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Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. –Winston Churchill
Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch - Ivern Ball

          In stren #48, I identified two words that identify a major source of the powerful energy we require to reach our goals – chronic enthusiasm.  Today, let’s consider the source of chronic enthusiasm to insure that we have it in abundance throughout our lifetime.

          Role models are a prominent source for learning chronic enthusiasm.  Some of us have been fortunate to have parents and mentors who demonstrate chronic enthusiasm, and impart goals that contribute to our well-being and that of our global community.  But what if you are one of the unfortunates whose models were lacking in enthusiasm; or worse, exemplified its opposite, hopelessness/helplessness? Perhaps they demonstrated other patterns, such as blaming and avoidance, which often result in the H/H outcome?  Individuals stuck in the negative mental action patterns are prone to become human cancers; they take, give back little, and create a world we don’t desire.  What alternatives are there when fate and circumstance are unkind?  We know the common sense answer: As we mature from helpless, dependent crybabies, we are wise to recognize that we have all that we need to assume responsibility for our personal destiny.  The means to acquire a newer way of thinking that empowers us to take charge of our life’s experience is ours for the making.       

          We act wisely when we build on our enthusiasms and elevate them to our level of maturity.  As children, we are enthusiastic about toys, games, sweets, magic, winning, approval, and the like.  Later we recognize the joy of freedom, enlightenment, sex, love, knowledge, the arts, and giving to others. Too often our society role models compulsive enthusiasm about our appearance, and greed for money and other symbols of power and physical wealth.  They are commonly pursued in a self-serving way without regard for others.  We neglect cultivating enthusiasms which have no limit and add to our own well-being, as well as that of our loved ones and humanity.

          How do we create the chronic enthusiasm that maintains our youthful vigor throughout our lifetime?  The secret of chronic enthusiasm is wisely directing our thinking to the two consistently productive action choices available to our will power – the magical problem-solving sentence and self-endorsementSelf-endorsement is the source of energy we create to offer love to our self and to others.  The problem-solving sentence guides us to apply common sense solutions to win-win outcomes for both the present and the future.  Once these basics are established, we can equip ourselves with an abundant flow of energy to invest in life’s enthusiasms.  The choices available for us are ubiquitous and without limit.  No one needs to be deprived of life’s enthusiasms except by their own lack of effort.

          By adding common sense wisdoms to chronic enthusiasm, we create short and long term goals that benefit our self, our loved ones, AND our world neighbors.  We can learn from the wisdoms others gladly provide, many of which allow us to benefit from their mistakes rather than pay a price for our own poor judgment.  I especially urge you to review The Reasonable Best Measure of Self-worth described in strens #23-24.  It substitutes an input measure of self-worth that is always within our control for the common output measure of self-worth that we each acquire early during the immature dependency phase of our life when we are incapable of personal responsibility.  Self-worth and chronic enthusiasm are closely linked together.