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     Mature love is a skill that you may choose to study, learn, and develop.  You have a good start if you have been lucky enough to have been provided loving role models.  Disciplined preparation in love has long been neglected; most people could far better explain how to play bingo than how to create love.  We receive far more instruction in reading, job training, and so much else.  You will likely need to make room in your factory and re-direct some of your attention and energy; i.e., selectively challenge old established habits that don’t get you what you want, and frequently get you what you don’t want.  

     Action begins with a small spark of faith in yourself that initiates, “Yes, I can.”  The ingredients to growing your love creation factory are all available to you.  You already have or can surely acquire these five ingredients: 

  1. Faith in yourself: The tiny spark needed to initiate, “Yes, I think I can.”  Borrow this spark from someone else if you lack it.
  2. Work:  Mental practice that anyone can do; improvement with effort is quite satisfying.
  3. Patience: Many simple self-endorsement techniques that create patience are available for the asking.
  4. Direction: Available free in this collection of wisdoms, self-help books, and role models.
  5. Risk-taking: Willingness to rebel and let go of what once worked, creating factory space.

     Superior intelligence, material wealth, and even good health are not required.  Absolutely zero  magic is needed, though the new skills may seem to work magically.  Like any skill, love creation is acquired step-by-step, in bits and pieces, and some bits are acquired prior to mastery of the more advanced pieces. 

     The main intent of this stren is to create the awareness that you can create a joyous meaningful life and inspire you to take action.  Begin with the small spark, “Yes, I can,” that is the antidote for the helpless/hopeless response.  Then you can acquire the additional “strengths” or mental skills that grow your love-creation energy.  Each skill is teachable and learnable.  From my own efforts at growing a mature love factory, as well as others’,, I have identified many component skills.  The “bits and pieces” that are useful for growing your energy factory emphasize self-endorsement – becoming your own best friend (a very basic skill worthy of your earliest attention!); strengthening faith – the “yes I can” skill, using the near-magical problem-solving sentence; patience; learning from mistakes; acquiring the vocabulary of mature thinking; recognizing and dealing with blaming (resentment, jealousy, destructive aggression); the skill of forgiving; the “reasonable best” measure of your self-worth (avoiding perfectionism); dealing with anxiety; clarifying your values; and ultimately the skill of creating new strens that are most meaningful to you and that may also make a difference as you share them with others.  The strens just identified are picked from a larger collection of wisdoms because they most directly contribute to developing your love creation factory.  They will contribute in other ways to your skill in the management of your life, to feeling good and doing good.  They are more completely identified in stren #58.      

     Stimulate your mind with these questions: Terrorists often claim they act for the love of their principles, usually but not always religious.  Do terrorists meet your criteria of love-making?  Where might they fall short?  Why do people become terrorists?  Why do others follow them?