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         Personally, I find it helpful to remind myself that I, and most of us, live better today than the kings of recent times.  We have a greater selection of healthier foods; libraries, mass media, and technology that provide educational opportunity; greater comforts in our home, work, and environment; a more welcoming bed (ah!); unprecedented sanitation, medical and surgical means to improve the quality and quantity of life; and so much more.

         Here are two blockbuster insights among many others that I sustain my constant attitude of gratitude. 

1.  I am on the growing edge of a creative process set in motion over 3 ½ billion years past.  I have received through my genes the proven trial-and-error wisdoms that make me among the 2-3 percent of species that have not become extinct.  I have been gifted with the latest model brain.  Through the specialized function of this freedom organ, I can join fate and circumstance to become a powerful creator and director of my own destiny.  “I can choose to create a joyous, meaningful life experience or I can choose to make myself miserable.  I’m not a fool!” [A statement often repeated by positive thinker Norman Vincent Peale.] 

2.  Giants that have preceded me have shared their wisdom that lead to success so that I can learn from it.  Their collected knowledge and wisdoms to create a joyous purposeful life are available to me free for the asking.  I have the five needed ingredients available to me right now: the will to learn, work, patience, direction, and willingness to risk letting go of old ways that no longer work.  What I lack in these five skills is abundantly available from role models, willing teachers, and books.  What a combination! Dynamite genes and the opportunity to teach myself the wisdoms from giants who have preceded me.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can create an attitude of gratitude!