Creating World Peace

These essays inspire action for our ultimate mission – World Peace.  They provide insight into the many paths that elevate us to the humane individuals that will make our world the safer, gentler place we want for ourselves, our loved ones, and all humankind.  World peace is the impossible dream we can and must make a reality.  


Stren #45: Transforming Snapshots into a Motion Picture
Stren #46: The Greatest Danger to Civilization
Stren #63: The Puzzle of the Seven Continents
Stren #65: A Movie Fantasy – What next?
Stren #67: Proceeding to Succeed
Stren #70: Why Do We Have Destructive Aggression and War?
Stren #71: Einstein’s Solution – A Newer Way of Thinking (ANWOT)
Stren #72: World Peace - Call to Action
Stren #80: Understanding Sexual Pleasure
Stren #92: Creating World Peace – Who and How
Stren #98: Corporate Survival and the Brain