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Our most important tool to a newer way of thinking (ANWOT)

We have been created as a work-in-progress with a mission.  As we continue to acquire more knowledge, it is increasingly apparent we have assumed the responsibility and the task to determine our own destiny and that of the world.  Today’s wisdom explains the process by which we transform ourselves from a helpless, dependent, needy “taker” into a powerful creator with the wisdom to determine who we are and what we will become.  We begin the process with the insight that we must first attain mental freedom from the two dictators who control our early life’s experience, instinct and tradition. 

Since there is no word in our language that identifies the process by which we transform ourselves into wise powerful creators, I will introduce two new ones: trigger word and word-switch.  The meanings we assign to these words will empower us to selectively reroute those established ways of thinking that no longer work to newer, more effective solutions to today’s issues.  Trigger words and word-switches each turn on energy to activate a specific thinking pathway and its action outcome.  Here are two examples of the power of mechanical switches that will create an indelible understanding of the power of word-switches:  

Analogy #1: A train will follow the course predetermined by its track.  By altering a single train track switch at one point, we create an entirely new path and destination for the train.  By simply flipping that one switch, our action directs energy to the preferred path and destination while simultaneously preventing the outcome that would result without our direct intervention.   

Analogy #2: Picture the action of three light switches such as I have described in a previous wisdom tip (see Stren #3).  Imagine each switch is wired to turn on one of the three masters that direct our life’s experience – nature, nurture, or self-mastery.  The first switch was wired prior to birth by nature to turn on instinct.  The second switch was wired throughout our many years of immaturity by our nurturers to activate tradition.  As our freedom organ attains physical maturity and we provide it with appropriate word-switches, we become self-programmers.  Thus, the third switch turns on the wired thinking pathways we our self may initiate.  By accurately labeling the switches that turn on and turn off instinct, tradition, and self-mastery, we may effectively route the path of energy to our preferred action outcome.  We simply select the appropriate word-switch as we would select the preferred light switch. 

Trigger words and word-switches control our thinking with the specificity and power that a mechanical switch uses to alter a course of action.  The simple act of wisely choosing appropriate word-switches is our means to assume mastery of our life’s experience.  Instinct, tradition, and self-mastery each serve us well when we wisely choose the appropriate action switch.