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The wonderful news is that since we ourselves cause much of our distress by our way of thinking, we are positioned to assume responsibility by creating newer problem-solving skills.  We no longer need to passively sustain traditional outdated action pathways.  We can selectively replace the assumptive worldviews imposed on us by our animal brain and those of our nurturers that were adaptive to yesterday’s problems.  ANWOT elevates us to the self-mastery stage of humanmind’s development … problem-solving, originality, creating love, flexibility, tolerance, cooperation, and other conflict resolution skills.   Power, applied with wisdom, can consistently lead to “feeling good” and “doing good.”  The wise direction of our rapidly expanding self-mastery requires “willful” updating of our assumptive worldview.  Let’s now understand how to solve the problem.   

The Solution: If we are to continue to make history instead of making ourselves history, we must follow these four steps.

  1. Become aware of the severity of the problem.
  2. Recognize that the danger is imminent. 
  3. Understand that prevention is required. 
  4. United action will be unstoppable.

PROCEEDING TO SUCCEED by wise direction of our power of creation and destruction: 

1.     Become aware of the severity of the danger of proliferation of biologic and nuclear WUD.  The Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombs were the equivalent of 2000 trucks each carrying 10 tons of dynamite.  Can you imagine the effect of one 20 megaton bomb, the equivalent of 2,000,000 trucks with 10 tons of dynamite?  Ounces of biological pathogens, properly distributed, are capable of exceeding the harm from our most powerful bomb.  The materials required to produce biological weapons are more available and easier to create unnoticed than nuclear weapons.    

2.     Recognize that the danger is imminent.  Our most informed citizens predict that biological and/or nuclear WUD will be used again before the end of 20131, most likely in our lifetime, and almost certainly in the lifetime of our children. Urgent action is required.  We must overcome the hopeless/helpless attitude that shuts down our energy.  Most people wish or pray for world peace but fail to unite to take effective action while terrorists organize their followers to rule the world.

3.     Understand that preventive action is required.  As described above and in previous strens, the traditional problem-solving pattern of the animal portion of our brain, war followed by a rebuilding “cure,” is no longer suitable because WUD offer no second chance.  WUD don’t hurt in stages; they remain out of sight and mind until a single, devastating strike, at which point it is too late. The destructive power of today’s and tomorrow’s weapons (if there is a tomorrow) is irreversible. Survival requires assigning a value to prevention that exceeds anything we have done to date.

4.     United action will be unstoppable.  We have the knowledge and technology to proceed to succeed ... if we make a coordinated effort.  The critical step is uniting sufficient world peace advocates to popularize ANWOT.   We can arouse most of the nearly seven billion persons who want to live in a peaceful world if we first unite one million of our most capable citizens.  The first individuals to be recruited are those successful leaders who are already motivated for world peace.  If you are an individual who is a Mental Wealth millionaire or are willing to teach yourself the newer way of thinking to acquire Mental Wealth, we need you to partner with others as an each one, teach many peace leader who will educate our global population.  We must first change our own assumptive views to include global priorities.  By acquiring ANWOT, we elevate our assumptive worldview to create a joyous meaningful life experience and simultaneously become a powerful force for world peace.    

1The World at Risk, Report of a joint Commission of the U.S. Congress to study and report the status of proliferation of WMD.