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Are you informed of the imminent dangers that require urgent action?

What we don’t want to hear are the facts that most people prefer to ignore.  People who keep their head buried in the sand leave vulnerable parts exposed. 

       Excerpts from The World at Risk, the U.S. Congress-mandated high level Commission to study and report on the state of our defense to weapons of mass destruction (WMD), are attached.   The report concludes that we can expect release of WMD before the end of 2013; we are losing ground, not gaining it, in spite of our current efforts; and there is still time to defend ourselves if we act immediately.  “Sounding the call for urgent action is the purpose of this report.” (p. xiii).  They also conclude bioterrorism is more likely than a nuclear attack because it is so difficult to monitor the production of germ warfare.[2]  Brock Chisholm, first director of the World Health Organization, “declared seven ounces of high-powered germs would, if properly distributed, kill everyone on earth”.[3] 

      The U.S. has spent billions to help Russia locate its unaccounted-for “loose nukes” and to secure radioactive materials with less than perfect success.  The U.S. has “lost” several bombs.  Multiple countries have arsenals of WMDs.  In spite of efforts of containment the number of new owners of WMDs who can release them with the utterance of a word is growing.

       Pakistan’s unstable government could easily come into control by fundamentalists.  This possibility has been described as Obama’s greatest headache.  They are estimated to have 50 bombs, which would be quite a prize for terrorists.  North Korea recently launched a long-range rocket and nuclear weapon test.

       Israel cannot allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.  Fundamentalists have already declared it is their intent to destroy Israel, and the U.S. is also identified as a target.  Bin Laden and other religious leaders have publically stated it is their religious duty to obtain WMDs and their moral right to use them.  This is only one “hot spot” capable of setting off nuclear confrontation. 

       The U.S. and Russia have approximately 2000 nuclear warheads on 24/7 release ready status.  Experts tell us there is a greater chance of release of these weapons by a mechanical malfunction or mistaken interpretation of an “enemy” action than an actual declaration of war.  A leader who is erroneously convinced of an attack is obligated to act immediately as there is no second chance.

       The bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the equivalent of 20,000 tons of dynamite.  Today’s bombs are as potent as 20 megatons (2 million trucks each with 10 tons of dynamite), sufficient to incinerate a city the size of Washington, D.C. in an instant.  Russia detonated a 50 megaton bomb in 1961. 

       I have read that if the power we have already created in nuclear weapons were distributed evenly, every person alive would be given 4 tons of dynamite.  Would you be complacent knowing each of your neighbors harbored such an arsenal?  Do you realize that in our generation, the world, including terrorists, is our new neighbor?  

       The destruction of two buildings by airplane bombs sent the U.S. to its knees.  What would be the consequence of a limited release of WMDs?  What would our environment be like for those who survive unleashed nuclear weapons?  Consider radiation, pollution, disease, limited medical resources, starvation, etc.

       Virtually every knowledgeable scientist, peace group, and informed citizen warn us that WMDs are our greatest immediate threat and likely to be used in the generation of those we love.  The Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which includes 18 Nobel Laureates, has created a Doomsday Clock to symbolically make us aware of the danger.  The clock is presently set at six minutes to midnight.  The sobering facts are readily available for those who dare to become informed from such peace groups as The Union of Concerned Scientists (, an alliance of more than 250,000 citizens and scientists, The Physicians for Social Responsibility (, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (, and Ploughshares (  They are among many groups warning of the urgent need to take action.

•       Einstein, an avowed pacifist, recognized that it would only be a matter of time before humankind would self-destruct once the power of the atom was known.  He was reluctantly persuaded by colleagues to write the letter to our president that led to the Manhattan project and our first WMD only after considering what would happen if Hitler got there first.  Do you realize that if Hitler had the bomb, in one day he could have reversed any advantage the Allies had using conventional warfare?   The Nazis, with their master race ideology, were one of many groups throughout history that attempted to rule the world through war.  Given the power of today’s weapons, the next attempt is likely to succeed, or lead to mutual annihilation.

       For 3½ billion years, nature’s rules of behavior have been survival of the fittest and fight or flight.  In our generation, the creation of weapons of ultimate destruction has put our destiny in our own hands.  The growing power of human selection to override natural selection to determine who shall live has suddenly required that we change our way of thinking.  Cure is rapidly becoming obsolete; prevention is our best hope for survival.

       This we know.  The gun is loaded, the hammer is cocked, and the number of fingers on the trigger is growing.  The ammunition is unknown to all but the survivors of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  (You can bet they don’t need convincing!)  The blaring sirens set off by our leading scientists, peace groups, the U.S. Congress-mandated Commission, and informed citizens warning us of impending disaster are presently ignored by most people.  They will remain deaf unless concerned citizens wake them up.      

I selfishly want you to be aware of the need for immediate action because our loved ones need you to share the burden of such knowledge.  Given the indisputable facts, the conscience of reasonable people will not allow them to remain asleep to the reality we face.  I am more of an optimist and realist than an alarmist.  As an optimist, I do believe a joint effort will make a difference.  As a realist, I accept that even our best efforts may be a long shot; they may be too late.  However, I am impressed by Margaret Mead’s wisdom: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Einstein, the Father of the bomb and the person most frequently named by individuals when asked to identify the world’s brightest mind, told us the one solution we must follow to survive and thrive in the nuclear age: we must teach ourselves a new mode of thinking!  We now have the knowledge and the means if enough individuals participate in Einstein’s solution: A Newer Way of Thinking (ANWOT).  The Educational Community forever FREE web site ANWOT.ORG will show you how.