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•    Most of what we call “evil” or “immoral” is better explained as the expected natural expression of animal “survival behavior.”  Appropriate education in civility is lacking or inappropriate education has been role modeled.
•    ORP explains why we must replace an-eye-for-an-eye punishment with forgiveness, love, education, and effective limit-setting; why we must replace the two-category thinking advocated by our animal brain with a newer way of common sense thinking supported by universal knowledge of cause-and-effect.
•    Our animal brain demands survival of the fittest weapons with increasing destructive power that will rapidly create our own extinction unless our most capable leaders unite to popularize a newer way of thinking using common sense wisdom.  

Stren 67 explains how we must proceed to succeed.  Stren 68 describes the process of progressing from immaturity, to maturity, and to super-maturity; from depending on our animal brain to teaching ourselves the skills our newer freedom organ requires to elevate ourselves to the humane civilized qualities we now preach but have yet to effectively teach.  I hope this concept, “Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny,” serves to shed more light than heat.