Letter 8: Call to Action

 Welcome to letter 8, the crucial pay-off steps we must take to become a Mental Wealth millionaire and make the world a safer, gentler place.  

Letters 1-7 provided knowledge of the facts and an accurate understanding of our selves.  They lead to the common sense conclusion: Weapons with ultimate destructive power (WUD) will be unleashed in our lifetime or that of our children’s unless a sufficient number of informed individuals work together to make common sense common.  The Educational Community’s (EC) goal is to popularize Einstein’s solution to prevent catastrophe and create world peace: We require a newer way of thinking (ANWOT).  Our task is to popularize our weapon of ultimate construction (WUC), common sense.     

            There is valid reason to conclude that the divisions between peoples of the world are too advanced and cemented to prevent the catastrophe predicted by our wisest scientists and informed citizens.  The hopelessness/helplessness widely expressed by those who wish or pray for peace bodes poorly.  However, those who are realists and optimists like me recognize that giving in to apathy creates the self-fulfilling prophecy that we can only stand and wait until we succumb to catastrophe.  If we ignore the problem, we will surely experience the predictions of our wisest citizens.  The optimist maintains faith that everything is possible and accepts that we must proceed to succeed.  Each of us remains part of the problem until we make ourselves part of the solution.  

The Problem: As a work-in-progress that began billions of years ago, humankind has made itself powerful creators of ultimate constructive and destructive force.  We have assumed responsibility for the destiny of ourselves, our loved ones, and all that is around us.  The current explosive speed with which we accelerate knowledge and the power that goes with it cannot be sustained without wise direction.  Our rapid growth of technology has so shrunk the world that virtually everyone is our neighbor, and we have suddenly become members of the global community.  We can no longer rely on the trial-and-error wisdom that has sustained us up to the present – making mistakes, fixing the damage, and passing forward the wisdom learned from these experiences.  Multiple tribes have or will soon have weapons with ultimate destructive power (WUD).  Our newest WUDs are so powerful that they may offer no second chance, no opportunity to repair the damage of destructive aggression.  The tick...tick...ticking of the Doomsday Clock grows in speed and volume as more tribes acquire WUD, and warns us of the need for urgent action.  Common sense wisdom is now our WUC.  As Einstein has pointed out, our growing knowledge of the universal laws of cause-and-effect has inspired us to change everything EXCEPT our way of thinking.  We can benefit from his insight, or continue to ignore it at our peril.     

The Solution: Einstein’s ANWOT solution is the most certain among alternatives to succeed in making our world a safe, wonderful place.  No other solutions offer the same opportunity for success as popularizing common sense thinking.  Surviving and thriving in our era of WUD requires a unified effort; thus, a grass roots movement that is appealing to the global community.

We have the knowledge and the technology to rapidly popularize a newer way of common sense thinking, ANWOT.  There are already many peace advocates and peace organizations that, once united in action, can unleash an avalanche peace force.  The imprisoned passion for peace is so evident that effective, well placed education is all that is required. 

Here is what we can do.  We inspire others by example!  We can educate ourselves to become Mental Wealth Millionaires (MWM).  A MWM is any individual who has acquired sufficient common sense wisdom to make their life wonderful.  We start by acquiring the strens that make us a MWM.  Then we can effectively influence those closest to us who are receptive to ANWOT common sense thinking.  We can gradually expand our leadership circle by creating a domino effect.  The domino effect periphery will, link by link, extend to reach those individuals who share the passion for peace and safety for their loved ones.  While dictators are rarely receptive to common sense, the followers that provide them power are!  Although we ourselves are too separated from those who are distant in space and creed, they can be enlightened to universal common sense by those who are closest to them at the periphery of the domino chain we create.   Our local efforts will gradually extend the unifying power of common sense to our most distant neighbors who, like all humankind, innately welcome self-enlightenment, freedom, and self-mastery.  We will eventually reach those who are limited in common sense thinking.  Our global population shares a common interest in the well-being of loved ones and a desire for a better, more peaceful world.

Common sense does not favor any one individual or group.  Common sensewisdom is universal for every individual within our diverse population and applies even to groups with the most extreme ideologies.  Common sense is the force of logic that brings our great religions and our wisest philosophers to the same moral conclusions: “Love my neighbor as myself.”  Treat others as I want others to treat me.”  Common sense is the force that inspires the Universal Problem-solving Sentence:  Given any situation, what is most likely to make things better for me and you (us and them), for now and the future?  Common sense is the source of the values by which we elevate our self from being amoral and immoral to establish our shared morality.  Common sense is the basis of the values we want.  Consider this list of common values and add what you find is missing -- love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, mercy, belonging, cooperation and collaboration, sharing, freedom from physical and mental slavery, creativity, opportunity to be educated and to educate ourselves in the skills that make life wonderful, happiness, the joy of giving, chronic enthusiasm, “enough” physical health and material wealth. What would you add?  Our work-in-progress is to make common sense common!

Common sense wisdom is our means to selectively replace the problem-solving solutions of instinct and tradition that are dangerous when applied to new knowledge.  We need to “hurry up” and grow the patience we require to make ourselves MWMs, and then becomethe leaders who will popularize ANWOT.  We have no viable alternative.  So let’s not waste time.  Become one of the each one, teach many leaders to spread ANWOT.   Help create as many Mental Wealth Millionaires as we can.  MWMs love giving away their mental wealth!  The more MWMs we create, the greater the odds that we will make the world a safer, gentler place and the less likely we will bring about our own self-annihilation.

I personally believe our peace leaders have not proposed sufficiently convincing actions to counteract the apathy that hopelessness creates.  Einstein’s idea, a newer way of thinking, provides the mental skill building that delivers what individuals crave – a wonderful life experience and world peace.  These two goals are linked.  Once an individual becomes a MWM, they will naturally become an avid force for world peace.  Our current Internet and mass media are positioned to rapidly establish ANWOT with the same speed at which our sciences have made us powerful creators of WUD.  Elevating humanity to the level we require for survival requires the collaboration of a limited number of talented individuals who will lead the grass roots movement to create Mental Wealth Millionaires and World Peace.           

Now that we recognize the problem and its most certain solution, can we create the will to take action?   What can passionate individuals working together accomplish?  What ideas do you have that can make a difference?  Can we work together?  Here is the EC Blueprint:

  • We first need to recognize the problem.  We are part of the problem until we make ourselves part of the solution by taking appropriate action.  If you need more convincing, take The Peace Quiz: Make Your Life More Wonderful.  
  • An energetic grass roots peace movement can unite informed people with sufficient force to popularize a newer way of thinking that makes common sense common.
  • We need to change the balance of individuals who maintain a strict allegiance to local issues, who remain dominated by “either/or” two category thinking.  We do so by teaching the “both...andnewer way of thinking that recognizes we are suddenly a global community. Everyone is our new neighbor.  We want to be a friend to our neighbors and we want our neighbors to become friends with us.  We have the knowledge and the educational resources to make this common sense solution common. 
  • Our brightest minds include those who have been successful in attaining wealth, power, and recognition.  These “gatekeepers” are well positioned to influence our masses.  We need only enlighten a sufficient number to direct a finite amount of their energy to add Mental Wealth to their pursuit of material wealth.   
  •  There is no limit to creating Mental Wealth millionaires.  Our mission is to educate as many people as possible on how to make their lives joyous and meaningful.  Such enlightened individuals are the force we require tomake our world a better place.  Surviving and thriving depends on fulfilling our task.  
  • We can encourage individuals to educate themselves.  Examples include The Make Your Life More Wonderful Quiz; the use of Internet resources; creating discussion groups; and introducing ANWOT education into our workplaces as part of the regular in-service and staff development training program.  We can encourage teachers to include ANWOT in their educational programs.  So much is possible through so many avenues.  However, change begins with a few individuals who lead the way.        
  • Are you already a Mental Wealth Millionaire or willing to become one?
  • Success requires each one, teach many leaders in the grass roots peace movement that will make a difference.  You are needed.  Will you help lead the way?
  • What ideas do you have that can make a difference
  • How are you willing to help?  For the benefit of your loved ones, humanity, Mother Earth ... and your retirement plans?
  • Here are actions that can rapidly popularize ANWOT:  

     Encourage as many people as you can to subscribe to the Educational Community’s free web site: www.anwot.org

     Make ANWOT viral through email, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, and your media contacts.  Encourage them to pass the word forward.  The cost is zero.  You have much to gain, nothing to lose.  That’s a good deal! 

     Start or participate in an ANWOT discussion group!  It’s powerful and rewarding.

For direction on starting a group: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

     Do you have contacts or have friends with contacts that can help?

o      Friends with email lists: Friends have friends.  Your support can go a long way to make ANWOT viral.

o      Bloggers with email lists:  Are you looking for great content material your followers will love?  Become a leader in our grass roots movement to create world peace by getting your list involved.

o      Contacts with education sources, esp. colleges that offer courses in peace education, conflict resolution, communication skills, etc.

o      Contacts with the media: radio, TV, newspaper

o      Contacts with entertainment or sports personalities

o      Contacts with a nonprofit organization.  Nonprofit organizations share the common cause of making our world a better place to live.

o      Contacts with for-profit corporations/businesses.  Profit organizations are seeking ways to improve their public image as well as offer education that improves the moral and well-being of their employees.

o      Contacts with clergy and religious organizations. 

o      Contacts with therapy and self-help groups.  These individuals are already seeking enlightenment.

o      Contacts with prisons.  My experience in prisons indicates this huge “captive” audience can be readily motivated to acquire the skills that will improve their life’s experience.

o      Book clubs

o      Posting links to ANWOT on local bulletin boards

o      Press releases


     What special skills do you have that will support world peace and bring you satisfaction?


     Are you one of the following individuals who want peace (in random order):


o      An educator? Educators create the minds that influence the world.  You are a powerful force to become the leaders of the ANWOT movement and create Mental Wealth Millionaires.

o      A prison director?  My experience in the prison system showed me this huge population can be strongly motivated to acquire skills never provided in their formative years.  The life skills ANWOT offers also reduce disciplinary problems.

o      A prison educator?  You are charged to rehabilitate one of our largest populations.  Our ANWOT resources are readily available to you.  They have been especially successful in prisons.

o      A prisoner?  Why not do “good” time?  You are my favorite group with the opportunity to make up for what you missed.

o      A member of the clergy?  You are among the foremost leaders with the power to create a civilized society.  You have established your credentials as peacekeepers.  Please add ANWOT to your skills.  You can make a huge difference!

o      A cartoonist?  You have the skill to make difficult ideas palatable.  In a world addicted to sound bites, you are needed to help the peace project.  The Educational Community would love to benefit greatly from your creativity to make ANWOT a reality.

o      A writer?  There is great need to express the skills offered by ANWOT in simple ways that will appeal to different audiences.  We hope our ANWOT wisdoms will inspire writers to create more effective educational content.

o      A corporate leader?  You are a mega-gatekeeper of peace energy.  Your creative skills and resources can promote Einstein’s solution.  The EC’s free educational services will be welcomed by your staff.

o      A for-profit corporation?  What better way to enhance your image than becoming recognized as an advocate of peace?  Encouraging employees to acquire the proven skills of well being promotes the cooperation and dedication every company desires in its employees.

o      A human resources director? You are a gatekeeper to bring the education and training that makes your company successful.  Please consider the many ways ANWOT can enhance your success in growing your company.

o      A nonprofit corporation?  You have already proven your dedication as a world citizen supporting a worthy cause.  Promoting ANWOT to your supporters can only add to your specific mission.  It requires little effort and no money.

o      A marketer/promoter/guru?  You’ve got “juice”!  Will you let your client list know about ANWOT?

o      A blogger?  Check out ANWOT; you want to offer your readers valuable content, and they will love receiving the collected wisdoms that make life more wonderful. 

o      A parent? You have the responsibility to mold an intelligent mind that cannot resist your influence.  Please check out ANWOT and become the role model that gives the best you have to offer to your loved ones. 

o      A soldier? Popularizing the mature thinking that creates peace takes time.  Your bravery makes you a true hero because it allows peace leaders the necessary protection to find a better way than destructive aggression. Study ANWOT to acquire the common sense wisdom to know your efforts are directed to constructive outcomes.

o      A politician/statesman? Apart from the skills you possess as a marketer to recruit support, you have the opportunity to make rules that make the world a safer, better place.

o      A sports or entertainment dignitary?  As a role model for many, your endorsement of ANWOT is a marvelous deed that will make you proud and enhance your image.

o      A therapist or help-giver?  ANWOT offers the collected wisdoms others have proven to be effective.  They are a marvelous free resource to bolster your success as a help-giver.  Make ANWOT an extra gift of your service.

o      Depressed or neurotic?  Most help is self-help with and through others.  ANWOT is free to you anytime at your convenient location.  It will supplement whatever assistance you receive from others.

o      Physically ill?  Two recent bestselling books, Tuesdays with Morrie (Mitch Alborn, Broadway Books 2002), and The Last Lecture (Randy Pausch and Jeffrey Zaslow, Hyperion, 2008) show how individuals with the most difficult diseases sustained their enthusiasm and made their life meaningful.  You can benefit from their examples and many others whose wisdoms can be attained through ANWOT.

o      A computer or information technology specialist?  Modern technology is our best hope to make Einstein’s solution viral.  You could use your skills to popularize the Educational Community website.

o      A victim of fate and circumstance?  Being a victim may not have been preventable but remaining so is one’s choice.  ANWOT skills teach self-mastery to make individuals the Chief Executive Officer of their life’s experience. 

o      A woman?  Your nurturing disposition makes you the most prepared to save our world.  I have faith that you will “come through” as leaders of the grass roots movement.

o      A man?  Your strong inheritance of “fight or flight” genes and innate urge to compete more than collaborate is a common source of difficulty in a relatively civilized society.  ANWOT can provide wisdom to complement your power; become a MWM and a force for peace.

o      A media person?  You are a key to popularizing ANWOT; a plug for our web site or an interview would be a great contribution towards world peace.

o      A terrorist?  Please dare to check out our free web site.  You will learn there is far more to life than destructive aggression.  You will love becoming your own person.

o      Greedy?  The compulsive pursuit of material wealth is admired in today’s culture but usually guarantees no more fulfillment than “enough.”  In your zeal for material gain, do you neglect the mental skills of ANWOT that are more likely to sustain your well being? 

o      A volunteer? What better use of your energy than to promote world peace and mental wealth?

o      A do-good person?  Few skills are as satisfying as offering something of value to others.  ANWOT provides the proven mental wisdoms that give meaning to volunteer activities.

o      A Mental Wealth Millionaire?  If you have already acquired sufficient wisdoms to create a wonderful life, you need no persuasion to become a leader in the ANWOT movement.

o      A human “becoming”?  Once you recognize you are a work-in-progress with a mission and a purpose, you will take a more active role in making the world a safer better place.

o      A realist?  Now that you recognize the threat is real and imminent, will you take action to promote the cause of world peace?

o      An optimist?  Optimists usually generate extra energy that improves their odds of success.  It is far better to err on the positive side of reality than the negative side.   

o      A pessimist?   Expect the worst and it is more likely to happen.  Let the ANWOT study program show you skills that will serve you far better than the innate negative thinking first hardwired by instinct.

o      A perfectionist?  Although you achieve much and are a welcome leader of ANWOT, no matter how successful you are by others standards, you sentence yourself to a lot of inappropriate misery.  ANWOT’s common sense wisdoms will show you better ways to make your life meaningful.

o      A human “cancer cell”?  Taking from the larger system without giving in return, like a malignant tumor, kills its host and then, lacking the nourishment it received, also dies.

o      Did I leave you out?  Sorry.  You can certainly help and we do need you!     


We will create a safer, gentler world when sufficient individuals combine their special talents.   Become a regular participant and supporter of the Educational Community web site and together let’s popularize Einstein’s most significant insight: We shall require a new mode of thinking.   

If you do nothing else, please pass our forever free web site, www.anwot.org on to as many people as you can.  Your small effort will produce huge results.  And ... Have tons of Mental Wealth.

Mental Freedom is everyone’s right.
Mental-Spiritual Wealth is everyone’s right.