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        I hope you get the power of this stren:  With maturity, we become powerful creators. Maturity isn’t enough.  Our new weapons of ultimate destruction are so powerful that we can no longer tolerate their consequences; they offer no second chance.  We must replace cure with prevention.  We require super-maturity to selectively redirect those hardwired directions of instinct and tradition that favor destructive action.  Super-maturity is the advanced state of our work-in-progress to elevate ourselves to the civilized, humane qualities we aspire to achieve.

         Super-mature individuals understand we are a part of a larger system whose well-being depends on the contributions of its members.  Each of the organs that comprise our body must make its specialized contribution to the total system to preserve its own well-being.  On the other hand, cancer cells take but do not contribute to the whole.  Cancer cells seal their own demise when they cause the larger system to fail.  Until we popularize super-maturity, we remain a cancer cell in the system.  We will continue to divide the world into us or not us, and advocate that our tribe “win” irrespective of the consequences to the other side.  We will continue to excessively pursue material wealth and our physical health and appearance while we neglect Mental Wealth, i.e. those wisdoms most certain to lead to a joyous, meaningful life experience.  

         We presently lack enough super-mature individuals to support our global well-being.  Most people remain primarily invested in local priorities to the neglect of the larger system.  As technology shrinks our world and makes everyone our neighbor, we have an urgent need to add global allegiance to our local allegiances.  One reason we lack super-maturity is that our language does not have a simple word-switch that clearly turns on the understanding, meaning, and thereby the energy required for appropriate action.  So let’s now create the word-switchsuper-maturity” to inspire the newer way of thinking.  Let’s chooseto survive and thrive in this new age of weapons of ultimate destruction.