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    Welcome to stren #57, Love Creation.  This stren offers an unorthodox common sense explanation of the process by which we make mature love.  Mature love is our most important source of the energy we need to assume responsibility of our life experience, the secret to resilience and creating the multiple enthusiasms that sustain our youthful vigor.  It is the most powerful antidote to helplessness/hopelessness and other negative action paths that threaten our well-being.  In short, mature love is the most worthy universal asset we can attain.   

Your love-creation factory and steps to strengthen it:

    In previous strens, I indicated that mature love is a willing gift.  You have great freedom to generate love and decide where and how you direct it.  You may love continuously, short or long-term, and increase or decrease love in the same manner a factory may increase, decrease, or cease production.  Like any factory, you may even change what is produced.  This stren proposes that you review all the products you create in your energy factory and increase your production capacity for mature love.  Is love among its many skillfully-created products?  What other products can you identify: hate?   jealousy 1?  worry?  greed?  ideas?  knowledge?  music?  material products? 

     Your factory production is determined by a Board of Directors.  It consists of your genes (what worked in the past), your nurturers (what you are expected to want), and yourself (what you assume is wise).  There is a chief executive officer (CEO) of your Board of Directors who has the last word.  The other members of your Board of Directors will be considered in a later stren.  Though you may become CEO of your energy factory’s production, you would be unwise to assume this powerful position without appropriate skill.  Consider your lack of competence when you first came into this world, and the many years nature and your nurturers served as CEO to make you what you are.  Much of the early teachings we receive from instinct and our nurturers not only don’t encourage us to become CEO of our factory, they are persuasive in immobilizing such aspirations – dictators want their perspective to be obeyed and are usually intolerant of new directions, no matter how brilliant.

     You can learn to wisely direct what and how much your factory produces.  This taking charge process has been referred to elsewhere as “becoming your own person.”   We learn from those who have developed such skills, have clarified the resources needed, and may also be worthy role models – that’s what strens are about.  Familiarity with the energy factory within you starts you on your path to becoming CEO of your Board of Directors.  This awareness is essential to inspire you to assume personal responsibility for your life experience. 

     You pick which TV station you watch; you may choose to develop a job skill, study a language, or learn to play a musical instrument; AND you have the resources to grow your love-making factory.  Now let’s focus on the love creation portion of your energy factory and consider the process that empowers you to “turn on” your production. 

1Jealousy may be just behind prejudice as a primary source of destructive aggression.