If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could better judge what to do, and how to do it.[1] ... Abraham Lincoln  

            Einstein told us what we must do to prevent human catastrophe and create world peace – “a new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”[2]  The intent of this stren, #92, is to create sufficient awareness to unleash the pent up global passion for peace that will be unstoppable.  It explains how we can proceed to succeed.  Based on over 200 interviews[3] I have conducted, it is apparent that we must first get over the helpless/hopeless response[4] that keeps most people from uniting in action. 

 Most people’s thinking is “normal;” it lacks the “sanity” to prevent the use of weapons of ultimate destruction that our most informed scientists tell us to expect before the end of 2013[5] or more certainly within the lifetime of our children.  These experts tell us there is still time to redirect the course of history if we unite to take urgent action.  To begin, we require an understanding of how we can proceed and who can make a difference. 

            Normal is passively obeying the demands of nature and our nurturers.  These behaviors include prejudgments (prejudice) that teach “Our way, the only way.”  It is normal to favor our local priorities – family, country, religion, teams, gender, ethnicity, geographic region, on-and-on.  Our priority is that I or my side corners the world’s material benefits and asserts dominance.  The animal portion of our brain[6] advocates survival of the fittest, flight or flight, and destructive confrontation to preserve our identified group at the expense of non-members.  “In the normal context of organic evolution, all creatures, including humans, seek to maximize their gain relative to the competition, and will continue to do so until the system halts that impulse ....”[7]  Competition to dominate will prevail in politics, as well as religious and government ideologies, and we can predict that any weapons will be used when one or more sides become desperate.

            Sane is educating the human portion of our brain, our cerebral cortex, to acquire knowledge and apply common sense wisdom to create new solutions to current problems using present technology.  Common sense replaces our instinctive tradition to dominate others with self-initiated creative problem solving to promote cooperation and collaboration for mutual gain.  ANWOT recognizes we are part of a larger system in which we are now all neighbors, and that our survival requires adding global priorities to our local priorities.  Sanity advocates acquiring mental and spiritual wealth, i.e. the wisdoms that make life meaningful, and sharing them to create Mental Wealth millionaires.

            What is Einstein’s  newer way of thinking solution (ANWOT)?  None of us are born with the common sense wisdoms that empower us to free our will from our early masters.  We must accept the preprogrammed biases of instinct and our nurturers.  Their culture becomes our culture.  We are for many years a mental slave to fate and circumstance.  Normal people come to believe their way is the “right way” and in our best interests.  We remain servants until we teach ourselves the wisdoms to practice the humane skills that create a civilized world.  These mental skills can be identified and organized in a simply taught and learned curriculum. 

Proceeding to succeed through the domino effect:  World peace and a joyous, purposeful life experience are among the top wishes and prayers of most people.  An education curriculum that enables us to become our own genie, offered FREE to anyone and everyone in the world at their convenient time and place, is most likely to succeed.  Today’s technology enables us to offer these skills free to anyone, anytime, anywhere.  Upon completing our primary education, we are most prepared for a graduate course in creating a joyous, meaningful life experience.  The Educational Community 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation (EC) offers such educational content, including over 100 wisdoms guaranteed to be forever free at www.anwot.org.  The EC program provides a new wisdom tip to your computer every two days for simply providing your email address at www.anwot.org.  Each stren can be read in ten minutes, at your convenience, and may be repeated as desired.  You will quickly experience benefits and will significantly master the curriculum within six months of consistent study.   

The newer way of thinking curriculum has five components:

  1. The self-endorsement skills that enable anyone to become their own best friend.
  2. The mind-freeing, life-changing, world-saving word-switches that free our will from fate and circumstance to become our own person, i.e. self-mastery.
  3.  The Mental Freedom Control Panel that identifies the 8 choices available to our will.
  4.  The collection of proven wisdoms that enables us to create out-of-the-box solutions to today’s problems.
  5.  The universal values that each tribe can independently discover and agree upon.

Satisfied consumers will be encouraged to pass the free web site (and individual strens) forward to family and other loved ones.  One of life’s most satisfying experiences is giving something of value to others.  Prior experience suggests that the recipients will gratefully acknowledge the sender and will pass the information on to their own contacts.  The domino effect to create a viral spread of ANWOT is the most effective way to recruit the one million peace teachers critical to influence our planet’s full population.  Recall Margaret Mead’s wisdom:  Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”[8]  It worked for AA, Amway, Mary K, and every great religion.  We must make it work for world peace.

The initial spark to create the one million peace leaders needed to virally circle the world with a newer way of thinking requires only a limited number of leaders capable of influencing a wide audience.  Each teacher will be offered a computer flash drive preloaded with the wisdoms that explain ANWOT and teach peace of mind and world peace, a mission statement, and personal contact and support by qualified staff.  The efforts requested of this initial group will inspire more energy than the time and effort needed: an announcement to their email list and other contacts, and a testimonial based on personal experience with ANWOT.  I anticipate some individuals will be sufficiently inspired to take a more active role, including participating on an Advisory Board to add their wisdom to the peace initiative. 

Here is my list of individuals who can ignite the spark to kick start the peace initiative:

  1. Successful marketers, especially information gurus who have proven successful in developing followers and have substantial email lists.
  2. Educators, especially directors of college peace programs, who can tap into the energy of young minds already dedicated to the social good.
  3. Organizations already dedicated to a Peace mission: Groups of like mind are available globally
  4. Corporations and their Boards:  What better way to maintain a good public image and increase worker morale than to offer education in happiness, well-being, and world peace?
  5. Public figures in entertainment, sports, etc.: An endorsement of world peace enhances one’s image and benefits fans, clearly a win-win action.  Many individuals who have attained material success find that money and fame are not all that was anticipated, and the greatest personal satisfaction comes through doing public good, including making the world a safer place for family and loved ones. 
  6. Members of the clergy: Religious leaders are already dedicated to make the world a better place and have the respect of their parishioners.
  7. Members of the media: Enhance your image by encouraging your audience to improve their well-being and take effective action for world peace
  8. Prisoners: My experience teaching ANWOT to inmates convinces me of the value of providing social skill education to our over two million captive population, who have usually been deprived of such an opportunity.
  9. If you don’t fit into any of the above, please don’t feel left out – anyone with the desire is more than welcome to join Einstein’s peace army.

         Most educational programs offer free services to win confidence, and then require money for continued services.  The EC Peace initiative wants there to be no doubt that our goal is to unleash the imprisoned passion for world peace, and not material enrichment.To maintain the confidence of peace partners, the EC will never solicit money from participants.  The negligible costs of education using social media, along with existing private funding, insure the sustainability of the peace initiative.  If our educational content is as effective as initially demonstrated, foundations and corporations may voluntarily offer monetary or in kind support to expand ANWOT, but such support is neither solicited nor necessary.  

         There you have it – what we must do to create world peace, and how you can become a prime mover in making our home a safer, better place.  Please choose to become a founding force to popularize sanity in our world.


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