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 You are needed

     Welcome to stren #63, The Puzzle of the Seven Continents.  We will solve it by applying a newer way of thinking (ANWOT).  This process of attaining mental freedom has also been called becoming our own person and self-mastery. As we have discussed in previous strens, this change is crucial because destructive aggression is inherent in the manner we think.  We have become our worst enemy because we have recently become so powerful that we create weapons with ultimate destructive power for which there is no cure; and we are recklessly changing the world so that it will no longer be able to provide our needs. 

     Our prevalent manner of thinking is the root cause of our contemporary problems and is no longer adequate to protect us from our self.  As one author put it, “We are doing better and feeling worse.”[1]  Though we have become our worst enemy, we also have the potential to become our own best friend.  The ANWOT skills are so simple to learn that it seems unbelievable that they can so powerfully advance us along the road to humanity and civilization.  The ANWOT mental skills will make a huge difference because there is such a deficiency in these mental vitamins.  Our established educational system has yet to make ANWOT education standard in its curricula. 

Knowledge is our resource for either shared prosperity or global disaster, or some combination of both.  Our recent explosion of scientific knowledge has thrust us into a New Era where human selection is replacing natural selection.  After WWII, sufficient nuclear bombs were stockpiled to destroy the world as we know it 10 times over.  We must popularize ANWOT if we are to thrive and survive the threats of modernity.  Einstein not only ushered in this new era with his work on the atomic bomb; he also told us what we must do to prevent self-annihilation.  The tick-tick-ticking of the doomsday clock is approaching midnight; it is only a matter of time before we create our own “big bang.”  Each of us is a member of a larger system that is on a course to destruct.  Someone(s) will unleash destructive power never before experienced and unimaginable by most persons. 

     To illustrate the need for a newer way of thinking, join me on a brief visit to an imaginary planet, one that has some similarities to our own.  Imagine a planet with seven distinct continents, each containing among its creatures a family of humanoids (the H’s).  On each continent, there is struggle for dominance. Through their smarts, the H’s come to dominate all others creatures.  The H’s on each continent develop their own culture, customs, beliefs, and rules that actually increase their dominance.  Though the cultures on each continent differ, they each live harmoniously within their confines, unaware that there are other continents with a distinct system of life and assumptive views.  Each population is obedient to, even fiercely protective of, their own set of beliefs and rules.