Today’s wisdom introduces a new word-switch, mentogenous, to improve our understanding of the most important power that controls our destiny, self-mastery.  We have the word endogenous that identifies the source of the biological and instinctive action pathways created by nature.  We have the word exogenous that identifies the thinking pathways external sources make of us, primarily our nurturers.  Endogenous means developed from within.  Exogenous means developed from an external force.  Our language lacks a complimentary trigger word that switches on our attention to the third powerful controller of our life’s experience, personal responsibility.  Mentogenous is hereby assigned the meaning “originating from a mature mind that is educated in common sense, out of the box thinking.”  We, individually, and humankind collectively, have a mission to become the wise and powerful ruler of all around us and the director of our own destiny.  We do so through the newer common sense thinking pathways we ourselves mentally initiate to free our will power from the authority of dictators.
•    Endogenous action pathways are designed by nature to faithfully express its predetermined biological and instinctive behaviors.  Our genes were designed and refined through trial-and-error adaptations over billions of years to equip us for survival from birth. We each begin life with the automatic, mindless survival of the fittest and fight or flight behaviors that sustained our chain of ancestors through savage times. 

•    Exogenous action pathways are the source of a second set of hard-wired prescriptions established by external forces to faithfully express their perspective.  We identify these external forces by such labels as nurturers, tradition, culture, fate, and circumstance.  Our nurturers hard-wire our thinking to make us loyal to the traditions of their tribe.  We are prescribed with their native language, and which family, religion, flag, and other groups we are to owe our allegiance.  Our assumptions, beliefs, and interpretations of the world initially mimic their present state of knowledge.

         Endogenous and exogenous forces, notably instinct and tradition, determine who we are through our early years.  Instinct and tradition are dictators!  Dictators characteristically divide the world into the right way as prescribed by the dictator, and the wrong way.   Alternative ways must automatically be characterized as wrong, evil, unacceptable, and therefore subject to punishment for non-compliance.  Nature and our nurturers initially make us what we are.  We require many years before we reach the stage of maturity where we can assume responsibility to wisely direct our own destiny.  Freeing our thinking from dictators deserves our special attention.  Let’s now invent the word-switch mentogenous to recognize the creative force that we ourselves must initiate to free us from domination by instinct and tradition.   
•    Mentogenous action pathways are those we our self design and implement as our cerebral cortex, what is better labeled our freedom organ, becomes mature.  Mentogenous action pathways are original “out of the box” strategies to manage the power of knowledge through common sense wisdom.  The trigger word “mentogenous will hereafter designate the source of the newer action pathways our freedom organ originates as it attains physical maturity and common sense wisdom.  We assume responsibility for who we are, what we will become, and the fate of all about us through the mentogenous common sense action pathways we initiate.  As we increasingly make ourselves the powerful rulers of earth through knowledge, we can no longer allow ourselves to uncritically accept the hard-wired action pathways of instinct and traditionMentogenous action pathways are our means to consistently direct our creative power to constructive outcomes.

          We are a work-in-progress.  We start life as helpless, dependent crybabies, and we have a mission to make ourselves powerful creators who wisely rule ourselves.  The source of our progress, our freedom organ, does not reach full physical maturity until about the age of 18; most individuals are not sufficiently mentally and emotionally mature to direct their life’s experience until their late 20’s or early 30’s.  We are prone to remain stuck, servant to the hardwired demands of our endogenous and exogenous masters who make us what we are.    

          Our language lacks a symbol complimentary to endogenous and exogenous that clearly identifies the mission of our mature freedom organ to assume personal responsibility for our destiny.  We obtain powerful benefits by introducing the word-switchmentogenous” and assigning it a specific meaning pathway.  Our most important work-in-progress is to elevate ourselves to the level of civilization where diverse groups collaborate to advance the well-being of the global community.  Our loved ones depend on us to survive and thrive in this new era where multiple tribes will soon be capable of ultimate destructive power.  Instinct and tradition restrict our way of thinking to the two-category either/or action pathways that bias our thinking to harmful confrontations.    

          You likely have heard the question, “Which is more important, nature or nurture?”  It’s unlikely you have heard, “Which is more important; nature or nurture or personal responsibility?”  “Mentogenous” adds a third category of action pathways that direct our thinking to a higher level of data processing that we call self-masteryMentogenous “on the fly” original action pathways are the means by which we apply common sense to solve the contemporary problems created by new knowledge.  Instinct and tradition’s action pathways are hard-wired to solve yesterdays problems based on yesterdays knowledge.  We require the new word-switchmentogenous,” through its assigned meaning, to turn on our creative problem-solving ability using universal common sense wisdom.  We must address new life-threatening challenges as we make ourselves ever more powerful through new knowledge. 

          Have you got it?  Do you understand our need for newer ways of thinking?  Can you recognize the need for newer word-switches that turn on new “out of the box” problem-solving and switch off the older established ways we process information?  You will dramatically elevate your thinking when you distinguish those trigger words that favor instinct and tradition from those that substitute today’s common sense wisdom to address today’s new knowledge.  As you strengthen your “mentogenous” self-programming “muscle” with new word-switches created using common sense, you will free your will power from instinct, tradition, and the human dictators who would have you blindly do their bidding.  More important, you will consistently direct your power to assume personal responsibility for your life’s experience.  Let’s become our own person and assume our responsibility to create a joyous, meaningful life for our self, our loved ones, and all of humanity!