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Uniting the Mental Wealth millionaires who will popularize ANWOT

This is the most important insight of three linked strens that explain Why, What, and How we create world peace.  Stren #70 addressed why We Have Destructive Aggression and War.  Stren #71 explained what we must do: Einstein’s Solution – A Newer Way of Thinking (ANWOT).  This stren, #72, is a Call to Action:how we will proceed to succeed.  Please give it your greatest consideration.

Here is a simplified explanation of the problem we face and its solution.

The Problem: We understand the problem.  We have recently grown knowledge of cause-and-effect so rapidly that we have made ourselves powerful creators and destroyers.  Suddenly, we have the godlike means to influence the future of humanity and the fate of all that is about us.   Our prevalent either/or way of thinking, driven by instinct and tradition, is characterized by “My way, the only way.”  We can no longer tolerate harmful win/lose, lose/lose confrontations to assert dominance.  The use of weapons with ultimate destructive power offers no second chance.  Terrorists organize their followers to take effective action while the near total world population lacks direction and maintains a hopeless/helpless attitude.   

The Solution: Einstein has told us the solution.  We must teach ourselves a newer way of problem-solving thinking (ANWOT) that applies common sense wisdom to create out of the box solutions to current problems.  What will make things better for me and you (us and them) for now and the future?  We must selectively replace instinct and tradition’s pre-established compete to win action patterns with common sense wisdom applied to today’s knowledge to collaborate for mutual gain.  Too many people’s thinking is still dominated by the habitual action pathways that were effective for yesterday’s issues.  If we choose to survive and thrive, we must change the way we think with the urgency demanded by the problem.  We need to replace win/lose, lose/lose destructive confrontation with win/win prevention.  We have the knowledge and the means to rapidly educate our population, but we lack the will.  Informed leaders are required to unite and take effective action.

The Call to Action[1]:  We first need to overcome the hopeless/helpless attitude that leads to ignoring the problem or “almost” action.  Effective action begins by waking ourselves to the predicted imminent human catastrophe.  We require sufficient peace leaders to initiate urgent preventive action.  Instinct, tradition, and human dictators resist change.  Enlightenment begins with those already most receptive to education.  We who are best positioned to solve the problem need to first enlighten ourselves to the wisdoms that elevate our thinking from greed and speed to wise creeds and good deeds.  We need to shift the balance of our thinking so that we pursue mental wealth more than physical wealth.  Sufficient Mental Wealth millionaires are the peace leaders who will initiate the domino effect that will circle the world with a newer way of thinking.  The self-taught wisdoms that create Mental Wealth millionaires are offered in other strens.  This critical stren is a common sense Call to Action to proceed to succeed.  The Educational Community’s goal is to unite one million Mental Wealth millionaire peace leaders who will initiate the domino effect to circle the world with ANWOT education.