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          Do you get it?  Through the use of symbols, we “magically” transform our private mental interpretations and imaginings into the common reality we all share!  Our creativity is like someone showing us an empty hat and then pulling out a rabbit.     
          No life on earth, past or present, approaches the degree to which we use the power of interpretation to make ourselves creators!  We alone influence who we are and what we become.  Humankind has become king on earth because of our ability to make intelligent interpretations.  The more accurately our interpretations correspond with the universal orderly cause-and-effect rules we share in common, the greater our power as creators.  When mature and properly educated, our freedom organ allows us to acquire the common sense wisdoms necessary to consistently direct our knowledge to constructive outcomes.   

          As we grew knowledge and made ourselves more powerful creators we also rapidly increased our population to over 6 billion.  Scientists are individuals who spend their lives growing knowledge, and we have more scientists alive today than in all of history.  Current technology has shrunk the world; it is making more tribes powerful creators as well as our neighbors.  Just 50,000 years ago, when our ancestors created language, we made a quantum leap in our power of interpretation and significantly increased our progress towards civilization.
          Most knowledge of our creator’s universal cause-and-effect relationships has occurred within a few generations.  The discovery of sanitation, antibiotics, the industrial revolution, rapid travel, mass communication, pollution, global warming, depleting the seas, and overpopulation are our recent creations.  None, however, pose such an imminent threat to our loved ones as the proliferation of weapons of ultimate destruction within the last 50 years!  We must impress upon ourselves the speed at which we now increase our power.  Awareness inspires the urgency to teach ourselves a newer way of thinking that can consistently direct our power to wise outcomes.  If we consider earth’s 4 ½ billion year history as one hour, our ancestors initiated civilization in the last mere 1/100th of a second.  In 1/1000th of that 1/100th second, we have so rapidly expanded our creative power that we now are in a race between cooperation and catastrophe.   

          Here’s what we each need to understand.  Our way of thinking is first directed by instinct and tradition.  Neither is capable of applying common sense wisdom to new knowledge. Instinct and tradition program us to think in two categories: us or them, good or evil, right or wrong, and so on.  This either/or way of thinking is the basis of bigotry, prejudice, and harmful aggression.  In most instances it is not our nurturer’s intent to distort our understanding of the world by focusing on the differences between people and tribes.  They have no choice because our mind remains incapable or limited in logical thinking during our immature years.  Logical thinking recognizes both the positives and the negatives of alternatives; it emphasizes our similarities more than our differences.  Common sense is not very common.  We have a limited amount of time to teach ourselves a newer way of thinking that solves today’s problems with common sense wisdom.