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          Welcome to stren #45, Transforming Snapshots into a Motion Picture.  This critical insight is the process by which you assume personal responsibility for your destiny.  Master this skill and you will make a quantum leap towards creating a joyous, meaningful life experience.  As you attain sufficient physical and mental maturity, you can free your will from the commands of instinct and your nurturers, the process we call becoming our own person or attaining self-mastery.  Mental freedomis not automatic; you must actively secure your independence because dictators resist giving up their power. 

          Strens #7-15 explained the seven word-switches that free your will to attain self-mastery.  Strens #35-43 provided a useful tool, the Mental Freedom Control Panel, to recognize the mental action choices available to your freed will to transform information into action.  Your choice of word-switch turns on a specific mental action pattern (MAP) while it switches off alternative actions.  The insight here is that the eight choices are connected in predictable combinations.  They are not isolated events.  Each action choice flows into another.  By teaching yourself to recognize the common links, you immensely strengthen your freed will’s power to choose the positive actions and thus avoid those combinations that have become ineffective or dangerous. 

Here are three examples of commonly linked word-switches with their action outcome:

1.     “This sure was a tough issue but I worked out a reasonable plan; congratulations to me!”  This is the combination of problem-solving and self-endorsement.

2.     “I screwed up again.  Why bother?  I’ve got such a headache.”  This is a combination of blaming-in (I screwed up), helplessness/hopelessness (why bother?), and the Mind/Body response (I’ve got such a headache).

3.     “What if something terrible happens while I’m driving?  My heart is pounding like I’m having a heart attack and I could lose control.  I can’t do it.  They should be able to cure me.”  Here is a combination of worry, avoidance, hopelessness/helplessness, and the blaming-out MAPs. 

          Recognizing the common combinations of the eight action patterns will strengthen your effectiveness in becoming master of your personal kingdom.  Instinct, tradition, and human dictators express reality as snapshots; there is one way, which is their way, “the right way!”  Mental freedom requires that you understand the real world is a stream of connected events whose flow you can redirect through the power of self-management.  As you recognize that your mental action choices are animated, more like a motion picture than a series of indelibly printed snapshots, you position your freed will to create alternatives to the choices that fate and circumstance have made for you.  Your freed will can then choose from among them using common sense wisdom to attain preferred outcomes.  You will elevate your power of self-mastery by combining the two consistently constructive mental action choices, self-endorsement and the problem-solving sentence.  You can do no better than practicing the serial repetition of these two word-switches and the selective avoidance of those action combinations, previously effective, that have now become ineffective or dangerous.