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          If we consider earth’s 4 ½ billion year history as one hour, our ancestors initiated civilization in the last mere 1/100th of a second.  In 1/1000th of that 1/100th second, we have so rapidly expanded our creative power that we now are in a race between cooperation and catastrophe.  We can choose to mutually elevate humanity as well as instantly dissolve all that is important to us.  Awareness inspires the urgency to teach ourselves a newer way of thinking that can consistently direct our power to wise outcomes.

          Today’s unprecedented power, expressed unwisely, is now predicted to create human catastrophe beyond most people’s imagination.  To prevent loss of control, we must become informed that our power for self-annihilation proceeds as an asymptotic curve, not as a straight line.  No other species has reached our level of power to both elevate ourselves and create our own self-destruction!  Do you understand the meaning of this asymptotic acceleration of our creative and destructive power?  We have become powerful creators who are suddenly responsible for our destiny and that of the world.  We – now, in this generation! – and any future generations must make our history wisely, or we will become history.    

          Our most recent creations from our new knowledge of universal cause-and-effect relationships, i.e. science, include sanitation, antibiotics, the industrial revolution, rapid travel, mass communication, cloning, pollution, global warming, depleting the seas, and overpopulation.  None of these things pose such an imminent threat to our loved ones as the current proliferation of weapons with ultimate destructive power!  We must impress upon ourselves the speed at which we now increase our power.  The simple illustration of the asymptotic curve can serve to indelibly enlighten us to a fact essential for our survival.  The creative and destructive force we attain with knowledge is suddenly accelerating at such explosive speeds that we have dramatically increased the danger of human catastrophe, including self-extinction.
          Most people wish or pray for world peace but fail to collaborate with others to take meaningful action.  Awareness of our new destructive power and the projected consequences of its current proliferation are essential for our survival.  Motivating our will to take effective urgent action requires that we first recognize that our world is suddenly different.  Current technology has shrunk the world; it is making more tribes our neighbors as well as creators of ultimate power.  The rule of survival of the physically fittest that has worked for billions of years is now inverted to destruction of the physically fittest.  The ownership of weapons with ultimate destructive power by multiple tribes, including those formerly possessing insignificant power, is occurring in our generation.  This is a cataclysmic event!  The “have nots” traditionally target the “haves” in a destructive win/lose or lose/lose confrontation.  Awareness inspires the urgency to teach ourselves and then popularize a newer way of thinking that can consistently direct our power to wise outcomes. 

          Will enlightenment from this simple chart create sufficient energy for you to join other peace leaders in collective action?  Please become a partner in creating a newer way of thinking.  We must reach a critical mass of Peace Leaders to make a difference.  Recommend to as many individuals as you can.  Begin with those who are closest and most receptive to our Peace Mission.  Help create the domino effect that will circle the planet.  ANWOT is our most promising solution to preserve our world for those we love.