Welcome to stren #14.  This is the last of the seven Mind-freeing, Life-changing, World-saving word-switches.  It is the second of the two important word-switches that prevent the problems we commonly bring on ourselves by our instinctive survival of the fittest and fight or flight emergency reactions to stress.  The previous stren introduced the word-switch energy to bias our thinking towards mental common sense problem-solving; energy is substituted for anger and anxiety, words that traditionally trigger actions that have a harmful outcome.  Stren # 13 also explained how nature hardwires us to mindlessly interpret stressful events as emergencies even when our interpretations of events as an emergency are consistently false.  Here is the second important prevention word-switch: 

          Substitute “urgent” for “emergency” and immediately assign “high,” “medium,” or “low” priority to establish the level of urgency. 

          Real emergencies are rare in our partially civilized world.  Our natural tendency to automatically and instantly react to a stressful event instead of applying wise problem-solving often leads to irreversible harm.  “Emergency” is a red-alert trigger word that demands instant reflex action to resolve a life-threatening situation.  It is necessary when there are real emergencies, but tends to result in thoughtless action and harm when we wrongly identify an emergency. 

          By simply substituting the more accurate word-switch “urgency” and assigning “high, medium, or low priority” to the stressing event, we redirect our energy to more effective short and long term problem-solving.  Our biology is designed to instantly react to stressful events.  Upon reflection, common sense will conclude that most of the challenges we deal with are actually of low priority!  Our tendency to automatically and instantly react to stress conflicts with the realities of society’s civil expectations. 

          We are so innately over-wired, as part of our instinctive nature to respond to stressful events as an emergency that it is highly unlikely that we would fail to appropriately respond to a real emergency.  In the relatively civilized world that most of us occupy, we manage stressful events far more effectively by applying common sense wisdom instead of a reflexive emotional reaction.  Mental problem-solving is our means to create short and long term strategies that benefit all parties.  Knowledge guided by wisdom is our most certain means to create a joyous, purposeful life. 
          As with the other Mind-freeing, Life-changing, World-saving word-switches, you will make substituting urgency for emergency more automatic and effortless with repeated use.  You will have more energy to further your work-in-progress and make yourself the wise, powerful creator of your aspirations.  Upon reviewing these seven mental skills, you will recognize the simplicity of upgrading your thinking.  And you’ll love increasingly promoting your well-being and that of your loved ones as you diminish those demands of instinct, tradition, and human dictators that serve themselves at others’ expense.