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We are like juveniles teetter-tottering between allowing our new creative power to be dominated by our early masters and freeing our will power to critically evaluate our superstitions, established customs, and the credibility of authority.  In varying degrees, people are guiding their actions using common sense to favor reason and wisdom more than instinct and tradition.  However, there are not yet a sufficient number of super-mature thinkers to lead the way.  As long as peace advocates wish or pray for peace but remain passive while terrorists unite their followers to take action, the doomsday clock will move forward.  We are the growing edge of our creator’s work-in-process that is pushing us towards personal freedom and civilization.  After billions of years, we are now far along the way but have yet to reach the goal.  We are the link between animals and humanity.  We need enough newer way of thinking individuals to complete the road to civilization and world peace.   The majority of our global population remains brainwashed by a small number of leaders who claim they are the designated oracle of unquestionable Truth.  Like sheep, servant to instinct and habit, we can easily be coerced by fear and intimidation. 

While you are reading or hearing this, others are proliferating weapons of ultimate destruction (WUD).   Someone will use them to subdue those they designate as evil.  The next war is likely to make us history rather than allow us to continue to make history.  We don’t have much time.  Einstein told us the one most certain means to prevent the imminent catastrophe and promote world peace:  We shall require a new mode of thinking (ANWOT).  The good news is that we have the knowledge and the means of rapid self-education to change the predictable course of our destiny.  We lead by example.  We require a tiny percentage, perhaps one million of our seven billion global population, to become the enlightened individuals who will initiate the domino effect to circle the world.   That’s all we need to crack the thin veneer holding back the global passion for peace that will be unstoppable.  Will you become one of the each one teach many leaders that will make a difference?  The next stren, Einstein’s solution, will explain how. 


[1] The World at Risk, U.S. Congress commissioned report on the status of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, Vintage Books, December, 2008, p. xv.

[2] Reflective thinking is more fully described in stren #77. 

[3] This would be a good time to review the features that characterize those individuals who achieve maturity and those who partially achieve maturity but remain stuck in two-category thinking that fosters win/lose competition more than win/win cooperation.   See especially strens #33 & 34.