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     I, and you, and our world all benefit by every individual who frees their willpower from fortakeness and magically transforms its energy into forgiveness.  “Magically” is not really magic; it is a skill based on applying practice to knowledge; ask any great magician.  I hope this stren will motivate you to attend to the skills of love and forgiveness.  Even though we have come to abhor physical slavery, we still support mental slavery.  We allow ourselves to blindly follow the demands of instinct, tradition, and the human dictators that tell us what we must believe and how we must think, feel, and act.  To the extent we do so, we forgo the marvelous opportunity to become the wise creator of the peace we wish and pray for, and we fail to protect our loved ones from the ultimate destruction that our generation is making widely available. Let’s apply our “magic” and transform short term gain for long term pain into short term gain and long term bigger gain. 

     We have the knowledge and the means to rapidly educate our populace in the newer way of thinking that stresses common sense, love, and forgiveness.  Certainly, during the time it will take to achieve this goal, we must maintain our vigilance.  We need to continue to set limits on those who promote destructive aggression.  We still must continue to use muscle to delay the otherwise inevitable unleashing of weapons of ultimate destruction.  But we can no longer remain stuck in the perspectives of instinct and two-category thinking.  The one permanent solution to world peace is spreading the newer way of thinking that teaches us to act with knowledge and wisdom instead of relying on the authority of dictators.  

     The self-endorsement skills first provided in these strens and on our Internet site,, will equip you to create the love and forgiveness that you require to fulfill your own needs; you will enrich others with what spills over.  Forgiveness is the most advanced state of love.  Your freedom organ is most impressive when you provide it the wisdom to transform the raw destructive energy you and every person harbors within into love and forgiveness.  You can and must if your choice is “to survive and move towards higher levels,” as Einstein advised.  

     Let me give you one illustration of the magical capabilities of our freedom organ to create a newer way of thinking.  Lisa Gibson’s brother was among the 270 who died when a Libyan terrorist bomb brought down a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988.  What came out of Lisa’s hat did not fit our usual expectation.  Rather than crying out for vengeance, Lisa founded a nonprofit corporation to promote humanitarian and educational reconciliation between the U.S. and Libya, and fosters cross-cultural activities.  Get her book, Life in Death: A Journey from Terrorism to Triumph (Xulon Press, 2008) to learn what response she received to her letter of forgiveness to the terrorists.  Reaching out with forgiveness and celebrating our oneness is our best hope for lasting peace.