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We have created this critical time of both danger and opportunity through rational thinking.  Scientific discovery is the product of the cooperation of our collective mental energy throughout our history.  If two heads can be more productive than one, imagine what could be learned through the collected wisdom of multiple insights from each segment of humanity.  Is there any culture, religious group, race, or geographic region that cannot contribute some piece to the diversity of wisdom we require?  What is remarkable today is the abundant wisdom in our texts, the collection of ideas in our libraries, and the ability to share information via our growing efficiency in communication. The task that faces us is to persuade each culture, religious group, race, and geographic region that virtue implores love more than hate, peace more than war, sharing more than hoarding, cooperation more than dominating, freedom more than slavery.  We make such truths apparent through the reasoned outcome of wisdom.  More than tolerance for others, peace requires that we understand our need for the wisdom “others” have to contribute. We initially grow the momentum for global peace by convincing and persuading ourselves of these values, by pointing an educating finger inward to strengthen our personal responsibility.  Some would prefer slavery to death, but  who would choose slavery over freedom?  Freedom cannot persist without the companion of wisdom.

     This is the most important reason to add global priorities to your local ones.  You are needed to become one of each one, teach many who will help develop and popularize the ANWOT mental skills that upgrade our thinking to deal with our most universal unresolved problem … destructive aggression.  We don’t want to proceed to the confrontation anticipated on our hypothetical planet.  ANWOT frees our will power from the prejudices of our genes and nurturers.  A freed will + wisdom empower us, through our freedom organ, to act with knowledge and wisdom more than instinct and habit.  We need to become the genie who can answer our own prayers, who can make our wishes a reality.  Along the way we first acquire the prerequisite skill to global peace: peace of mind.  If you are not yet persuaded to become one of the each one, teach many to participate in ANWOT, please take our educational Peace Quiz.

When we heal ourselves, we bring peace to the world.