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     While the mature lover derives joy in the act of giving love and isn’t giving merely to get, the capacity to receive love is also a most worthy quality of mature love.  Recognize that the loved person’s acceptance and acknowledgment of the love offered by another is itself an act of love; it does enrich the satisfaction of even the most experienced lover ... AND is immeasurably encouraging to the novice lover in their tender and often clumsy attempts to grow their skill in love creation. Maintaining unconditional love is a very advanced skill that few attain; thus, the gracious acceptance of the giver’s gift is your gift.  I have observed many people who become quite good lovers but have little capacity to graciously accept love.  I have heard the proposal that we create a marvelous life if we develop four qualities: giving love, appropriately expressing anger, accepting love, and appropriately receiving anger.
     Do you agree with the above description of love?  What would you add?  Subtract?  How do you assess your own love creation skills?  Write down your idea of love-making.  Share this stren with another person who would be willing to discuss it with you.  Express your thoughts.  The goal is for you to examine your own view of love and be able to put it into words.