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         Like muscle that grows stronger with the addition of more individual strands of muscle fiber, our creative power grows as we increase our understanding of cause-and-effect relationships, what we call knowledgeStrens are the building blocks of mental strength.  Each new stren or bit of knowledge we discover makes us a more powerful creator.  Strens are especially productive when they work together in unison.  

           By adding the trigger word stren to our vocabulary, we inspire our freedom organ to continue to add the wisdoms that strengthen our newer way of constructive thinking.  Mental Wealth millionaires continuously enrich themselves with new strens.  An important reminder: our power as creators can be directed to constructive AND destructive outcomes!  Power directed by our earliest masters, instinct and tradition, commonly includes harmful action.  Power directed by the common sense wisdom of our intelligent freedom organ is our means to consistently direct our creative power to our preferred outcomes.  Each new wisdom presented will be one more stren to create a newer way of thinking, to become a Mental Wealth millionaire and a force for world peace.