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  • The newer way of common sense thinking (ANWOT) stimulates self-examination and ownership of our assumptive values.  We are unique by the degree we can “override” the assumptions that have become habitual and develop newer paths for action.  Mental freedom is the opportunity to choose among existing alternatives and those we self-originate.  Through the power of interpretation, we gain the godlike power to create and to destroy.  Like it or not, nature is pushing us out of the nest and we must assume responsibility for our destiny.  We best recognize that we are humane becomings rather than human beings.
  • Nature has provided us with a specialized freedom organ and the message is that it is time to fly off on our own and take charge of our own destiny.  The gift of our human brain is a gift of opportunity.  We can educate ourselves to create alternative actions, add them to existing ones, and wisely choose from among them.  We can also choose to remain stuck in our adolescent stage of maturity where the balance of control remains in our animal brain.  We are free to choose wisely and stupidly.  What is your choice?         

  •      Here is the critical knowledge that will help us survive and thrive.  Our human brain has entered a super-mature stage of development that provides us the godlike power to create and destroy.  Suddenly, the specialized qualities of the cerebral cortex make us responsible for our survival.  The mysterious ability of the human brain to transverse physical and mental (non-physical, spiritual) borders empowers us to influence our own destiny.   By the use of symbols to make ourselves interpretive creatures, we elevate ourselves from an immoral to a moral species.  We add a spiritual self to our physical self.  Our collection of assumed values becomes the moral system that guides our thinking, feelings, and actions.   

         To the degree we discover knowledge of the universal laws of cause-and-effect, what we otherwise call common sense, we enter into the super-maturity stage of development.  To the degree we passively obey authority, we will remain servant to fate, circumstance, culture, and any dictator we allow to dominate our assumptive values.  The process of reaching this third stage of development, beyond immaturity and maturity, is called by various names that include super-maturity, becoming our own person, mental freedom, and self-mastery.