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     ANWOT leads to the universal values such as love your neighbor and do unto others that all intelligent problem-solving arrives at through common sense.  It inspires the skills of patience and love that shift our assumptive worldview from our animal brain’s narrow focus on local priorities to include the global issues that only our human brain can envision.  ANWOT redirects our energy from physical wealth and physical health (including superficial appearances) to make wisdom, i.e. Mental Wealth, our highest priority.  I have observed that most physical wealth millionaires discover that “there” isn’t “there” – in other words, material success doesn’t bring all that our animal brain assumes will be at the end of the rainbow.  Greater satisfaction is attained by becoming a giveaway millionaire, focused on a charitable endeavor that benefits a specific category of individuals.  Kudos are in order for those leaders who reach this level of super-maturity.  However, we still miss the big picture.  Good deeds focused on localized groups are too little and too late to overcome our current momentum for self-extinction.  Often the “give” is tied to a “take,” to serve greed through a good deed, giving to get more than truly giving of oneself to serve humanity.  Would the give persist without the take of monetary reward or public adulation?  Perhaps it is unreasonable to expect we can sufficiently elevate ourselves above the demands of our animal brain where the self-endorsements we create enable us to give and sustain our good deeds as a complete act, where rewards from others are no longer required.  However, is there any doubt that our united efforts can create a quantum leap towards a gentler safer world if we simply expand our assumptive worldview to add global priorities to the local ones we pursue?

     I do hope this stren provides sufficient awareness of the four steps to achieve our highest goals: a wonderful life experience and world peace.  The next stren explains how we can proceed to the super-mature third phase of development which is available only to humankind.