This is stren #28.  It will inspire you to become a Mental Wealth millionaire.  You will learn why Mental Wealth millionaires create a joyous, meaningful life experience and be inspired to become one of the teachers we require for world peace.

           What is Mental Wealth? [“mental wealth” is the equivalent to “spiritual wealth” – the nonphysical concepts that provide meaning to our life experiences beyond material wealth]

           Simply stated, Mental wealth consists of those wisdoms most certain to lead to success in any endeavor.  We have become the supreme rulers on earth because of our ability to acquire knowledge, store it, share it, and pass it forward to continue the process of growing our power.  It is said that we stand on the shoulders of the knowledgeable giants who preceded us.  We become increasingly powerful creators as we uncover more secrets.  Power may be applied constructively AND destructively.  Mental wealth is our means to consistently direct power to the beneficial outcomes that fulfill our needs and wants.  Mental wealth also equips us to weather the storms we all experience.  True wealth grows as we acquire those wisdoms that equip us to use our best to do our best. 

           Any individual who is willing to study, practice, and risk freeing themselves from the dictators who first determine our way of thinking, specifically instinct and tradition, can become a Mental Wealth Millionaire.  We do so by acquiring the common sense wisdoms that have been proven by others to work.  Our mental wealth grows one wisdom at a time.  Collect enough and we eventually free ourselves from fate and circumstance, what nature and our nurturers have made of us.  Mental wealth is our means to become our own best friend and our own person, i.e. attain self-mastery.  We must continue to create the new wisdoms we require to adapt to the revolutionary changes brought on by the explosive growth of our new technology.

Compare these ten benefits of Mental Wealth (MW) with the benefits of material wealth:

  1. MW  is the true source of happiness!  Every MW millionaire creates a meaningful life experience, even in the absence of physical health.  Two recent bestselling books, Tuesday with Morrie and The Last Lecture document how individuals with the worst illnesses were still able to enthusiastically enjoy their life’s experience.  Many individuals who have few of life’s toys are quite happy, while others with all the silver spoons are among the most miserable.  Materially wealthy millionaires are highly represented among those who commit suicide.  The most “got rocks” person I have ever met was in my opinion (and his) among the most miserable. 

  2. We own the wisdom we acquire and create for the rest of our life; the cleverest schemer will not take it away.

  3. Owners of material wealth commonly spend considerable energy protecting it.  They worry about how to keep it and fret when they lose it.  Most people who lose physical wealth allow their spirits to be diminished in addition to their pocketbooks.  People love giving away MW!

  4. When the government creates more money, it devalues what others have earned; not so with MW.  There is no limit to the amount of MW one can accumulate and there is no limit to the number of possible MW millionaires!  Each new MW millionaire enriches the world. 

  5. The five ingredients needed to acquire MW are available in abundance to everyone – faith in oneself, work, patience, direction, and risk taking - letting go of old patterns that no longer work.  The traditional “silver spoons” such as money, good health, status, titles, connections, good looks, unusual intelligence, the “right” religion, skin color, one’s gender, geographic location, and so on are not required. 

  6. The more MW we give away, the more our own MW grows!  The transfer of wisdom is a win-win-win event.  The giver experiences one of life’s greatest satisfactions.  The receiver(s) increases his/her MW and the global community is enriched.  The transfer of physical wealth is commonly a win-lose event: the receiver is enriched and the giver’s wealth is diminished.  More often than not, the “taker” is already materially wealthy and the “giver” isn’t.  
  7. We see a dramatic benefit when we correct a deficiency, even in a small way, to a physical need, such as B vitamins or thyroid hormone.  Since our formal education stresses how to make a living and has yet to emphasize how to live, we can predict that providing even a small amount of MW will dramatically uplift our spirits.   

  8. Wisdoms that make us MW millionaires, proven by successful individuals to work, are plentiful and readily self-taught.  They have already been created by wise people.  They are attainable from mentors, in books and other media, but are inadequately applied!  They are free for our taking if and when we choose to embed MW wisdoms into our basic education.   For example, The Educational Community pledges to provide its MW curriculum via electronic media forever FREE to anyone, anywhere, anytime!  The mass media is capable of rapidly educating our population when and where its subscribers prefer at little or no cost.

  10. What better feeling can we experience than that of helping our loved ones become a MW millionaire and promoting the most certain way to create permanent world peace? 


           Please understand that highlighting the importance of mental wealth in no way suggests material wealth and physical health are unimportant.  Given a choice between being a have or a have not, always choose the former.  However, to my knowledge, with respect to money, power, and pampering our body, we are the only species that does not recognize the meaning of “enough.”  Our kind seems to have substituted “greed” for “enough.”  Would you agree our society already concentrates its energy on the pursuit of material wealth and perfecting our body to the neglect of mental wealth?  Yet, mental wealth is more certain to consistently fulfill our wish for a marvelous life experience.  How would human life change if we create the insatiable desire for wisdom in place of the greedy pursuit of material wealth?  

           Why do we need to become Mental-Spiritual Wealth millionaires?  Understanding this is the important wisdom in this stren.  Please give it your greatest consideration.

           The most imminent danger to our loved ones, to our self, and civilization, is the likelihood that weapons of mass destruction (WMD) will be unleashed.  Virtually every scientific group, peace group, and informed citizen agrees1.   Congress mandated a high level Commission2  to study, report, and make recommendations to our new President regarding WMD.  Their report, The World at Risk, was released December, 2008.  After interviewing more than 250 experts, the Commission concluded that we can expect the use of WMD before the end of 2013 “unless the world community acts decisively and with great urgency” (p. xv).  In spite of our current efforts, “our margin of safety is shrinking, not growing” (p. xiii).  The actions of our government and others, which include attempts to secure loose nukes and the materials needed to produce WMD, negotiation, deterrence, and intimidation may be appropriate and necessary but none promise a lasting solution. 

           So, here’s the pitch.  Oddly enough, the person who told us the one solution most certain to create permanent world peace is also considered the father of the problem, Einstein.  He told us if we choose to save ourselves from ourselves, we must create a new mode of thinking.  We now have the knowledge and the means to achieve that end.  Every concerned citizen who wants their loved ones to enjoy the benefits we have experienced will want to give priority to what they can do.  Let’s make ourselves wisdom millionaires and populate the world with as many others as we can.  We’ll revisit Einstein’s solution for world peace in stren #71 when we’ll explain our plan to popularize a newer way of thinking.


 1 Check these examples: The Union of Concerned Scientists (, an alliance of more than 250,000 concerned scientists and citizens, the Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (the, which includes 18 Nobel Laureates and has created a Doomsday Clock to symbolically tell us not if, but when we reach midnight; The Physicians for Social Responsibility (; and Ploughshares (

 2  World at Risk: The Report of the Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism; December 2008; Vantage Books.