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     Super-maturity and the process of becoming a wise leader for world peace are addressed throughout this collection of strens, but especially 4, 7, 12, 16, 30, and 65-68.  You will progress to super-maturity as you substitute the word-switches that apply universal common sense wisdom for those trigger words that turn on outdated action patterns supported by the authority of dictators.  ANWOT creates out of the box problem-solving based on current knowledge instead of yesterday’s hard-wired solutions to yesterday’s problems.

     The outcome of applying ANWOT to common sense knowledge is that we free our will from our animal brain to assume the humane qualities we now require to survive.  Popularizing ANWOT will create the number of new Mental Wealth millionaires needed to prevent the predicted imminent human catastrophe and create permanent world peace. 
     Only humanmind has the intelligence to enter a third stage of development in which we make ourselves the dominant manager of our life’s experience.  By teaching ourselves sufficient wisdoms to make ourselves Mental Wealth millionaires we assume the godlike qualities of mental freedom, problem solving, originality, flexibility, tolerance for diversity and other conflict resolution skills, cooperation, creating love, humor, and the power to “feel good” and “do good.”  Understanding the stages of development inspires us to attain the third stage of super-maturity.