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The process of change begins with one or a few individuals – you, and you, and you.  We have seen how the combination of “each one, teach many” and our recent means of mass communication can have a dramatic effect.  Our larger system can be influenced when sufficient individuals learn to process knowledge and direct our energy to constructive aggression, cooperation, love, sharing, belonging, harmony, and related newer survival skills.  The rewards for participation are feeling good and doing good.  What outcome would you predict if H continues the old manner of thinking?   

It is said that the longest journey begins with the first step.  The very first step to world peace begins with a simple Little Engine That Could act of faith, “Yes, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”  This initial spark of belief in our self that I can make a difference leads to the five component skills to proceed to succeed:

  1. The ingredients: faith that I can make a difference (“I think I can”), work, patience, direction, and risk-taking to replace traditional either/or thinking with ANWOT.
  2. The ANWOT vocabulary of word-switches that upgrades our thinking for self-mastery[1]
  3. Wisdom – the collection of strens or “mental strengths” provided through the insights of those who have preceded us and those of our contemporaries.
  4. The Mental Freedom Control Panel describing the eight mental choices available to our will to deal with issues.
  5. A value system based on universal common sense that moves us to constructive aggression. 

These five component skills are offered forever free by the Educational Community, Inc., at  They are also attainable in abundance through many easily found resources such as libraries and the Internet.  Will you partner with us in forging the path to world peace?    


1A beginning glossary of word-switches is provided in stren #100.