Love deserves a distinct educational module because love creation is the essential skill to direct our energy to sustained peace and well-being.  While sexual procreation and nurturing offspring to maturity are dictated by the animal portion of our brain, love, like morality and spirituality, is the creation of the human portion of our brain and must be taught.  This is why a newer way of thinking emphasizes education in self-endorsement.  Loving our self frees us from dependency on others for approval.  It is the path to patience, prevention, and creativity. 

Stren #54.  Why Love?
Stren #55.  What is Love?
Stren #56.  Love and Sex
Stren #57.  Love Creation
Stren #58.  The Skills of Mature Lovers
Stren #59.  Forgiveness
Stren #60.  The Biggest Payoff
Stren #61.  Punishment and Limit Setting
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