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     The ORP concept helps us understand that individually and collectively, we are a work-in-progress reaching inward to become the most civilized species and master of our destiny.  This highest level of maturity is exclusive to humankind but only attainable if we unite to elevate us above our animal phase of development.   Here are the promised specific useful insights “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” offers to help us attain our highest level of function. 

•    The genetic inheritance that first determines who and what we are was determined far earlier than the 9 months preceding our birth.  Their prescribed directions have their origins in the simplest life forms that gradually progressed to greater complexity.
•    All life remains servant to instinct and nurturers, to fate and circumstance, to nature and nurture. 
•    Nature prescribes a primary mission common to all life: Repeat the life cycle! 
          birthattain sexual maturityprocreateprotect youngdie
•    The life cycle becomes increasingly complex as the form and function of the species becomes more complex.
•    Nature has gifted humankind its most advanced brain to add to the animal portion of our brain. We proceed through the same development phases as other species but only we have the capacity to teach the super-maturity that frees our will to assume personal responsibility for our destiny. 
•    Mental freedom from the pre-programmed authority of the animal brain is a hard earned choice, not a given.
•    Physical development precedes mental and emotional maturation.  The animal portion of our brain is competent during our early years and continues to seek dominance through our lifetime.  Our cerebral cortex gradually reaches full physical maturity circa 18 years after birth while mental and emotional maturity for most humankind is attained by their late twenties, thirties, or never. 
•    The animal portion of our brain is genetically pre-programmed to demand sexual activity before we acquire the freedom to choose wisely.
•    Savage “animal brain” behavior precedes civil behavior.
•    Fight or flight and survival of the fittest behavior for our own and our tribe’s self-serving interests precede cooperation and collaboration for mutual benefit of all tribes.
•    Our earliest assumptive worldview, i.e. valued beliefs including religion and political ideology, are inscribed by authorities beyond our control such as fate and circumstance.
•    Genes and our nurturers teach allegiance to our self, our local tribe and its rulers.     
•    The animal portion of our human brain is wired at birth prejudiced to repeat the life cycle for the benefit of our self and our local tribe at the expense of “not us”: fight or flight, self-preservation, eat and not be eaten, procreate, and protect our offspring through destructive confrontation.  
•    The common sense motivation to cooperate and collaborate for mutual benefit with “not me” and “not my local tribe” may be acquired with physical maturity and appropriate education.
•    Local priorities precede global priorities until we are taught or teach ourselves otherwise.
•    Whoever or whatever is not of my family or local tribe are there to serve our needs.