Welcome to stren #76, a brief history lesson to help us acquire perspective on the unique challenge we face, and to create its solution.  As we become increasingly enlightened about where we came from and recognize our current knowledge, we are in a better position to wisely guide our future.  For example, to the popular self-help books that emphasize the skills that enable us to feel good we now must add the wisdoms that teach us to do good.  We need to include values and our spiritual life.  Our current explosive discovery of knowledge has thrust us into a new era.  Bullets target one individual, but a single hydrogen weapon targets populations and cities and multiple bombs target all of civilization!  History teaches us that as most tribes acquire weapons with ultimate destructive power (WUD) that offer no second chance, the “fittest” will be the first targeted by the “have nots.”  Any survivors would then face polluted water and air, disease, lack of medical resources, and the consequences of damaged genes. 

Einstein’s solution, anewer way of thinking (ANWOT) differs from other self-help methods in that it educates our thinking to consistently work for us and become our most potent weapon for mass construction (WMC)!  Many of the preprogrammed solutions of instinct and habit that worked for past problems have now become ineffective or dangerous.   From our knowledge of history and growing wisdom, we can teach ourselves the thought control skills we require to prevent the human catastrophe predicted by our most knowledgeable citizens.  The interpretation of ANWOT offered in this collection of strens frees us from instinct and tradition to create common sense outside of the box solutions.  The following chart illustrates the rapidity of our current rate of change:

The road to civilization began some 40,000 – 50,000 years past.  Imagine life before cultivation of food, when sustenance depended on wandering from place to place in search for plants and what one could kill.  There were no permanent residences and virtually nothing to own but primitive weapons, women, and children.  Writing would not be invented for another 10,000 years, and primitive art and written accounts of history would require an additional 10,000 years.  Being limited in language skills (no classes in reading and writing!), what “meanings” would you imagine to be prominent in their manner of thinking?  How would civilization be passed on from generation to generation?  How far have we come?  How far do we have to go?    

We have discovered the link between apes and humans; it is us!  Humane includes the qualities of kindness, mercy, compassion, and concern for the welfare of humankind.  We aren’t there yet.  We’re still part animal, part human.  The crucial question is how much of each?  We must educate ourselves in a newer way of thinking if we wish to make ourselves more humane.  It took us a long time to accept that we are not the center of our universe.  Those brave enough to suggest it did not have an easy time.  The establishment more than resisted.  We got over it.  Every quantum leap innovation through knowledge that challenges established thinking will meet resistance, as prominently demonstrated by Christ, Copernicus, Galileo, Columbus, Darwin, Einstein, Freud, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Picasso, Fawcett/Pankhurst/Susan B. Anthony,[1] Al Gore, and so many others.  We’d like to believe we’re a step beneath the angels, but even if angels do exist, we are much closer to apes, an assumption for which we have considerable scientific evidence.

Humankind is unique in its ability to think.  We process physical information to mental alternatives, choose among the creations we initiate, and will them to action.  For example, E=mc2 explained that mass could be converted to immense energy; this knowledge led to “the bomb.”  The cortical portion of our brain routinely converts physical signals, i.e. mass, into mental energy in the form of abstract concepts, and then back again to physical action.   We call this mysterious mind-body phenomenon will power.   “Humanmind” grows, stores, and shares knowledge.  The meaning assigned to symbols creates the energy[2] that is our source of will power.  The manner in which we think determines how our will converts the mental energy of concepts into physical action.   

History provides us the perspective to recognize that for the first time, an earth creature has empowered its will with the godlike power to dramatically change itself AND the world shared by all life, a world that until this instant in time has been the sole domain of nature.  Humanmind has joined natural selection in directing our destiny!  We are now partner with those forces that previously made us what we are and determined what we may become.  Our traditional way of thinking is no longer adequate to preserve us in this New Era.  Einstein told us the nuclear age has changed everything except our way of thinking.  We will remain on a course to self-destruction until we assume mastery of our will power and educate our freedom organ to become our weapon for mass construction (WMC).  The technology we now have for mass education along with our collective wisdom is sufficient to thrive in our New Era.  To proceed to succeed, we need only create the spark that initiates our will! 

As described in other strens, we are innately programmed to blame others when we experience one of life’s common emotions – frustration.  It has become popular to argue that organized religion is the cause of most of our ills, including wars, while others provide good evidence to refute this.  We also blame political and economic issues, conflict between the haves and the have-nots, desire for power and dominance to control others, ethnicity, skin color, jealousy, and any area where there are differences.[3]   Such blaming detracts us from the germane issue that the meaning assigned to data determines the degree that thinking acts for or against our well-being.  The common element in harmful human aggression has been and remains the way we think.  No other creature engages in blaming or resentment, passes hate on to future generations, creates guilt, and demands recognition and an afterlife reward as we do.   Nature is neither “good” nor “evil;” nature just “is.”  We interpret what is by the meaning we assign to events.[4]  We could say, “I think, therefore I am dangerous.”

Our way of thinking has been and continues to be responsible for both destructive AND constructive aggression, war and peace, prejudice and tolerance, hatred and love.  Education to upgrade our thinking offers our best hope to create the world we seek while avoiding self-destruction along the way.  The ANWOT mental skills provided here are incredibly easy to teach and learn.  The resources we require are immediately available.  We need only choose to direct our will to make the effort. 

The most potent cause of our current ills will be found by recognizing that when we blame, our bent trigger finger points at our self, specifically our prevalent manner of thinking.  In pointing the finger inward, we need to include our society.  Establishment mores and laws are an expression of the dominant manner in which individuals think.  Most people remain dependent on their first masters, instinct and tradition, because we have yet to institutionalize the education we require to upgrade our thinking for maturity.  When we perceive that we are powerless to change “the other,” and/or “the establishment,” our common response is apathy, the mental equivalent of the instinctive physical flight pattern.  Perhaps this explains the epidemic of psychological deafness to the red alert sirens blaring throughout the world.  A modicum of self-endorsement skills, the seven mind freeing, life changing, world saving word switches, and other strens are sufficient to free our thinking from domination by our animal brain.  Common sense can replace those perspectives of our early programmers that focus on differences instead of similarities, and advocate domination by harmful aggression rather than cooperation and collaboration for mutual gain. 

Nature has provided us with its newest model brain and our nurturers have empowered us with sophisticated language.  These gifts set us apart by making us godlike creators responsible for our life’s experience.  Self-mastery frees our will to pursue wisdom and the humane qualities we seek.  Power and creativity flow from knowledge.  Humankind’s unprecedented power and creativity is dangerous when directed by instinct and habit.  Instinct and tradition have been designed to be adaptive for animals and our own prolonged period of physical and mental immaturity.  Mental freedom empowers us to direct our aggressive energy for our betterment AND for our detriment, to constructive and destructive outcomes.

Knowledge shifts the control of our life’s experience from our hands to our head.  Inherent in power is the need to apply it wisely.  A freed will + wisdom is our formula to choose peace, to become our own genie and make our wishes a reality.  Adding wisdom to power is an active choice available to a freed will.  Given a choice between favoring the development of wisdom or the creation of physical power, we can understand that thinking dominated by instinct would initially make physical might a clear priority.  Though we invest in both, we have a strong bias to invest in physical weapons of destruction and defense.  The power of common sense wisdom provides greater security and permanence than physical might.

I hope this brief history lesson will upgrade your thinking to recognize that we are altering the balance of nature so rapidly that we must take urgent action if we hope to survive and thrive. 


Summary of Critical history dates

Eternal history: Your guess is as good as mine; difficult to even imagine

Our galaxy: 13 billion years old, one of hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe

Our sun: One star among 200-400 billion stars in our galaxy, about 5 billion years old

Our planet: Earth is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old

Life on earth:  First simple matter to reproduce = 3 ½ billion years past

History of humankind: Enlarged brain appeared about 2 million years past; modern man about 150,000 years past

Leap into civilization/personal responsibility: Creation of sophisticated language 50,000 years ago   

Essential personal history: Your birth date

Red Alert Crisis: NOW! - Proliferation of weapons with ultimate destructive power require urgent education in a new way of common sense thinking (ANWOT).

[1]Leaders of the suffragette movement which gave women the right to vote.

[2]Does the word “fire” trigger the same amount of energy in a language not understood by the individual?

[3] I personally believe that our most popular religions are dominated by advocates of those qualities that promote our humanity and peace.  Religious leaders are among our most important force to bring about the better future we seek.  Once aroused from passivity, they offer the best hope to reform those radical fundamentalists that would bring harm to every “other.”

[4] “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”-William Shakespeare