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          We create a wonderful life through Mental Wealth.  Today’s stren, #44, provides a powerful tool to measure your Mental Wealth and know that you are progressing to become a Mental Wealth millionaire.  Mental wealth consists of the wisdoms that elevate the quality of our life experience.  We become mentally wealthy by applying wisdom to knowledge.  A Mental Wealth millionaire is an individual who has acquired a sufficient number of the required strens (wisdom) to consistently create a joyous meaningful life experience.  Mental Wealth millionaires love to share their mental wealth with others for the mutual benefit of the entire community, a process we call “civilization.” 

          I have indicated in prior strens that our society has emphasized the pursuit of physical wealth while neglecting education in mental wealth.  Whereas “enough” material wealth is a basic need, material greed is the major reason we become our own worst enemy.  Material greed + the power of knowledge have made us the most imminent threat to our survival; however, the benefits of making ourselves greedy for wisdom have no limit. We have yet to popularize the understanding that greed for the acquisition of wisdom is the way we use our best to do our best for our self, our loved ones, and humanity.  It is critical that we have a practical measure to know that we are growing our mental wealth. 

          We easily recognize material wealth millionaires because we assign a dollar number to accumulated physical wealth.  Having a measure of our progress inspires us to increase the action choices that lead to the outcomes we choose.  Mental wealth is not as easy to quantify as material wealth.  However, even an imprecise or “relative” measure allows us to create the desired results with benefits far greater than those we attain by an exact measurement of our material wealth.  The power of this stren will be huge when you are familiar with two earlier skills.
1.    The first prerequisite is knowledge of the seven Mind-freeing, Life-changing, World-saving word-switches that free our will from domination by our early masters and transform dependency into self-mastery. These word-switches empower our will to overrule the demands of instinct, tradition, and human dictators.  They favor common sense problem-solving to the prescribed actions demanded by authority.  They are identified in stren #7 and explained in strens #8-15.
2.    The second prerequisite is familiarity with the eight mental action choices available to our freed will power.  As we become master of our will, we develop the freedom to take personal responsibility for our life experience by wisely choosing among the alternatives available to us.  We grow mental wealth by consistent use of the positive action pathways – problem-solving and self-endorsement, and avoidance of the six negative action pathways – blaming-out, blaming-in, avoidance, worry, the helplessness/hopelessness and the Mind/Body response.  These action pathways are identified in stren #35, The Mental Freedom Control Panel, and explained in strens #36-45.