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            The plot is increasingly unpleasant.  I am so agitated; a thought pops into my mind, “Remove myself from the theater.  I don’t like the plot, and I don’t want to see the ending.  I can probably find a soothing T.V. program or other interesting entertainment.”  Whoops!  The movie stops.  This is as far as our motion picture goes.  I’m not disappointed because I was just about to leave anyway.   Wait!  I realize I have a healthy imagination, and through it, I can become this movie’s director and producer!  In my fantasy, I can direct the protagonists and continue the script any way I choose.  I’ll do it my way.  You also can be director and producer!  I hope you’ll do it your way so we can compare.   

I proceed by considering how H can get out of this mess.  Wise direction requires a newer way of thinking.  The means are quite attainable.   H now has the creative capacity to replace trial-and-error learning with no-trial learning.   By applying common sense to imagination, the protagonist can rehearse alternative actions before taking action.  Prevention will not be accomplished passively.   It is apparent that if H is to survive, H must acquire a mental science that liberates its thinking, one that allows thinking to function with wisdom as well as strength, a mental science that is equivalent to the physical sciences that have enabled H to freely wield immense physical power. 

The initial task is to overcome apathy.  We know that hopelessness is the most devastating response, and it’s difficult to challenge because it shuts down our energy factory placing us totally at the whims of fate and circumstance.  William James, described as our country’s father of philosophy and psychology, concluded, “the most important discovery is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of Mind.”  Through ANWOT, we can wisely direct the drama to a happy outcome.  We have the power and the freedom to create ANWOT.  Our choice is what we will!   Our science of physical phenomenon has enabled us to direct the power of matter.  Similarly, the science of mental (spiritual) phenomena is our means to direct the power of thinking.  Yes, we can understand why creating a science of the rules by which the mind operates will come after the simpler task:  thinking is private and individual, and therefore the rules of mental or spiritual phenomena are more difficult to study.  As director and producer, I have the protagonist focus their energy on recognizing the rules that govern mental trigger power.  When we label the rules of thinking through which nature, nurture, and our self operate, we establish a newer science of mental management, ANWOT, which is far more likely to attain an outcome we desire than one we don’t want.