position.  Most light switches have two positions, “on” or “off”.  You know it works “unmagically” because someone previously provided a source of electric power and placed wiring to convey energy to the light bulb.  Even though the mechanical action is hidden behind the wall, you make a verifiable assumption that the light switch has such connections. 

            Now look at another location where there are two light switches.  The switches look identical.  However, one leads to an action entirely different than the other.  Again, we understand why – the wiring behind the wall which we don’t see is distinct for each switch.  The second switch adds a new option to the first choice.