About the “Author” ... About My Self

Donald Pet

Since the Guide is a collection of the wisdom of many persons, I see myself more as “editor” than author. It has been my good fortune to walk and talk with inspirational mentors, and bathe in so many fountains of wisdom – in my undergraduate years and psychiatric residency at Johns Hopkins and my medical training at the U. of Maryland Medical School, my professional career, colleagues, friends, and especially former patients. Though too many to name, their insights are to be credited for my inspiration to create a self-teaching ANWOT curriculum for you and others to perpetually grow the mental skills leading to feeling good and doing good. I’m especially proud of my efforts to create the first Educational Community in a prison setting at the Lexington, Kentucky Federal Narcotics hospital/prison, in the Connecticut Department of Mental Health drug abuse program, and in a private practice treatment program. I learned that, given the opportunity to teach our self and with a bit of motivation, people can attain their most fulfilling goals. If heroin addicted “life style criminals” can re-invent themselves and become effective counselors to others, if chronically depressed or otherwise mentally impaired persons can re-establish their lives as enthusiastic productive citizens, why not the rest of us? Now celebrating over 50 years of marriage, joys from my three sons and daughters-in-laws, seven grandchildren, and having attained financial well-being, my current enthusiasm is to sow what I have reaped. I do believe we have, in our very lifetime, entered a New Era in which our troubles will reach hardly imaginable harm if we do not spread the newer way of thinking that is within our grasp. Each one, teach one. What better way to give back than to become one offering to teach one?