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     Do not be taken back by the tongue twister title of the insight offered in today’s stren.  A simple explanation reveals how this concept helps us to understand and even predict our behavior.  Later I’ll show you many examples of the practical knowledge revealed by this concept, including what we must do to survive and thrive as most tribes acquire weapons with ultimate destructive power. 

     Ontogeny refers to the growth and development of an individual in form and function from a single cell to its complexity at maturity.  Phylogeny is the creative process beginning with the evolutionary history of a species.  The embryo of the most complex life begins as a single undifferentiated cell.   As species have increasing complexity, the methods of adaptation progress to greater sophistication.  Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny (simplified as ORP) signifies that an organism progresses to its highest level of function by entering and then graduating from each of the less sophisticated preceding levels of development.  ORP provides us a valuable map of where we came from, the direction we are headed, and what alternative paths we might choose to reach our preferred destination faster, easier, and with great accuracy.

     Nature programs all life to complete the life cycle.  Simple species are born pre-programmed with all they need to survive.  As organisms become more complex, trial-and-error learning, mimicking role models, and conscious problem-solving are added.  Only our species has been gifted nature’s latest model brain with sufficient intelligent use of symbols to attain self-mastery. We alone may attain sufficient self-mastery to partner with nature in determining our destiny and all that is about us.  We continue to grow our godlike constructive and destructive power.  ORP tells us we are on a rapid path to create unprecedented human catastrophe and possibly self-annihilation.  Our future requires that we act wisely and decisively.

 Haeckel’s alleged fraudulent embryo drawings1  shown above brought him discredit.

1See Wikipedia, Ernst Haeckel: ref. Richardson and Keuck, "Haeckel’s ABC of evolution and development," p. 516