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Become your own genie!

Dear World Peace leader,

The purpose of the Mini-course,Become a Mental Wealth Millionaire and a Powerful Force for World Peace, is to unleash your passion for world peace and that of one million others within a year or a.s.a.p.  Mental Wealth millionaires are individuals who have acquired sufficient common sense wisdoms to consistently create a joyous meaningful life experience.  With few exceptions, earth’s nearly 7 billion citizens wish or pray for peace but have yet to collaborate to make our home the kinder,gentler place we desire.  Meanwhile, a minority of terrorists organize their followers to take effective action.  The result is that violence is winning.  

            The mission of our nonprofit corporation, The Educational Community, Inc. (EC), is the mission of humanity – we must educate ourselves to practice the humane qualities we preach but have yet learned to act upon.  Given our recent rapid proliferation of weapons with ultimate destructive power (WUD), we have precious little time to popularize the wisdoms that will prevent human catastrophe.  Virtually every one of our most informed citizens, individually and in organizations, agree.  They tell us WUD will be increasingly available in our time, and to most tribes within the lifetime of our children.  They also tell us we still have time to prevent catastrophe if we take urgent action.[1]

            The purpose of the EC is to popularize the one solution most certain among alternatives to fulfill our mission.  We must make common sense common.  Einstein, the father of our first WUD and the person most individuals identify when asked to name the world’s brightest mind, told us we require a new way of thinking (ANWOT).  The very same skills that create Mental Wealth millionaires are the ANWOT skills that promote World Peace.  Our task is to educate our population in wise creeds and good deeds more so than greed and speed.  Just as our generation has recently acquired the knowledge to make and proliferate WUDs, we now have the knowledge and the technology to succeed in our mission and purpose.  We lack only the collective will.

This mini-course consists of eight letters designed to inspire a sufficient number of world peace leaders from diverse upbringings to unite to attain our shared interests.  Our initial goal is to partner one million of the world’s most peace-minded individuals in an old-fashioned pep rally.  The marvels of modern technology, such as the internet and social media, empower us to virally spread education to everyone, anywhere, anytime, at little or no cost.  The Domino Effect is capable of rapidly circling the world, reaching individuals who otherwise are too distant in location and creed to engage in common sense dialogue.  Working together, we will free the imprisoned passion for peace that exists within virtually everyone on our planet.  A small number of our most capable minds are required to trigger the Domino process; you are needed to become one such leader.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.            ... Margaret Mead. 

Committed individuals working together are unstoppable.

Here are the insights you will learn from the eight mini-course letters:

  1. Why catastrophe is imminent; why we fail to take effective action; first steps to a solution. 
  2. Einstein’s most certain solution among alternatives to prevent catastrophe: ANWOT
  3. The two sentences that will determine our destiny: civilization or annihilation?
  4. Essential concepts to survive and thrive in our new era of WUD.
  5. Seven Mind-freeing, Life-changing, World-savingword-switches.
  6. The Mental Freedom Control Panel: eight choices available to our freed will power.
  7. The two most powerful, yet hardly used sources of love, forgiveness, and other humane skills.
  8. Call to action:  We must proceed to succeed.  Wisdom is our powerful weapon for mass construction! 

I know you will be enlightened by the EC mini-course.  It will inspire you to proceed to the free 100 videos and other wisdoms that will create the one million Mental Wealth millionaires who will popularize a newer way of thinking we require to create World Peace.  As a Mental Wealth Millionaire you will want to add global well-being to your list of local priorities.  Only a few moments of your time are needed to take effective action; please notify your email list and others to try our web site.  You will love becoming a peace leader.  Indeed, your action will generate more energy than you expend!  If you would like to receive a preloaded complimentary flash drive of our Mini-course instead of going to, send a self-addressed stamped envelop to:  The Educational Community, P.O. box 280716, East Hartford, CT, 06108.  There is no obligation.

                                                Wishing you tons of Mental Wealth,

                                                                                                                                               Donald Pet, M.D.




Our E-books, telephone seminars, and 100+ wisdoms are guaranteed free to anyone, anywhere, anytime, through  The Educational Community is committed to never soliciting money for these services.

Mental Wealth is everyone’s right.
Mental Freedom is everyone’s right.

Are you informed of the imminent dangers that require urgent action?

What we don’t want to hear are the facts that most people prefer to ignore.  People who keep their head buried in the sand leave vulnerable parts exposed. 

       Excerpts from The World at Risk, the U.S. Congress-mandated high level Commission to study and report on the state of our defense to weapons of mass destruction (WMD), are attached.   The report concludes that we can expect release of WMD before the end of 2013; we are losing ground, not gaining it, in spite of our current efforts; and there is still time to defend ourselves if we act immediately.  “Sounding the call for urgent action is the purpose of this report.” (p. xiii).  They also conclude bioterrorism is more likely than a nuclear attack because it is so difficult to monitor the production of germ warfare.[2]  Brock Chisholm, first director of the World Health Organization, “declared seven ounces of high-powered germs would, if properly distributed, kill everyone on earth”.[3] 

      The U.S. has spent billions to help Russia locate its unaccounted-for “loose nukes” and to secure radioactive materials with less than perfect success.  The U.S. has “lost” several bombs.  Multiple countries have arsenals of WMDs.  In spite of efforts of containment the number of new owners of WMDs who can release them with the utterance of a word is growing.

       Pakistan’s unstable government could easily come into control by fundamentalists.  This possibility has been described as Obama’s greatest headache.  They are estimated to have 50 bombs, which would be quite a prize for terrorists.  North Korea recently launched a long-range rocket and nuclear weapon test.

       Israel cannot allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.  Fundamentalists have already declared it is their intent to destroy Israel, and the U.S. is also identified as a target.  Bin Laden and other religious leaders have publically stated it is their religious duty to obtain WMDs and their moral right to use them.  This is only one “hot spot” capable of setting off nuclear confrontation. 

       The U.S. and Russia have approximately 2000 nuclear warheads on 24/7 release ready status.  Experts tell us there is a greater chance of release of these weapons by a mechanical malfunction or mistaken interpretation of an “enemy” action than an actual declaration of war.  A leader who is erroneously convinced of an attack is obligated to act immediately as there is no second chance.

       The bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the equivalent of 20,000 tons of dynamite.  Today’s bombs are as potent as 20 megatons (2 million trucks each with 10 tons of dynamite), sufficient to incinerate a city the size of Washington, D.C. in an instant.  Russia detonated a 50 megaton bomb in 1961. 

       I have read that if the power we have already created in nuclear weapons were distributed evenly, every person alive would be given 4 tons of dynamite.  Would you be complacent knowing each of your neighbors harbored such an arsenal?  Do you realize that in our generation, the world, including terrorists, is our new neighbor?  

       The destruction of two buildings by airplane bombs sent the U.S. to its knees.  What would be the consequence of a limited release of WMDs?  What would our environment be like for those who survive unleashed nuclear weapons?  Consider radiation, pollution, disease, limited medical resources, starvation, etc.

       Virtually every knowledgeable scientist, peace group, and informed citizen warn us that WMDs are our greatest immediate threat and likely to be used in the generation of those we love.  The Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which includes 18 Nobel Laureates, has created a Doomsday Clock to symbolically make us aware of the danger.  The clock is presently set at six minutes to midnight.  The sobering facts are readily available for those who dare to become informed from such peace groups as The Union of Concerned Scientists (, an alliance of more than 250,000 citizens and scientists, The Physicians for Social Responsibility (, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (, and Ploughshares (  They are among many groups warning of the urgent need to take action.

•       Einstein, an avowed pacifist, recognized that it would only be a matter of time before humankind would self-destruct once the power of the atom was known.  He was reluctantly persuaded by colleagues to write the letter to our president that led to the Manhattan project and our first WMD only after considering what would happen if Hitler got there first.  Do you realize that if Hitler had the bomb, in one day he could have reversed any advantage the Allies had using conventional warfare?   The Nazis, with their master race ideology, were one of many groups throughout history that attempted to rule the world through war.  Given the power of today’s weapons, the next attempt is likely to succeed, or lead to mutual annihilation.

       For 3½ billion years, nature’s rules of behavior have been survival of the fittest and fight or flight.  In our generation, the creation of weapons of ultimate destruction has put our destiny in our own hands.  The growing power of human selection to override natural selection to determine who shall live has suddenly required that we change our way of thinking.  Cure is rapidly becoming obsolete; prevention is our best hope for survival.

       This we know.  The gun is loaded, the hammer is cocked, and the number of fingers on the trigger is growing.  The ammunition is unknown to all but the survivors of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  (You can bet they don’t need convincing!)  The blaring sirens set off by our leading scientists, peace groups, the U.S. Congress-mandated Commission, and informed citizens warning us of impending disaster are presently ignored by most people.  They will remain deaf unless concerned citizens wake them up.      

I selfishly want you to be aware of the need for immediate action because our loved ones need you to share the burden of such knowledge.  Given the indisputable facts, the conscience of reasonable people will not allow them to remain asleep to the reality we face.  I am more of an optimist and realist than an alarmist.  As an optimist, I do believe a joint effort will make a difference.  As a realist, I accept that even our best efforts may be a long shot; they may be too late.  However, I am impressed by Margaret Mead’s wisdom: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Einstein, the Father of the bomb and the person most frequently named by individuals when asked to identify the world’s brightest mind, told us the one solution we must follow to survive and thrive in the nuclear age: we must teach ourselves a new mode of thinking!  We now have the knowledge and the means if enough individuals participate in Einstein’s solution: A Newer Way of Thinking (ANWOT).  The Educational Community forever FREE web site ANWOT.ORG will show you how.


Why do I do nothing?  The obstacles to world peace action

A high level U.S. Congress Commission, our most knowledgeable scientists, multiple peace groups and informed citizens, and the father of the Bomb all warn us that our world has a terminal illness. Yet we pay little or no attention, even as the warning sirens grow louder.  Ask anyone if they wish for or pray for world peace and without hesitation the response will be yes.  Ask the same individuals what they do to bring about world peace and the near universal answer will be nothing. 

Do we consider our world experts fools?  Are we collectively irrational?  Three explanations, based on over 100 interviews, will serve to enlighten you as to why most of the world keeps its head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich, leaving vulnerable parts exposed.  Once enlightened, you will want to take appropriate action. 

           But first, I want to ask you a few more questions.  If your child or another loved one were to fall down the stairs, is there anything you could be doing that would take precedence over immediately providing aide?  For most individuals, the well-being of loved ones tops other priorities.  Imagine only briefly that your family doctor tells you the alarming words that your child has a life-threatening condition such as cancer, and there is little hope of cure.  Would you give up and redirect your attention to other issues?  Would any sane person ignore the threat and “do nothing”?  Certainly not! 

Here are three explanations why most people respond appropriately to the warnings of medical experts, but ignore the repeated warnings of our world’s expert scientists that life-threatening catastrophe is imminent: 

1.     If there is a problem, there’s nothing I can do that would make a difference.  The first cause of irrational behavior is called “psychological numbing.”  When our mind encounters a problem to which it perceives there is no solution, it shuts down the problem-solving energy that would have been focused there and redirects its attention to what is perceived to be doable tasks.  We are prone to tune out the threat regardless of the consequences.  We deal with the issue as though it doesn’t concern us or really doesn’t exist.  We can be certain that once we tune out a problem, there will be no further effort to solve it.  Psychological numbing does provide temporary avoidance of discomfort, but how wise is it to run away or play when the subsequent price to pay is so great? 

The solution?
  We need to face real threats even if awareness creates discomfort.  Awareness is the first step to applying common sense, i.e. the reasoning and wisdom most certain to create a solution.  You and many others are needed to wake up others to partner in making the world a safer happier place. 

2.     Once the obstacle of “psychological numbing” is overcome, the second hurdle becomes more apparent.  I realize there is a problem and I’d do something BUT  I don’t know of anything I can do; and no one has shown me what I can do that will make any difference.  This common perspective leads to the devastating apathy that comes when we engage the hopelessness/helplessness (H/H) response.  Creative problem-solving does not come from apathy.  If there were a solution, the H/H response makes it certain that we will not discover or create it.

3.     Psychological numbing and the H/H response lead to the third formidable obstacle to taking action for world peace.  Yes, I know there is a problem but it’s the other guys that are bad, not me.  They are the ones who need to be changed.  Besides, I have too many local priorities I must attend to.  Our president, leaders, or God will have to take care of the global ones.  The Hitlers, Bin Ladens, Ahmadinejads, and most prominent terrorists who advocate unleashing weapons of ultimate deception are unlikely to be receptive to change.  They have closed their minds to reason and wisdom.

The Solution:  The first urgent action step is to slay the enemy within.  Until we confront the psychological numbing and the H/H response that directs our creative energy to less critical priorities, our passion for peace will remain imprisoned.  We must convince sufficient peace advocates that Einstein’s solution to prevent catastrophe will work, but only with active participation.  We have knowledge of the mental skills that create a newer way of thinking (ANWOT).  ANWOT is easy to teach and learn.  We have the mass media technology to rapidly educate our global population.  We need only to excite our will.  Knowledgeable people working together will be unstoppable.  We require a limited number of committed insightful leaders.   An old-fashioned pep rally can initiate the domino effect essential to survive and thrive in our new era of WUD.  Popularizing common sense thinking is our newest weapon of mass construction (WMC).[4]  It is the wisest of the many alternative choices available to us. 

Instinct equips every individual with the qualities that can predetermine us to become self-serving terrorists!  We are all born pre-scripted to sustain our self and our tribe, like predator animals, without regard to the consequence to “not us.”   The invention of language enabled us to grow knowledge, to become increasingly powerful creators, to compete, win, and dominate others.  The simplistic either/or two-category early way of thinking that all immature minds first learn is marvelously designed to serve instinct’ssurvival of the fittest demands and the traditions of our ancestors.  It promotes “good” and “right,” us of course, against “evil” and “wrong,” which must be them. 

Either/or thinking sustains bigotry, prejudice, and destructive confrontation to assert dominance.  Either/or thinking is the mother of terrorist dictators and their followers.  Individuals limited in common sense thinking are compelled to obey the authority of instinct and tradition. Dictators themselves are controlled by the same irrational authority they impose on their followers.  This two-category way of thinking remains prevalent! 

If your nurturers educated you in the skills of common sense thinking and you have done so yourself, you have acquired some degree of self-mastery.  Having freed yourself from instinct and current tradition to become your own person, you likely recognize the humane qualities that promote civility, respect the common interests of diverse individuals, and recognize the value of collaboration to sustain our shared needs and wants.  You have the freedom to pursue your own good in your own way (J. S. Mill).     

Who among us is most likely to enlighten those world citizens who remain enslaved to instinct and tradition, fate and circumstance?  I refer to those stuck in the either/or thinking that characterizes tyrant leaders and the followers who provide dictators their power? 

The answer: those mature and enlightened individuals who have the most to give and the most freedom to lose.  If you are reading this essay, you are almost certain to be one of those individuals who can make a difference.  “Bad guys” are only powerful because society’s leaders have yet to sufficiently educate immature minds with the mental skills that make common sense common.  To the degree that an individual remains stuck in the immature two-category thinking we all first learn, they will remain blindly obedient to the either/or perspectives demanded by instinct, tradition, and thereafter human dictators,  most of whom are self-serving.  

Dictators’ followers have the same passion for peace and the well-being of their loved ones that is found in virtually everyone.  Working together we can initiate the domino effect that rapidly, individual-by-individual, spreads the newer way of thinking.  Intelligence in the service of instinct creates more potent dictators.  Common sense wisdom applied to intelligence adds the awareness of global needs to the innate bias that limits us to local priorities.  Common sense is the mental switch that “turns off” instinct’s demand to dominate others while it switches “on” collaboration for shared benefits.  Collaboration is the preferred action pathway that replaces instinct’s competitiveness to assert superiority. Instinct and current tradition would have us focus on our differences and resolve them through conflict, but common sense recognizes that our common interests far outweigh our differences.    

Dictators lead by edict; freed minds lead by example.   We require only a minority of our most mature citizens to initiate the domino effect that will popularize ANWOT.  We are required to become the each one teach one leaders who will initiate the viral spread of the newer way of thinking.  It is the most certain, perhaps the only way to reach those imprisoned minds directed by instinct to become tyrant dictators or serve those who do.  Yes, success is a long shot, but if enough of us join efforts, we will be unstoppable.   We have the knowledge and all the technology we require to take on the Big Idea – World Peace.  We lack only the will of a group of capable leaders.  We need you!

Common sense wisdom has only recently led us to conclude that ownership of one’s muscles by another is immoral, especially if we are the slave rather than the master.  It is time to free minds as well as muscles!  WUDs have created the urgent need for each of us who can to make the mind-freeing, life-changing, world-saving ANWOT skills available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Substitute “I think I can ... I will ...we will” for the H/H words, “I don’t matter... I can’t... I won’t... All my priorities are more important.      


Current actions that are unlikely to create peace

            Here are the reasons I believe Einstein’s solution, popularizing a newer way of thinking, is the one most likely to succeed:

The actions we currently take to prevent catastrophe, such as economic sanctionsand threats of war, are necessary to postpone the use of weapons with ultimate destructive power (WUD).  However, they offer little hope to prevent their use.  Deterrence has been our preferred means to warn others that any perpetrator of aggression will suffer painful consequences.  An important flaw in deterrence is that multiple tribes build up destructive weapons so that they can threaten others.  More weapons and defense spending is a waste of constructive resources. The possibility of the unleashing of weapons by a mechanical error or the mistaken judgment of a leader increases as more tribes possess WUDs.    

            Diplomacy must continue,but success will be limited as long as the prevalent way most diplomats think remains biased to secure benefits for their own tribe and prevail as the “winner.”   The difficulties encountered in the League of Nations, the United Nations, and other major negotiating efforts teach us a lesson.  Negotiating peace will only work when its members apply common sense thinking instead of the presently dominant survival of the fittest mentality and either/or two-category thinking.

            Attempts to limit proliferation of WUDs and secure fissionable materials arefar from perfect.  The predicted use of biological weapons is based on the easy availability of raw materials and the ability to create such weapons undetected.

            The Peace Corps and related organizations that provide help to distressed countries, sharing projects of common interest, and related activities are powerful peace advocates, but they are likely too little and too late to prevent the imminent catastrophe. 


This letter has introduced the first essential concept to create world peace – recognizing the problem.  The next letter will explain Einstein’s most certain solution among alternatives. 

Our world faces a crisis as yet unperceived by those possessing power to make great decisions for good or evil.  The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe. ... a new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.[5] 



You may find it helpful to download the following for periodic reference:


Preview of the mini-course:  How to Become a Powerful Force for World Peace and a Mental Wealth Millionaire                

As a “gatekeeper” who can influence many others, you have chosen to receive essential information on how a limited number of individuals can implement Einstein’s solution to create world peace.  This letter describing The Crisis of our Generation will be followed by the topics identified below.  Each letter will enrich your insight regarding critical concepts.  Once you recognize the seriousness of the imminent danger we face and the actions that can prevent catastrophe, I am confident you will want to become a leader to popularize Einstein’s newer way of thinking. 

We seek your ideas and participation to make the world a safer better place.  We want to arouse your passion to take meaningful action to preserve for our loved ones what we have enjoyed.  We must do more than wish or pray for world peace.  Passionate people working together can make a difference – it works for terrorists.  We make no solicitations for money.  All our services are free to anyone, anywhere, anytime via the Internet and telephone conferences.  Our goal is to educate one million or more individuals as soon as possible in the mental skills that enable anyone to experience a joyous purposeful life and become a potent force for world peace – such individuals are “Mental Wealth millionaires.” 

Summary of the eight mini-course letters:  

1. The crisis of our generation - the use of weapons with ultimate destructive power is imminent unless sufficient people take action.  [This letter] 

       Problem: Our most knowledgeable scientists and informed citizens tell us catastrophe is imminent. The World at Risk, the U.S. Congress-mandated report based on over 250 experts predicts we are likely to experience the unleashing of weapons of mass destruction before 2013 ends (excerpts attached).

       Only humankind acquires knowledge and passes it forward to become such increasingly powerful creators that we now determine our own fate and that of Mother Earth.  Our generation is the first to create and proliferate weapons of ultimate destruction to multiple tribes; some already express their justification to use them.

•       Passionate individuals working together make a difference.  Based on over 100 interviews, three basic reasons are provided why peace advocates wish or pray for peace but take no action.  Wisdom tells us to expect human catastrophe unless those who are capable take appropriate action.  

•       Our current actions postpone but will not prevent the inevitable.

2. Einstein’s solution: we must popularize a newer way of thinking

        Common sense problem-solving is not common; our thinking is dominated by instinct and tradition, which are yesterday’s solutions to yesterday’s problems based on yesterday’s wisdom.

        Some action pathways hardwired within our older brain by instinct and traditions have become ineffective and dangerous.

       Instinct, tradition, and human dictators prescribe either/or two category thinking that is the root cause of bigotry, prejudice, and harmful aggression.  Our well-being requires both...and thinking that inspires common sense solutions and collaboration for shared interests rather than confrontation to assert dominance.

      We teach the pursuit of physical wealth to the neglect of mental wealth, i.e. the proven wisdoms that are most certain to enable anyone to create a joyous meaningful life and become a potent force for world peace. 

      Today’s mass media technology, such as the Internet, allows us to rapidly educate our population with little no cost at their preferred time and location. 

      There are insufficient individuals who take action to promote peace while those who threaten the majority organize their followers to take action.

      We can rapidly popularize mental wealth by inspiring the each one, teach one principal.  How many individuals are you privileged to reach?  

      The domino effectis our means to popularize a newer way of thinking.  The first step is creating a sizable grass roots peace movement of informed citizens. 


3. The two powerful sentences that control the fate of our loved ones and the world.

     a. My way or my tribe’s way is the right way and any non-subscriber is unworthy of respect, O.K. to punish, even murder.

Our current way of thinking is hardwired by instinct and tradition during our immature years: 

      In a world where multiple tribes possess weapons with ultimate destructive power, this sentence, dominant in our population, leads to harmful confrontation and Armageddon.

      The majority of our population remains stuck repeating solutions to yesterday’s problems based on yesterday’s knowledge.

      We all first process data using either/or two-category thinking that justifies local allegiances, usually at the expense of global issues.

     b. What is going to make things better for me AND you (us AND them) for now AND the future?

Thinking that we may initiate applying common sense wisdom to solve today’s problems:

      This mature problem-solving sentence leads to a joyous, meaningful life experience and a more peaceful world. 

      This “magical” problem-solving sentence applies universal common sense wisdom; it directs our will to think “out of the box.”  It uses today’s knowledge and wisdom to consistently update our problem-solving to create preferred outcomes.

      Peace and our well-being require that we popularize sentence b. to make it our dominant newer mature way of thinking.  Super-maturity requires education.

      Switching either/or thinking to mature both...and thinking is quite doable. 

4. The short list of the knowledge required to survive and thrive in the nuclear age.

•       We are interpretive creators.  We have been gifted with an organ with a specialized function, the cerebral cortex (what I call our freedom organ) that enables us to use symbols to collect, store, share, and pass knowledge forward.  As we grow knowledge of cause-and-effect relationships, we become increasingly powerful creators of both constructive and destructive force. We have now made ourselves such powerful creators that we have assumed responsibility for our own destiny and that of Mother Earth.  We can no longer tolerate the outcome of unleashing our newest destructive power.

•       We are human becomings* not human beings: We are a work-in-progress with a mission and purpose to acquire the humane qualities of love, forgiveness, kindness, mercy, and compassion.  Our growth of common sense interpretation elevates us to become powerful directors of our own destiny and rulers of all about us.  Whereas other life on earth is directed by instinct and tradition, humankind alone has the opportunity to add a third stage to our life cycle: self-mastery.  Our freedom organ, when mature and properly educated, enables us to create alternative action pathways and to wisely choose from among them.  We need to recognize that we keep accelerating our creative and destructive power exponentially.  Our generation has created a race between utopia and Armageddon.  We can expect to reach the finish line during our lifetime or that of our children.  We have the intelligence to selectively replace the hardwired action pathways of instinct and tradition that favor self-extinction with the common sense wisdoms of self-mastery ifwe individually and then collectively muster up our will to do so.  

•       A word-switch* is a symbol (usually words) that serves as a signal to redirect established thinking to newer “out of the box” action pathways.  Word-switches are the common sense critical tools we create using current knowledge and wisdom to upgrade the established action pathways of instinct and tradition to preferred outcomes.  A trigger word* is a signal to turn on established action pathways, especially those hardwired by instinct and tradition.  Word-switches have the power to turn off patterns that no longer work by switching to newer action pathways needed to survive and thrive, thus controlling the negative effects of our growing power. 

•       Strens* arethe self-initiated word-switches that strengthen common sense wisdom. We create a joyous, purposeful life by acquiring sufficient strens, what I call Becoming a Mental Wealth millionaire.  100+ strens are presented in our video series free for the asking to anyone, anywhere, anytime at .

*Trigger word, word switch, human becomings, and strens are newly created symbols to signal new knowledge because our language lacks simple word labels for these concepts.


5. The seven Mind-freeing, Life-changing, World-saving word switches. 

       Anyone can create a joyous, meaningful life experience by acquiring sufficient proven strens, the process I label Becoming a Mental Wealth Millionaire.  Seven word-switches start the process.

       Word-switch #1, “I think I can...I think I can...I will.” turns on our energy (remember The Little Engine That Could)

       Word switches #2-4, both...and for either/or, I could for I should, and I allow for They make me, free our will from instinct, tradition, and human dictators so that we may think “out of the box” and personally direct our destiny.

       Word switch #5 is the universal problem-solving sentence that promotes collaboration for shared interests.  (See 3-b)

•       Word switches #6-7, energy for anger, and urgent for emergency prevent the impulsive instinctive actions that we commonly later regret.    


6. The Mental Freedom control panel

•       Two self-taught action pathways consistently lead to preferred outcomes and sustain our well-being: common senseproblem-solving and self-endorsement.

•       Six action pathways are consistently a source of trouble: blaming in, blaming out, avoidance, helplessness/hopelessness (“I give up”), worry (“What if ...”), and the mind/body response. 

•       Most of the eight choices available to our will are easily taught and learned.

7. The two most powerful but rarely practiced word-switches, emotional self-endorsement and secondary endorsement, are our richest source of patience. 

•       Patience is required to create self-worth, love, and forgiveness; to free our will from instinct, tradition, and human dictators; to replace destructive confrontation with collaboration for shared interests; and to trade in a pound of cure for a far more valuable ounce of prevention.   WOW – what benefits!

•       The secret of emotional self-endorsement.

•       The power of secondary endorsement.

8.  Now that we recognize the problem and understand the solution, can we create the will to take action?  What can passionate individuals working together accomplish?  

•       We begin by recognizing the problem and that we are part of it!  We make ourselves part of the solution by acquiring the mental skills of a newer way of thinking (ANWOT).

•       ANWOT teaches us to recognize similarities more than differences, to promote collaboration more than competition, win/win more than win/lose goals, value wise creeds more than greed, and add support for global needs to our local priorities. 

•       We need to change the balance of those individuals who remain dominated by either/or two-category (us or them) thinking to mature “both...and” (us and them) thinking that makes common sense wisdom common and uncritical obedience to dictators uncommon

•       An energetic grass roots peace movement can popularize Einstein’s ANWOT solution.

•       Are you already a Mental Wealth Millionaire or willing to become one?

•       Success requires each one, teach one leaders in the peace movement that will virally initiate the Domino effect that will circle the world.  Will you help lead the way?

•       What ideas can you add to strengthen effective action steps?  Benefit your loved ones, humanity, Mother Earth ... and your retirement plans!

 NOTE:  Here are excerpts fromThe World at Risk, Report of the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism, Vintage Books, December, 2008; Bob Graham, Chairman; Jim Talent, Vice Chairman.  Because the photocopy requires so many megabytes, it may not transmit by Email.  The photocopy may be obtained by clicking on World at Risk.pdf.  The following conclusions are quoted here:

From the Executive Summary

First sentence of summary, p. xv
The Commission believes that unless the world community acts decisively and with great urgency, it is more likely than not that a weapon of mass destruction will be used in a terrorist’s attack somewhere in the world by the end of 2013.

The Commission further believes that terrorists are more likely to be able to obtain and use a biological weapon than a nuclear weapon.

p. xvii

[Our government’s] focus has been mainly limited to defense, intelligence, and homeland security programs and operations.  The next administration needs to go much further, using the tools of “soft power” to communicate effectively about American intentions and to build grassroots social and economic institutions that will discourage radicalism and undercut the terrorists in danger spots around the world. 

Preface, p. xiii

We know that our margin of safety is shrinking, not growing.... There is still time to defend ourselves, if we act with the urgency called for by the nature of the threat that confronts us.  Sounding that call for urgent action is the purpose of this report.

Preface, p. xii

Terrorists are determined to attack us again – with weapons of mass destruction if they can.  Obama bin Laden has said that obtaining these weapons is a “religious duty” and is reported to have sought to perpetrate another “Hiroshima.”

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[4]The mission of the Educational Community is to initiate the domino spread of Einstein’s solution to world peace.

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