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Word-switches are trigger words!  They are distinguished from other trigger words only by the three characteristics we here assign to them:  Word-switches --

1.     have the power to substitute an alternative meaning and a newer way of thinking, feeling, and acting for a trigger word that is presently dominant.

2.     are usually the products of a mature freedom organ, i.e. our cerebral corex.

3.     are supported by the most current universal common sense wisdoms.1

We may design word-switches to turn on and turn off the perspective of instinct, tradition, or those that we ourselves initiate.  The meanings we ourselves create, unlike the hard-wired commands of instinct and tradition, can be based on current knowledge and common sense wisdom.  We now understand the means by which we become master of our thinking, feelings, and actions.  As our freedom organ attains physical maturity and we teach ourselves the wisdoms that create mental maturity, we can create new word-switches that selectively turn off the thinking paths previously wired by instinct and tradition and turn on a newer common sense way of thinking available from our mature freedom organ.  We acquire self-mastery, assume responsibility for our life’s experience, and become powerful creators through the design and application of word-switches!    [Repeat this sentence!]

As we acquire more knowledge of universal cause-and-effect relationships, what we call “science,” we increase our power to initiate both constructive and destructive outcomes.  The current discovery and proliferation of weapons with ultimate destructive power require that we create newer, more appropriate word-switches that consistently direct our power to constructive outcomes.  Managing our current explosive growth of power requires using logic and common sense wisdom to create original solutions to current issues.  Let’s recognize that our native language is heavily biased toward trigger words that turn on the wired pathways of instinct and tradition.  We need to constantly update our language as we expand our knowledge of cause-and-effect relationships.  Once we understand the power of specific trigger words and word-switches to “turn on” a newer way of thinking we can proceed to expand our vocabulary of word-switches that promote self-mastery. 

Word-switches are our means to elevate ourselves to the higher levels of civilization to which we aspire.  Our newest weapon of mass construction is creating and using effective word-switches that “turn on” common sense wisdom!

            Consider that the 100+ wisdoms that follow are word-switches in that they selectively turn off the prewired ways of processing information that no longer work and turn oncommon sense wisdom to problem-solve current issues.  Next time we meet I’ll provide part B of the secret of attaining mental freedom:  Creating and applying appropriate word-switches.     


 1The test of universal common sense will be described in a future wisdom tip.