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          Stren #4 explained the power of interpretation.  We are unique among life on earth by the degree we acquire knowledge to make ourselves powerful creators.  We create symbols, usually words, to mentally transform knowledge of the common world into our private reality.  We make interpretations and assign them meaning to generate energy, and use imagination to design new combinations.  We then apply the mysterious force we call will power to introduce original phenomena into the common world which was not provided by nature or nurture.

          We become powerful creators by discovering the universal cause-and-effect rules that we call science.  When our ancestors created language 50,000 years ago, they provided us with the power to acquire, store, share, and pass knowledge forward to successive generations.  Over the years we have become so powerful that we now rule earth.  We determine who shall live and who shall become extinct.  If we continue to act stupidly, we shall create our own extinction.  Our current urgent work-in-progress is teaching ourselves to solve problems created by the power of knowledge.  We do so using common sense wisdom to replace the hardwired mindless authority of instinct and tradition.  We will not survive if we don’t get ourselves unstuck from the endogenous and exogenous dictators that first program our action pathways.

          In stren #5 we learned that specific words turn on specific action pathways.  We created the labels “trigger words” and “word-switches.”  We made them powerful concepts by the meanings assigned to them.  A trigger word is a signal we use to turn on an established action pathway.  A word-switch is a signal that substitutes a newer action pathway for one previously established.  In general, trigger words turn on hardwired solutions that were effective for yesterday’s problems.  Word-switches apply common sense wisdom based on current knowledge to introduce more effective solutions to today’s issues.  They also selectively switch off the hard-wired automatic outdated solutions that worked in the past but have become ineffective or dangerous when applied to new knowledge.  We continue to elevate ourselves above our ancestors as we add new word-switches that redirect established action pathways to newer ones, leading to preferred outcomes.

          In stren #6 we introduced the invented word “stren” to signal any word, concept, wisdom, or experience that strengthens mentogenous problem-solving thinking.  We recognized that our vocabulary is biased with trigger words that dictate that we follow the action pathways designed by nature and our nurturers to solve yesterday’s problems, many of which favor destructive confrontation.  We learned that we must continue to expand our language with a glossary of new word-switches that signal our intelligent freedom organ to apply today’s knowledge and wisdom to create solutions effective for today’s issues.

          In stren #31, we added the word-switch “mentogenous” to provide a clear signal that wisdom and will power can assume dominance over instinct and tradition’s hardwired action pathways.   The new word-switchmentogenous” complements the established trigger words “endogenous” and “exogenous.”

          Upon our birth, exogenous forces both add to and modify the endogenous action pathways hardwired into our biology during nature’s 9 months creative process.  We mimic our nurturers like parrots.  We are molded like putty in their hands.  What we are made to become through the process of maturing is largely influenced by exogenous forces, notably our nurturers, fate and circumstance.  We may acquire the mentogenous ability, i.e. self-mastery, to resist instinct and tradition as we slowly acquire the mental skills that transform us from the helpless dependent crybabies we are at birth.  Knowledge is our means to increasingly participate as creators of our own destiny and rulers of the world.