These concepts will prepare you to proceed to succeed.  They explain why we have become rulers on earth with the power to create and destroy; like it or not, we have assumed responsibility for our destiny and the future of what is about us.   

Our Three Masters
1. Stren #3 Our Three Masters
2. Stren #30 We are Human Becomings
The Power of Interpretation
1. Stren #4 The Power of Interpretation: The Process of Becoming a Powerful Creator with a Purpose
1. Stren #5 Word-switches: The Means To Mental Freedom and A Newer Way of Thinking (ANWOT)
1. Stren #6 A New Vocabulary Word-switch – Stren
A Newer Way of Thinking (ANWOT)
1. Stren #28 Becoming a Mental Wealth Millionaire
2. Stren #32 From Victim to Wise Creator + A Bonus Summary of A Newer Way of Thinking
3. Stren #34 A Newer Way of Thinking (ANWOT)
4. Stren #74 Becoming One’s Own Person: Undoing Self-deception
Conscious Evolution
1. Stren #50 Asymptote – A new word-switch
2. Stren #69 Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny
3. Stren #76 History Lesson