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            We have rapidly changed the world in our generation, even more so within the last 100 years.  We are continuing to accelerate the speed of change, putting ourselves, our loved ones, and Mother earth at imminent risk.  Instinct and habit would have us ignore these breathtaking changes until it is too late.  Nature’s way has been to provide the test and then teach us the lesson, but that method is no longer viable.  Nature has provided us the adaptive tool, our cerebral cortex, to confront new problems with reason and wisdom.  We can anticipate challenges before they occur.  Prevention is a powerful tool of wisdom.  Self-mastery is our means to change our prevalent way of thinking to favor cooperation, love, and the spiritual values we now require. We have the mental creativity to establish permanent peace if we merely assert our will.  “I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can.  I will.  We will.”  Will you join the grass roots movement we require to change our win/lose manner of thinking into one that has a win/win outcome?  Will you take action now to protect your loved ones?  Please, for the benefit of our loved ones and all of humanity, teach yourself the wisdoms that create a joyous, meaningful life.  Become a Mental Wealth millionaire and teach others to do the same.  Material wealth and your physical health are important, but neither, individually or together, guarantees the consistent benefits most certainly provided by Mental Wealth!   


Mental freedom makes us responsible for ourselves and all about us.  Our generation is required to teach ourselves a newer way of thinking that relies on reason and wisdom if we choose to become our own best friend instead of our own worst enemy. 

Given the time constraints, most realists agree that preventing catastrophe is a long-shot.  If you are like most, you have yet to recognize the seriousness of the imminent threat.  You may prefer to remain asleep and enjoy your dreams.  It will take an immense effort to persuade you to reexamine your thinking and invest the required energy to make yourself a Mental Wealth millionaire and powerful force for world peace.  A good friend recently told me, “You are wasting your time.  You can’t change nature.”  After giving the matter some thought, I came to the insight that teaching ourselves to think by applying wisdom more than instinct and habit is consistent with nature, not contradictory.  While nature is pushing us out of its nest to move up and onward, it has also provided us a remarkable problem-solving organ.  Our human brain is our means to succeed in attaining self-mastery and to complete the road to civilization.  With no better alternative, we must make the attempt instead of remaining stuck in hopelessness and helplessness.

Our first use of symbols advocates what has been – instinct and habit.  Greed and speed are the inevitable passageway to wise creeds and good deeds.  We need to examine ourselves and ask what we are willing to change, to realize how resistive we are to questioning authority, and how authority powerfully resists change.[3]  Unfortunately we don’t have much time to teach ourselves the lesson that leads to prevention instead of cure. 

If your child or some other loved one were to fall down the stairs, you know you would drop every other priority and rush to render help.  Nature’s way has always been to cause a problem and thereafter create cure through trial-and-error.  Nature gives the exam and then teaches the lesson. WUD do not hurt or call us into action until it is too late.  There is no cure, only prevention.  Since we are equipped with a freedom organ, we can anticipate consequences before committing ourselves to action. 


Now, what is most important to teach ourselves from this understanding of why our history is defined by our wars?  It is this.  The shocking answer to “Why war?” is that striving for dominance is inevitable because of the way we think.  It is not just “them”; we are included in this as well.  Know thyself” is the wisdom of our sages throughout history.  We are equally prone to guide our lives by the prescriptive, dependency, two-category thinking as those others who we blame for the world’s ills.  Until we teach ourselves to recognize that we remain stuck in the two-category thinking that leads us to conclude that our way is the right and good way, even the only way, we will continue to promote the prejudgments or prejudices that lead to confrontation and destructive aggression.