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Become your own genie!

Dear World Peace leader,

The purpose of the Mini-course,Become a Mental Wealth Millionaire and a Powerful Force for World Peace, is to unleash your passion for world peace and that of one million others within a year or a.s.a.p.  Mental Wealth millionaires are individuals who have acquired sufficient common sense wisdoms to consistently create a joyous meaningful life experience.  With few exceptions, earth’s nearly 7 billion citizens wish or pray for peace but have yet to collaborate to make our home the kinder,gentler place we desire.  Meanwhile, a minority of terrorists organize their followers to take effective action.  The result is that violence is winning.  

            The mission of our nonprofit corporation, The Educational Community, Inc. (EC), is the mission of humanity – we must educate ourselves to practice the humane qualities we preach but have yet learned to act upon.  Given our recent rapid proliferation of weapons with ultimate destructive power (WUD), we have precious little time to popularize the wisdoms that will prevent human catastrophe.  Virtually every one of our most informed citizens, individually and in organizations, agree.  They tell us WUD will be increasingly available in our time, and to most tribes within the lifetime of our children.  They also tell us we still have time to prevent catastrophe if we take urgent action.[1]

            The purpose of the EC is to popularize the one solution most certain among alternatives to fulfill our mission.  We must make common sense common.  Einstein, the father of our first WUD and the person most individuals identify when asked to name the world’s brightest mind, told us we require a new way of thinking (ANWOT).  The very same skills that create Mental Wealth millionaires are the ANWOT skills that promote World Peace.  Our task is to educate our population in wise creeds and good deeds more so than greed and speed.  Just as our generation has recently acquired the knowledge to make and proliferate WUDs, we now have the knowledge and the technology to succeed in our mission and purpose.  We lack only the collective will.

This mini-course consists of eight letters designed to inspire a sufficient number of world peace leaders from diverse upbringings to unite to attain our shared interests.  Our initial goal is to partner one million of the world’s most peace-minded individuals in an old-fashioned pep rally.  The marvels of modern technology, such as the internet and social media, empower us to virally spread education to everyone, anywhere, anytime, at little or no cost.  The Domino Effect is capable of rapidly circling the world, reaching individuals who otherwise are too distant in location and creed to engage in common sense dialogue.  Working together, we will free the imprisoned passion for peace that exists within virtually everyone on our planet.  A small number of our most capable minds are required to trigger the Domino process; you are needed to become one such leader.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.            ... Margaret Mead. 

Committed individuals working together are unstoppable.

Here are the insights you will learn from the eight mini-course letters:

  1. Why catastrophe is imminent; why we fail to take effective action; first steps to a solution. 
  2. Einstein’s most certain solution among alternatives to prevent catastrophe: ANWOT
  3. The two sentences that will determine our destiny: civilization or annihilation?
  4. Essential concepts to survive and thrive in our new era of WUD.
  5. Seven Mind-freeing, Life-changing, World-savingword-switches.
  6. The Mental Freedom Control Panel: eight choices available to our freed will power.
  7. The two most powerful, yet hardly used sources of love, forgiveness, and other humane skills.
  8. Call to action:  We must proceed to succeed.  Wisdom is our powerful weapon for mass construction! 

I know you will be enlightened by the EC mini-course.  It will inspire you to proceed to the free 100 videos and other wisdoms that will create the one million Mental Wealth millionaires who will popularize a newer way of thinking we require to create World Peace.  As a Mental Wealth Millionaire you will want to add global well-being to your list of local priorities.  Only a few moments of your time are needed to take effective action; please notify your email list and others to try our web site.  You will love becoming a peace leader.  Indeed, your action will generate more energy than you expend!  If you would like to receive a preloaded complimentary flash drive of our Mini-course instead of going to, send a self-addressed stamped envelop to:  The Educational Community, P.O. box 280716, East Hartford, CT, 06108.  There is no obligation.

                                                Wishing you tons of Mental Wealth,

                                                                                                                                               Donald Pet, M.D.