The Short List of Concepts to Survive and Thrive in the Nuclear Age

Dear World Peace Leader,

            This is letter 4 of the mini-course on How to Become a Powerful Force For World Peace and a Mental Wealth Millionaire. I am especially excited about this letter’s wisdom tips because they serve as a foundation for everything that follows. Our common usage language is deficient in simple words that signal awareness that we are a work-in-progress with a mission and a purpose.  Labels call forth concepts.  New labels are introduced here to inspire us to become powerful creators of our destiny and wise rulers. 

Here are the concepts that enlighten us to who we are and what we may become:

1.     The power of interpretation uses symbolsto acquire, store, share, and pass knowledge forward to become rulers of the world.  We increasingly make ourselves powerful creators of constructive and destructive action.   

2.      We are human becomings, not human beings.  We are a work-in-progress, elevating ourselves above the animals and striving to acquire the humane civilized qualities to which we aspire.  We have recently assumed personal responsibility for the fate of humankind and all that is about us including Mother Earth.  As we teach ourselves a newer way of common sense thinking, we free ourselves from dependence on instinct, tradition, and human dictators.

3.     Word-switches are labels we create to apply common sense wisdom to current knowledge in order to initiate new action pathways.  Word-switches selectively turn off established action patterns of instinct and tradition that no longer work or have become dangerous.  They are the means by which we can elevate ourselves to the humane qualities of kindness, mercy, compassion, love, and forgiveness.  Word-switches empower us to collaborate for peace. 

4.      Strensare the collection of wisdoms thatenable us to consistently create preferred outcomes.  We create a joyous meaningful life and make ourselves Mental Wealth Millionaires by accumulating strens.

1. The power of interpretation: our source of knowledge

Interpretation is the process by which we make ourselves powerful creators.  We have been gifted with a sophisticated portion of our brain we call the cerebral cortex.  I prefer to call this segment of our brain our “freedom organ” because this term describes its function.  Like other organs such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys, that have specialized functions to serve the whole system, our intelligent freedom organ acquires, stores, shares, and passes knowledge forward to future generations.  We become increasingly powerful creators as we perpetuate the process.  Cancer cells, like terrorists, take from others, give nothing back, kill their host, and then they must also die. 

Knowledge is the awareness of the universal rules of cause-and-effect.  Knowledge is power; it enables us to create.  The more knowledge we acquire, the greater our power as creators.  Our early ancestors had intelligence but little knowledge.  To envision the power of growing knowledge, picture a snowball at the top of a mountain, increasing its size and accelerating its speed the further it rolls.  Knowledge is our source of mental power.  Unlike our physical muscle power which starts anew with each generation, we keep expanding our knowledge as we pass it forward from generation to generation.  It seems to be limited only by self-destruction.  Intelligence applied to knowledge empowers us to direct its force and focus its power.  Wisdom is our means to consistently direct power to constructive outcomes. 

We participate increasingly with fate and circumstance to determine who we are and what we will become.  Our freedom organ provides us with both the opportunity to become powerful creators and the responsibility to exercise our power wisely.  So let’s enlighten ourselves on the source of our explosive, still-accelerating growth of knowledge, and recognize our mission as powerful creators.

The power of interpretation is how we change ourselves and change the world.  Following are the series of actions we create:    

We ...

  • invent words and symbols to mentally represent the information our senses bring us. 
  • thereby create a private, personal reality we call consciousness. 
  • acquire self-consciousness through our sophisticated freedom organ.  We are conscious of our consciousness.  We think about our thoughts. 
  • make mental interpretations of the data our senses bring to our consciousness. 
  • assign meaning to the interpretations we create.  Meaning generates energy.   Energy influences our biologic response system, i.e. our chemistry and nerves. 
  • apply our power of imagination to create original combinations of our interpretations, what we call “ideas” and “concepts.”   We imagine concepts and ideas of phenomena not previously present in nature.
  • choose from among our private mental creations and then apply the mysterious force we call will power to introduce our mental creation into the common reality we share. 

Do you get it?  Through the use of symbols, we “magically” transform our private mental interpretations and imaginings into the common reality we all share!  Our creativity is like the magical experience when we are shown an empty hat and then the magician says “Abracadabra” and pulls out a rabbit.  We utter our special magical word to signal an idea.  In goes the concept; out comes an original physical product or action.  Our freedom organ regularly performs such magical feats.     

No life on earth, past or present, approachesthe degree to which we use the power of interpretation to make ourselves creators!  We alone influence who we are and what we become.  Humankind has become king on earth because of our ability to make intelligent interpretations.  The more accurately our interpretations correspond with the universal orderly cause-and-effect rules we share in common, the greater our power as creators.  When we are mature and properly educated, our freedom organ empowers us to acquire the common sense wisdoms necessary to consistently direct our knowledge to constructive outcomes.   

As we gained knowledge to make ourselves more powerful creators, we have also succeeded in increasing our population to over 6 billion.  Scientists are individuals who spend their lives growing knowledge, and we have more scientists alive today than in all of history.  Current technology has shrunk the world; it is making more tribes our neighbors as well as powerful creators.    Just 50,000 years ago when our ancestors created language, we made a quantum leap in our power of interpretation; we significantly increased our progress towards civilization.

Examples of our most recent creations from new knowledge of universal cause-and-effect relationships include sanitation, antibiotics, the industrial revolution, rapid travel, mass communication, pollution, global warming, depleting the seas, and overpopulation.  None, however, create such imminent threat as the proliferation of weapons of ultimate destruction within the last 50 years!  We must impress upon ourselves the speed at which we increase our power.  The following simple illustration can serve to indelibly enlighten us to a fact essential for our survival:  Our growth of knowledge proceeds as an asymptotic curve, not as a straight line.

       The curve in this chart illustrates that we grew knowledge very slowly in time until the introduction of scientific method.  With more scientists alive today than all of history AND our recent technology for mass communication, we are now accelerating our constructive and destructive power in inreasingly smaller periods of time. 

Awareness of the sudden, explosive acceleration and proliferation of our destructive power is essential for our survival.  Motivating our will to take effective action requires that we first recognize that our world is suddenly different.  The rule, survival of the physically fittest that has worked for billions of years is inverted to destruction of the physically fittest.  The “haves” are traditionally the target of the “have nots.”  This cataclysmic event, in which formerly insignificant tribes will own weapons with ultimate destructive power, is occurring in our generation!  Let your enlightenment from this simple chart create the energy to join other peace leaders in collective action.      

Awareness inspires the urgency to teach ourselves a newer way of thinking that can consistently direct our power to wise outcomes.  If we consider earth’s 4 ½ billion year history as one hour, our ancestors initiated civilization in the last 1/100th of a second.  In 1/1000th of that 1/100th second, we have so rapidly expanded our creative power that we now are in a race between cooperation and catastrophe, peaceful co-existence and self-annihilation.   

Here’s what we each need to understand:  Our current way of thinking is first servant to instinct and tradition.  Each has limited ability to apply common sense wisdom to new knowledge.  Instinct and tradition program us to think in two categories: us or them, good or evil, right or wrong, and so on.  This either/or way of thinking is the basis of bigotry, prejudice, and harmful aggression.  In most instances it is not our nurturer’s intent to distort our understanding of the world by focusing on the differences between people and tribes.  They have no choice, because our mind remains incapable or limited in logical thinking during our immature years.  Logical thinking recognizes both the positives and the negatives of alternatives; it emphasizes our similarities more than our differences.  Common sense is not very common.  We have a limited amount of time to teach ourselves a newer way of thinking that selectively replaces our hardwired instinct and tradition with common sense solutions to today’s problems.     

Our power of interpretation provides us a mission and purpose!  Humankind alone creates its own destiny.  Our work-in-progress is to create the humane, civilized qualities to which we aspire.  We need to consistently remind ourselves that we have become masters of the world and are rapidly increasing in mastery of ourselves. We must exercise our freedom to choose constructive rather than destructive alternatives.  Let’s proceed to create the newer way of thinking that frees our will from dictators, and collectively unite our power to make our world a safe and friendly place. 

As we educate ourselves with the common sense wisdoms that create a newer way of thinking, we realize that humankind is united in a common purpose.  We each want to use our powers to create a joyous, meaningful life experience, and we want to survive this era of weapons of ultimate destruction!  Every wisdom we discover and pass forward to create Mental Wealth millionaires brings us a step closer to utopia, and also retards or reverses the hands of the Doomsday Clock. 

2. We are human becomings

Labels serve as signals to turn on specific thinking, feeling, and action.  We continuously invent new labels that inspire effective use of new knowledge, wisdom, and the action pathways they create.  Let’s add the new label “human becomings” to call forth a critical update to our way of thinking.  Recent knowledge enlightens us that we are best identified as a dynamic human becoming instead of a static human being.  The label “becoming” conveys that we are a work-in-progress of a creative force that is striving towards some future destination.  We have made ourselves such powerful creators that we have assumed responsibility for the fate of our children, humanity, and even Mother Earth.  We are making weapons with ultimate destructive power available to multiple tribes, some of whom already believe it is their moral right to use them.  Until we recognize the need to change our way of thinking, we will not take appropriate action.  We will soon become history instead of make history.  It is essential that we understand the urgency of our crisis.      

Consider the evidence that we are dynamic becomings more than we are static beings.  Let’s begin with our knowledge that creation is itself a work-in-progress.  

  • Our sun is an infant in the universe, one of billions of stars in one galaxy among billions of galaxies, including some so far away that it takes untold years for their light to reach us.  Instead of being the center of everything, as we once believed, we learn from science that we are a relatively small piece of change from a first cause that is yet beyond our comprehension.
  • The force(s) that set creation in motion distinguished humankind from all other life on earth by the gift we have received of a “freedom organ.”  We discover, store, share, and pass knowledge forward to future generations.  Knowledge is awareness of the universal rules of cause and effect.  Knowledge is the significant source of power that makes us increasingly powerful creators and destroyers of all that is about us. 
  • Recent knowledge recognizes that humankind is the growing edge of the gradual progression on earth that began with simple life forms.  Three and a half billion years forward, humankind has joined instinct and tradition (fate and circumstance, nature and nurture) to influence who we are and what we will become.  We remain among the 2 or 3 percent of life on earth that has not become extinct.  We alone acquire sufficient self-mastery to modify what “others” make of us.
  • Our ancestors were intelligent, but they lacked knowledge.  The greater our collection of knowledge, the more we understand the process of creation and make ourselves more powerful creators.  Consider the godlike power we have created within the last 100 years - mass production, rapid travel, sanitation to extend of our life span, and instant sharing of knowledge.  We have learned to facilitate conception, increasing the likelihood of multiple births, while we also create life “our way” through cloning.  We now decide which species will live and which will become extinct.  Along with the marvelous benefits we create through knowledge, we are challenged with such issues as pollution, global warming, starvation, and our greatest imminent threat, the proliferation of weapons with ultimate destructive power.  Our scientists are accelerating our enlightenment to such explosive quantum speed that we don’t know how to control it.
  • We have made ourselves rulers on earth and now we determine the fate of earth itself.  We continue to extend our life span.  We are in a race between utopia and self-extinction. 
  • Our generation is the first among life on earth to create the power to annihilate ourselves within minutes, 24/7, by the utterance of a single person or a mechanical error.  Within our lifetime, or certainly that of our children, our ability to create weapons of ultimate destruction will be owned by increasing numbers of tribes, including those who have recently become our neighbors and have already indicated it is their intent to use them.  
  • As we grow knowledge, we continue to modify the faith based beliefs that determine our actions.  Our ancestors created all sorts of idols, worshiped them, and devised rituals to placate them that we now consider foolish.  We burned individuals at the stake who were considered possessed by Satan.  The prevalent biblical view that God created everything in 7 days belies common sense unless we interpret a “day” as timeless or the equivalent of billions of years.  Most tribes still invoke the name “God” or some ideology, viz. Nazism, to justify creating harm for non-subscribers even though our areas of agreement and commonly shared interests are far greater than any differences.  Were it not for the emotional power of instinct and tradition, common sense wisdom would indicate the transparent self-serving nature of such assumptions.    

These examples are not meant to denigrate our ancestors or contemporary beliefs that are dictated by authority.   They are offered to recognize that we are a work-in-progress with a mission.  Our survival requires that we teach ourselves the humane qualities to which we aspire – kindness, mercy, compassion, love, forgiveness.  Adaptation to modernity requires that we continue to modify established beliefs based on new knowledge.  We elevate ourselves from animals by learning from mistakes. We do so by applying current common sense wisdom to selectively replace the action paths of instinct and tradition that no longer work or have become dangerous.  We have progressed a long way to make common sense more common, but the state of our world indicates we have an urgent need to complete our task.   

The concept that we are human becomings is critical if we are to survive and thrive in this new era.  It inspires us to recognize that we have suddenly created a global community and we need to look beyond our local priorities to contribute to its well-being.  We have a mission and a purpose to wisely direct our power and become the civilized humane species that is within our capability. 

The concept that we are human becomings makes us aware that we increasingly acquire knowledge; knowledge is a source of both creative and destructive power.   The two dictators that direct our thinking, instinct and tradition, would have us do both.  Common sense enlightens us that we have increased the power of our destructive weapons to the point that we can no longer tolerate their consequences if we unleash them.  Conventional weapons such as fists, teeth, sticks, arrows, bullets, and bombs create limited destruction that can be repaired.  History indicates we use every new weapon we create.  Our new weapons offer no second chance.  Prevention rather than cure is required!  Like it or not, our generation must accept our responsibility to wisely direct our growing power if we choose to continue to make history instead of become history.  Urgent action is required because the Doomsday clock is tick tick ticking at six minutes to midnight.[1] 

             As becomings more so than beings, we distinguish ourselves from all other life on earth, past and present, by the degree to which we experience three phases of development instead of one or two – phase 1: instinct (biology), phase 2: tradition (nurturers), phase 3: self-mastery (power to create and destroy).  The simplest forms of life (phase 1) are characterized by their innate ability to be fully mature at birth.  Nature inscribes their biology with the means of adaptation needed to repeat the life cycle.  They are competent to reproduce and carry out their relatively uncomplicated tasks through various biological means, such as sensors that detect heat and light.  More complex life (phase 2) requires nurturing from external providers such as parents.  Role models enhance the innate action pathways instinct provides.  The greater the complexity, the longer and more needy is the period of dependence on the programming received from “others.”  Full maturity is usually marked by the ability to successfully complete their life cycle.  The range of behavior is constrained by the action pathways embedded in biology (instinct) and those programmed and mimicked from external sources (tradition).  

Only humankind (phase 3) has been gifted with a sufficiently intelligent specialized freedom organ, our sophisticated cerebral cortex, to become a powerful creator through the process we call by such terms as becoming one’s own person, self-mastery, thought control, and super-maturity.  As our freedom organ, the last portion of our human brain to mature, develops, we attain the power to program ourselves!  As we add common sense to instinct and tradition we increasingly determine who we are and what we will become.  Shall we remain stuck, depending on dictators?  Can we motivate our will to add common sense wisdom to direct our destiny?   

As human becomings, our work-in-progress is quite clearly defined – we must urgently popularize common sense thinking to manage our growing destructive power.  We have suddenly made the future of our loved ones and humanity itself our responsibility!  Our future requires that we teach ourselves a newer way of thinking based on common sense wisdom where instinct and tradition have become maladaptive.       


We are accelerating our power with explosive speed before we have taught ourselves to wisely direct it to preferred outcomes.  Einstein’s most important insight is that we will continue to misdirect our new power using established solutions until we teach ourselves a newer way of thinking that adds common sense wisdom to instinct and tradition. 

Through our early years we are like parrots mimicking our nurturers.  We have limited power to resist whatever training we receive.  Our external controllers dictate the way we think, feel, and act.  The self-mastery freedom organ portion of our brain is not fully mature until about the age of 18.  Like wet clay or putty, we are easily molded in the design others prescribe.  Our nurturers may “wire” us as Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist, Nazi, democrat, republican, or communist.  At one extreme, our nurturers may educate us to develop wings and fly off to become our own person.  At the other extreme, they may keep our wings so clipped that we are inclined to closely adhere to their indoctrination.  In this case, becoming one’s own person may require extraordinary effort and risk-taking.  True mental freedom includes the opportunity to create alternative actions and choose among them. 

Our prevalent way of thinking is still dominated by instinct and tradition, the solutions that worked for yesterday’s problems using yesterday’s knowledge and wisdom.  Unless we popularize a newer way of thinking that makes common sense common, we can expect the continuation of bigotry, prejudice, and destructive confrontation to assert tribal superiority.  Popularizing common sense is our means to instead cooperate and collaborate to promote our shared interests.  Understanding that we are dynamic human becomings with a mission to direct our destiny, not static human beings, we motivate ourselves to take the urgent action needed to update the assumptions we make about ourselves. 

Collectively, humankind is elevating itself from an uncivilized, savage animal to the human becoming of our aspirations. We have journeyed far and the promised land is in sight.  The mission is now ours to complete.  Individually, we progress slowly to transform ourselves from helpless, dependent crybabies to powerful creators.  We alone attain mental freedom, the power to create alternatives and choose wisely or stupidly from among them.  Our recent explosive growth of power has rapidly propelled us towards godlike status.  We have all the intellectual, physical, and technological resources that we need.  We only lack sufficient will!  Our most urgent work-in-progress is to mobilize our collective will to fill our world with wise creeds and good deeds instead of greed and speed. 

            We have progressed beyond the animal stage, and our earliest ancestors, who could more accurately be described as “beings” rather than “becomings.”  Like it or not, the forces that have made us powerful creators have made us responsible for determining our own destiny and that of all about us.  The awareness that we are “human becomings” energizes us to create a joyous, meaningful life, and inspires us to preserve the world for humanity.  Can you think of a more important mission?  How does this compare with your current priorities?                    

No life on earth, past or present, has ever possessed such power, freedom, and the responsibility to determine its destiny as our current generation.  What we do or don’t do now determines the fate of all about us.  We do so by collecting sufficient wisdoms that make us mental wealth millionaires.


3. Word-switches and trigger words

Since our language lacks words that identify the process by which we transform ourselves into wise, powerful creators, I will introduce two new ones: word-switch and triggerword.  

Word-switches are the tools for human becomings to elevate ourselves and assume responsibility for our destiny.  A word-switch is a symbol (usually a word or combination of words) that serves as a signal to incite imagination, a concept, and an action pathway of our own design.  Word-switches simultaneously prevent the predetermined action outcome that would otherwise occur if we did not apply the word-switch.  The power of word-switches is made readily understandable through this analogy:  A railroad track engineer may redirect the course and destination of a train by altering one switch at a single point.  The preferred outcome is created and the predetermined outcome is prevented.  Word-switches control our thinking with the specificity and power of a mechanical switch altering a course of action.  The simple act of wisely choosing appropriate word-switches is our means to assume mastery of our life’s experience. 

A trigger word, like a word-switch, is a symbol that serves as a signal to turn-on an established action pathway.  Established action pathways are usually hardwired into our behavioral responses by instinct and tradition.  Instinct genetically links us to our earliest ancestors.  Tradition consists of its collection of commands hardwired when we are quite unequipped to critically evaluate or resist any orders provided.

Word-switchesare trigger words!   They are distinguished from other trigger words by three characteristics.  Word-switches-

1.     have the power to substitute an alternative meaning and a newer way of thinking, feeling, and acting for a trigger word that is presently dominant.

2.     are usually the products of a mature freedom organ.

3.     are supported by the most current universal common sense wisdoms.[2]

Here is an example of one critical word-switch that frees our thinking from instinct and tradition so that we may effectively deal with new knowledge using common sense wisdom.

·      “Should” is a dictator’s trigger word.  It demands compliance with a prescribed behavior.   The word-switch “could” invites us to create alternatives and choose from among them.

Word-switches and trigger words are powerful because they have been linked to meaning.  Meaning energizes the thinking, feeling, and action pathways established by its creator, be it instinct, tradition, our self, or some combination.  Our first set of trigger words express nature’s perspective, primarily instinct.  After birth, our nurturers provide us a second set of trigger words wired to turn on their perspective, primarily tradition.   And, with the maturity of our freedom organ, our intelligent cerebral cortex, we become self-programmers.  We ourselves may create a third set of trigger words that turn on the newer interpretations and meanings we assign to data by applying current common sense wisdom.

Trigger words usually turn on the prescribed action pathways of instinct and tradition that were effective in managing yesterday’s issues using yesterday’s knowledge.  Word-switches are our tools to apply today’s wisdom to today’s knowledge.  Instinct and tradition are reliable and efficient most of the time.  However, when confronted with novel problems that require common sense wisdom, such as the current proliferation of weapons of ultimate destruction, their solutions often become dangerous.  Instinct (nature) and tradition (nurture)characteristically demand that their perspective be blindly followed based on the authority of past success and habit.  Because they are hard-wired, they lack the common sense wisdom to consistently direct new knowledge to constructive outcomes. 

Word-switches selectively update older established action pathways that no longer work and/or have become dangerous.  Hard-wired, predetermined solutions are limited in their ability to create original solutions to issues that arise from the new knowledge and the phenomena we introduce into the world.  We are wise to consistently update our thinking with newer action patterns that bring us the outcomes we want and avoid those that we don’t want.  We best accomplish our mission by continuously creating new word-switches that effectively direct the products of our knowledge to constructive outcomes. 

The meanings we ourselves create, unlike the hard-wired commands of instinct and tradition, can be based on current knowledge and common sense wisdom.  We now understand how we become master of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.  As our freedom organ attains physical maturity and we teach ourselves the wisdoms that create mental maturity, we create new word-switches that selectively turn off the thinking paths previously wired by instinct and tradition and turn on a newer common sense way of thinking available from our mature freedom organ.  We acquire self-mastery, assume responsibility for our life’s experience, and become powerful creators though the design and application of word-switches!   The 100+ wisdoms provided free on our Internet site may be considered word-switches in that they selectively turn off the prewired ways of processing information that no longer work and turn on the common sense wisdom to solve current problems.  

Managing our current explosive growth of power requires using logic and common sense wisdom to create original solutions to current issues.  Our native language is heavily biased toward trigger words that turn on the prewired pathways of instinct and tradition.   We need to constantly update our language as we expand our knowledge of cause-and-effect relationships.  Once we understand the power of specific trigger words and word-switches to “turn on” a newer way of thinking we can expand our vocabulary of trigger words that promote self-mastery. 

Word-switches are our newest weapons of mass construction! 


4. Strens: Any word, concept, experience, or wisdom that strengthens our common sense thinking to consistently create preferred outcomes.

Mental freedom is the will power to create and choose among alternatives.  I have impressed upon you that power may be directed for both constructive and destructive purposes.  Strens are the collection of wisdoms that allows us to consistently direct our power to preferred outcomes.  Like the individual strands of muscle that make us physically powerful by working together in increased numbers, strens are the wisdoms that make us mentally powerful by their unified efforts.  Mental power and preferred outcomes grow as we increase the number of strens working together.   None of us are born with wisdom.  Using our gift of an intelligent freedom organ, we can collect strens and thereby become wise and powerful creators.  

Strens are the mental action pathways our intelligent freedom organ creates, supported by universal common sense wisdom.  They selectively add common sense to update thinking established by authority.  Collect enough strens and we become a Mental Wealth Millionaire, an individual with sufficient wisdom to create a joyous, meaningful life regardless of what fate and circumstance brings.  Strens are our means to consistently bring about constructive outcomes, including world peace.   

Here is the story of how the trigger-wordstrenwas created to turn on constructive thinking when no word could be found already present in our language.    Some years ago, the famous anthropologist Margaret Mead spoke before a group of mental health workers.  She told them our thinking is restricted by our language, that our language is the source of many of our problems.  We have assigned meanings to words and symbols that bias our thinking to focus on the negative aspects of information, the empty part of the glass.  We innately anticipate the harmful possibilities of our life experience to the neglect of the positive.   Here are some examples:

            Worry is a single word that means anticipating the most negative aspect of a situation.  Is there a single word concept that anticipates the most positive aspect of a situation?  The closest word I’ve found is optimize.  It is relatively common to hear someone say, “I have been worrying.”  How often have you heard someone say, “I spent the night optimizing.”?

            When most people get on an airplane, or are asked to give a talk before an audience, is their thinking more likely to be preoccupied with the anticipated positive or negative outcomes?  My experience is that most people think of the worst possible outcomes and rarely emphasize the positive outcomes.  Our natural tendency is to exaggerate the possible negative outcomes thatcreate what we identify as anxiety, rather than the more likely positive outcomes.  We hear or use such words as setback and putdown.  How often do we hear the words set-forward and pull-up that focus on elevating ourselves to higher levels of function?  The word “resentment” would seem to mean re-experiencing a feeling or a sentiment (re-sentiment) which could be positive or negative.  In actual usage, resentment has come to mean a reoccurring feeling of distress due to a real or imagined injustice by a person, act, or situation.

            There is a clear explanation for this manner of thinking that focuses on the negative.  The older animal segments of our brain were designed to survive in a hostile, savage environment where one had to be continuously alert for life-threatening events.   A good part of life was eat or be eaten.  Anticipating danger and being constantly on “red alert” to automatically respond to an emergency was a valued survival skill.  Laughter in such an environment had little survival value.  Perhaps this is why animals are not known for their sense of humor, and I’m told that our primitive ancestors weren’t at all familiar with laughter.

            Our ancestors faced danger at every corner!  In our present, partially civilized world, life-threatening situations are rare.  We reasonably expect that on a typical day, we will not encounter an immediate confrontation with a life-threatening danger.  Real emergencies are relatively rare in recent human society.  We have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of recreation, humor, and laughter.  Yet, our biology, our older brain, has been prewired to deal with the world remaining on “red alert,” ready to secrete chemicals and arouse nerves and keep our muscles tense for emergency fight or flight action.  The automatic, prewired instinctive programs that govern our thinking, feelings, and actions that were once necessary and adaptive have become less helpful.   In some cases they are harmful, such as road rage and crimes of passion.  The most common cause of muscle pain is slight but prolonged tension causing headache, jaw clenching, neck and back ache, etc.  Common sense wisdom makes us aware that there are better ways to process information that replaces what our preprogrammed dictators would have us do.  

            After Dr. Mead’s talk, the mental health workers decided there was no word in our language that adequately represented processing of information to positive outcomes.  They created a new word, stren.  The closest concept to stren in our language would be knowledge that our freedom organ can use to strengthen our use of wisdom.  Think of strens as mental muscle fibers of our intelligent freedom organ.   They bias the actions we, as masters of our self, design to lead to preferred outcomes.  Strens are the common sense knowledge that we provide our freedom organ to produce its most constructive products.      

Like muscle that grows stronger with the addition of more individual strands of muscle fiber, our creative power grows as we increase our understanding of cause-and-effect relationships, what we call knowledge.  Strens are the building blocks of mental strength.  Each new stren or bit of knowledge we discover makes us a more powerful creator.  Strens are especially productive when they work together in unison.   We become powerful creators because of our ability to assign interpretations with meaning to the data our senses provide us.  We are unique among life on earth by the degree we progressively increase our interpretive power.  Let’s understand that strength may be directed to constructive and destructive outcomes.  We teach ourselves to more consistently create constructive outcomes as we add wisdom to strength.     

            By adding the trigger word stren to our vocabulary, we inspire our freedom organ to continue to add the wisdoms that strengthen our newer way of constructive thinking.  Mental Wealth millionaires continuously enrich themselves with new strens.  Regularly remind yourself of this critical knowledge: our power as creators can be directed to constructive AND destructive outcomes!  Power directed by common sense wisdom is our means to consistently direct our creative power to preferred outcomes.  Each new wisdom presented in our collection of video tips on our web site will be one more stren to create a newer way of thinking, to become a Mental Wealth millionaire and a force for world peace.     


The next letter will provide seven powerful Mind-freeing, Life-changing, World-saving word-switches.   They make us master of our thinking as they free us from the demands of the early dictators who would control our life – instinct and tradition. 

For the well-being of our loved ones, give these concepts serious consideration:




·      STRENS

[1] The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists whose advisory board includes 18 Nobel Laureates has created a Doomsday Clock to symbolically warn us that “midnight” is very near.

[2] The test of universal common sense will be described in a future wisdom tip.