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Dear Peace Advocate,

The Educational Community offers the wisdom that enables anyone to make their life more wonderful (a “Mental-Spiritual Wealth millionaire”) and become a world peace leader.  The purpose of this wake-up call is to unleash your passion for world peace.  You are receiving this invitation because you are one of a select minority of powerful individuals who can make a major contribution to world peace.  This is not a request for money; I ask for only a few minutes of your time and energy.  
The Problem: After interviews with over 250 world experts on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, a high level Commission of the U.S. Congress reported to President Obama that we can expect the use of these weapons before the end of 2013.1   If one Hiroshima-sized bomb of the 5,000 megatonnage of global nuclear arsenals were dropped every second, the onslaught would last 4½ days.   Suddenly, we have created a new era: human selection now rivals natural selection.

If your physician indicated a loved one had a terminal illness, what level of priority would you direct your energy to make a difference?  Would you ignore expert opinion?  I am passionate to create world peace because I want my 7 grandchildren to have the opportunities that I have enjoyed.  I am confident you have similar passion for your loved ones.  

Call to Action:  Become informed.  Take a few moments to read the attached Peace Quiz and the accompanying educational information.  Check out our web site.  View the video “Interviews” to find out why we do nothing.  If you agree with Einstein’s solution to prevent the predicted imminent catastrophe, make our gift to you your gift to your loved ones and contacts.  That’s all we ask.  A small amount of your energy will help unite the one million peace enthusiasts who will become the “each one, teach many” leaders to virally spread the newer way of thinking that will be unstoppable.  The Educational Community wisdom collection is guaranteed forever free to anyone, anywhere, anytime at
Want to do more?  Let’s discuss your ideas of how we can multiply energy to proceed to succeed.  I can offer many possibilities for your consideration.  Call me at 860 324-9991 or send Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.        

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”.... Margaret Mead.  It worked for AA, Amway, Mary K, and every great religion.  Now we must make it work for THE BIG IDEA – World Peace.   

                Wishing you tons of Mental Wealth,
                Donald Pet, M.D.

*The Educational Community is committed to never soliciting money; we are privately funded.  Our electronic books, recordings, telephone seminars, and 100+ wisdoms are guaranteed free to anyone, anywhere, anytime at

Mental Freedom is everyone’s right.
Mental-Spiritual Wealth is everyone’s right.






Would you like to make your life more wonderful?  Take this quiz!

Become a Mental Wealth Millionaire and Powerful Force for World Peace

1.    Q:  Why is our generation suddenly responsible for the fate of the world?
        A: Because for the first time in human history, we have created weapons that can wipe out
             civilization with a single command.

As we increase our knowledge of cause-and-effect relationships, we make ourselves more powerful creators. Our generation is the first life on earth to make and proliferate weapons of ultimate destruction (WUD).  If unleashed, they can immediately end the world as we know it.  This fact makes us responsible for our own destiny and the destiny of all that is about us.  Some tribes have already declared it is their moral and religious intent to use them.  

Every weapon that has ever been created has been used.  We have progressed from fighting with fists, teeth, sticks and stones, arrows, bullets, and  bombs that kill one or a few at a time to biological and nuclear WUDs that offer no second chance.  Furthermore, WUDs may be unleashed by the simple act of one person or a mechanical error, without looking into the “enemy’s” eyes or even knowing who they are.

We need to recognize that we are dynamic “human becomings,” not “human beings.”  Our scientists have enlightened us that we are the growing edge of a work-in-progress that began with simple life on earth three and a half billion years past and continues to grow increasingly complex and intelligent.  Naming has provided us the power of interpretation.  Our ancestors’ creation of sophisticated language 50,000 years ago empowered us to collect, store, share, pass forward, and increasingly grow our knowledge.  Knowledge is power.  Humankind now rules all about us and we must learn to wisely rule ourselves.  This is our mission!  Our survival requires that we succeed.   

2.    Q:  As we become increasingly powerful creators, what is our mission and purpose?
        A: To free ourselves from our original “either/or” way of thinking, which we all learn, and to
             develop a new, “both...and” common-sense way of thinking and acting.

The recent explosive growth of knowledge that is making WUDs widely available need not be the end of our story.  Nature has provided us the intelligence to create and use symbols, to think, to think about our thoughts, and to imagine new alternatives and expand the repertoire of action pathways available to our will.  We alone may free our thinking from what nature and nurture initially dictate.  As we mature we have the opportunity to become our own person, what we call “self-mastery.”  We discover knowledge of the Creative Force’s universal laws of cause and effect.  We introduce phenomena into the world that are of our own creation.  Intelligent use of knowledge creates common sense thinking, wisdom, personal responsibility, and morality. Mental freedom from instinct and tradition provides us a mission and a purpose.  

OUR MISSION is to selectively replace trial-and-error solutions with common-sense wisdom.  Nature has provided all life with a means to survive through trial-and-error.  When an action that doesn’t work is not fatal, damage can be repaired and new actions can be tried until something works.  “Failed” efforts lead to learning.  Intelligent creatures also learn by role-modeling.  They are spared from learning by mistakes when they imitate the successful behaviors role-modeled by nurturers.  Nature has gifted humankind with its newest model brain. Our sophisticated cerebral cortex has the intelligence to create and use symbols.  We create alternative action pathways in our imagination and choose from among them using common senseCommon sense knowledge of cause-and-effect relationships that is based on wise judgment replaces pre-established trial-and-error action pathways.  Our ability to anticipate the future consequences of today’s events (what is called “no-trial learning” or “cognitive rehearsal”) empowers us to add prevention to trial-and-error learning and elevate our humanity to higher levels.
OUR PURPOSE is to become civilized creators by teaching ourselves the newer action pathways that enable us to survive and thrive.  We do so by teaching ourselves the humane qualities to which we aspire – love, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, mercy, collaboration to further our shared interests, and whatever additional common sense skills “work.”   We can learn from the model provided by the diverse organs within our body.  Survival requires that each organ contributes to the well-being of the whole.  When we act like cancer cells that take and give nothing in return, the greater system dies and then the cancer cell, lacking its means of nurturance, also dies.  Self-extinction is predictable if we don’t succeed in upgrading the “either/or” way of thinking, taught to us by instinct and current tradition, that divides the world into two opposing categories.  We can teach ourselves the newer “both...andcommon sense thinking that recognizes similarities and the need to collaborate for our shared benefit.  Surviving and thriving requires success in both our mission and our purpose.

3.    Q: Why is our history defined by a series of wars?
        A: Historically, aggression has been an effective survival technique.

Our way of thinking is still dominated by the trial-and-error survival methods our ancestors required to survive in a primitive, savage environment.  Fight or flight and survival of the physically fittest action pathways are demanded by instinct; they are hardwired by genes in the oldest and first to develop part of our brain.  The simple either/or two category thinking, acquired when our cortical brain is immature, is designed to serve our instinctive bias towards harmful aggression.  Humankind survived and now thrives because of our superior prowess as killing machines.  We, like the hawk and any predator found in nature, are innately amoral.  We are brilliantly designed by nature to survive at “others” expense.  We are born to become terrorists.  With the growing size and sophistication of our intelligent cerebral cortex we increase our cunning to dominate others, and to make and use increasingly powerful weapons.  

Intelligence also enables us to recognize morality, but until we popularize the common sense wisdom required to elevate us to a more humane civilized state, instinct will have its way.  Each of us needs to recognize and tame the terrorist who lives within.  

4.    Q: Why is this call for urgent action different than so many previous predictions of Doomsday that have not materialized?
        A:  Unlike previous Doomsday warnings, this call to action is based on credible research and common sense.

The many false Doomsday dates were supported only by the faith-based assumptions of isolated religious groups.  The current warnings that weapons with ultimate destructive power (WUD) will be unleashed are the common sense conclusions of our most knowledgeable scientists and informed citizens. A recent report of a high level Commission mandated by the U.S. Congress to evaluate the status of weapons of mass destruction interviewed over 250 world experts (World at Risk, December, 2008, Vintage Books; see pages 13-14).  They concluded it is more likely than not that these weapons will be unleashed before the end of 2013 unless we take urgent action.  

Einstein, regarded by many as the world’s brightest mind, upon recognizing the power of E=mc2, told us catastrophe is imminent.  Major peace advocacy organizations such as the Union of Concerned Scientists, Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Ploughshares, along with many informed citizens, concur regarding the urgent need to resolve the threat of self-annihilation. We would be foolish to ignore a consensus of such knowledgeable individuals and organizations.
5.    Q: What would be the consequences of unleashing WUDs with regard to the following?

a.    To your children and other loved ones?
b.    To the quality of life for the survivors after the release of nuclear or biologic WUDs?
c.    To the value of your retirement program?
d.    To the outcome of the war if Hitler had the bomb first?
e.    To the cost of repair?  Have you considered the value of prevention?

        A: The results would be devastating – even for those who survived the initial attack.
Although we each have individual opinions, common sense will reveal we share quite similar conclusions.  If a nuclear or biological WUD were unleashed, a huge number of people would die in the initial attack.  The aftermath would make living conditions intolerable for those who were not killed or maimed immediately.  Food, water, and medical resources would be unavailable or limited while disease and contamination would be rampant.  WUDs are already available to many tribes and will be owned by most tribes within our lifetime or certainly within our children’s lifetime.

6.    Q: What is Einstein’s insight regarding our best chance to avoid catastrophe?
        A: We need to change our way of thinking.

Einstein, upon realizing the power of E=mc2, declared it is only a matter of time before we create our own catastrophe.  He told us the one most certain way to prevent catastrophe and promote peace: 

The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe. .... a new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels. 

7.    Q: Why are a small numbers of terrorists succeeding, while the peace advocates who constitute an overwhelming majority of the world’s population remain ineffective?  
        A: Terrorists organize their followers to take unified action while the majority of peace advocates wish or pray for world peace but fail to unite to take effective action.

8.     Q: Can you name three common reasons why most persons take no meaningful action?  
        A: Based on hundreds of interviews, here are the most common “reasons”*: 

1.    Nothing I can do would be helpful.
2.    I want to do my part but no one ever told me what I could do that makes sense.
3.    I’ve got too many local priorities to be bothered by global issues. 
       Our leaders or God will have to take care of the big issues.

4.    You’re talking to the wrong person.  I’m not the problem.  Talk to Bin Laden, Ahmadinejad
       and those “bad” guys.  

*See video interviews at; click “Press Kit”  

We will be unstoppable by correcting the self-deceptions that creates apathy.  We need to free the imprisoned passion for peace in a sufficient number of individuals to popularize the newer way of common sense thinking that Einstein told us is the one most certain way to prevent catastrophe. 

9.    Q: What simple explanation did Margaret Mead offer of how we can reverse the major source of problems in the world? Bonus question – why is our thinking biased to interpret the world negatively?
       A: See the quote below:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. 
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.                                                 
...M. Mead

This is how AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), Amway, Mary Kay, and every great religion began; this is the way to World Peace.  Our genes bias us to interpret data negatively because being on “red alert” was essential for our ancestors to survive in their savage environment.  In our new era of WUDs, remaining stuck in fight or flight behavior is no longer adaptive.   Dr. Mead’s explanation of why our negative thinking is a major reason we have become our own worst enemy is provided in stren #6 on our Internet site.

10.    Q: Can you name the three masters who direct our life’s experience?   
          A: Instinct, Tradition, and Self-mastery. 

Our biology is innately programmed during the nine months leading to our birth.  Thereafter, our nurturers add their traditions to gradually dominate who we are and what we become.  With maturity, we may acquire sufficient common sense thinking to become our own person and wise director of our destiny.  Some interchange the labels nature and nurture or fate and circumstance with instinct and tradition.  Other names for self-mastery include mental freedom, becoming one’s own person, thought control, and super-maturity.

11.     Q: What important skill do we require to free ourselves from our initial “either/or” way of thinking?
           A: Patience.

Patience is our means to delay immediate gratification.  Patience is required for virtually every desired skill.  We are all demanding crybabies at birth with the motto, “I want what I want when I want it.”  Patience is required to delay our instinctual demand for instant gratification.  Self-mastery requires interpreting data, creating common sense alternative action pathways, choosing from among them, devising effective action, and thereafter experiencing the rewards of desired future results.  Until we acquire sufficient patience, we remain servant to fate and circumstance.
Patience allows us to free our will from instinct, tradition, and human dictators; creates the newer way of thinking that leads to self-mastery; is essential for common sense problem-solving; is required to create love and forgiveness; is needed to anticipate and prevent future harmful events; empowers us to make life more wonderful; and insures the future of humanity and our civilization.

12.    Q: What is the secret of creating patience?    
          A: Self-endorsement is our means to acquire and sustain patience.

Self-endorsement is the process of valuing, supporting, and rewarding our self through affirmation.    Instinct demands that our action pathways provide immediate rewards.  Behavior that is rewarded is repeated!  Instinct is hardwired to demand satisfaction now with little consideration for the future consequences of today’s actions.  Instinct and current tradition favor “me” (or us) without regard to “not me.”  Self-endorsement empowers us to create the emotional rewards that placate instinct’s demands for immediate satisfaction.  By acquiring skill in self-endorsement we empower ourselves with the readily available means to sustain patience, engage in short and long term problem-solving, and prevent reactive behavior that often includes harmful aggression.       

Skill in self-endorsement is essential if we choose to continue to survive and thrive.  Self-endorsement links intelligent problem-solving to the immediate emotional reward required to switch from instinct and tradition, i.e. yesterday’s solutions to yesterday’s problems, to common sense solutions.  We require today’s knowledge and common sense wisdom to create original “out of the box” solutions to new problems.  How many means of self-endorsement do you regularly use?  I hope you have many and exercise them regularly.  

There are multiple self-endorsement skills that sustain the patience we require to engage in effective common sense problem-solving.  The most powerful yet hardly used secret means to sustain patience is “emotional self endorsement” followed by “secondary endorsement.”  These and many other self-endorsement skills such as “Acting as if,” “The bookshelf,” “Positive affirmation,” “An attitude of gratitude,” and “The reasonable best test of self worth” are described on the Educational Community web site.  Many additional sources are readily available such as books, films, and roles models.   Try our collection of powerful, easy-to–learn techniques to enrich your self-endorsement skills, always free on our web site. 

13.    Q: What are the five ingredients that are needed to make life’s experience joyous and purposeful?
          A: “Yes I can” (sufficient faith to turn on a spark of energy), work, patience, direction, and
               risk-taking to let go of established ways that may have worked before but have now become
               ineffective or dangerous.

Anyone can become a Mental Wealth millionaire using these ingredients.  You don’t need money, unusual intelligence, good looks, or connections; certainly no magic. Many individuals have shown us we don’t even require good physical health.

14.    Q: Which of the three basic assets to survive and thrive in today’s world is most important:
               Physical Wealth, Physical Health, or Mental-Spiritual Wealth (MW)?  

          A: Mental-Spiritual Wealth.  [Mental Wealth = Spiritual Wealth]

Individuals with material wealth and good physical health are well represented among those who are depressed and even commit suicide; not so for individuals who acquire mental-spiritual wealth.  Here are 10 powerful reasons why the wisdoms that create Mental-Spiritual Wealth millionaires are our greatest treasure:

  1. Mental-Spiritual Wealth (MW) is the true source of happiness!  Every MW millionaire creates a meaningful life experience, even in the absence of physical health.  Two recent bestselling books, Tuesday with Morrie and The Last Lecture document how individuals with the worst illnesses were able to enthusiastically enjoy their life’s experience.  Materially wealthy millionaires are highly represented among those who commit suicide.  The most “got rocks” person I have ever met was in my opinion (and his) among the most miserable.  

  2. We will own the wisdom we acquire (and create) for the rest of our life; the cleverest schemer will not take it away.

  3. Owners of material wealth commonly spend considerable energy protecting it.  They worry how to keep it and fret when they lose it.  Most persons who lose physical wealth allow their spirits to be diminished in addition to their pocketbooks.  People love giving away MW!

  4. When government creates more money, inflation devalues what others have earned; not so with MW.  Everyone willing to study and practice can become a MW millionaire.  There is no limit to the amount of MW one can accumulate and each new MW millionaire enriches the world.

  5. The ingredients to acquire MW are available in abundance to everyone!  The traditional “silver spoons” such a money, status, titles, connections, good looks, unusual intelligence, the “right” religion, skin color, gender, geographic location, and so on are not required.  A substantial collection of important MW wisdoms are readily available.  The Educational Community pledges to make its MW curriculum via electronic media forever FREE to anyone, anywhere, anytime!  The mass media makes it possible to rapidly educate our population when and where its subscribers prefer at little or no cost.

  6. The more MW we give away, the more our own MW grows!  The transfer of wisdom is a win-win-win event.  The giver experiences one of life’s greatest satisfactions.  The receiver(s) increases his/her MW and the global community is enriched.  The transfer of physical wealth is commonly a win-lose event: the receiver is enriched and the giver’s wealth is diminished.  Too frequently, the rich are the takers and the poor are the givers!

  7. Correcting a small amount of a physical deficiency, such as B vitamins or thyroid hormone, creates a dramatic benefit to our health.  Since our formal education stresses how to make a living and has yet to emphasize how to live, we can predict that providing even a small amount of MW will dramatically uplift our spirits.  

  8. Wisdoms that make us MW millionaires, proven by successful individuals to work, are plentiful and readily self-taught.  They have already been created by wise persons.  They are attainable from mentors, books, and other media, but are inadequately applied!  They are free for our taking if and when we choose to embed MW wisdoms into our basic education.

  9. The same MW wisdoms that are most certain to help us succeed in any endeavor are the very same skills that create the newer way of thinking we require to make the world a safer gentler place.

  10. What better feeling can we experience than when we are helping our loved ones become a MW millionaire and promoting for everyone the most certain way to create permanent world peace?

How do you allocate your energy?  Physical Wealth?  Health?  Mental-Spiritual Wealth?

15.    Q: What is the ONE most dangerous and toxic idea threatening our survival?  
          A: “My way or my tribe’s way is right and good while not my way or not my tribe’s way is evil, bad and is O.K. to punish, even murder.” 

This perspective is an expression of either/or addiction, the way of thinking we all first learn.  The survival of the fittest instinct, yet prominent in current tradition, favors dominance more than cooperation for shared interests. Working together, we can change our world from one of greed and speed to emphasize wise creeds and good deeds.
16.    Q: What is the universal “magical” Problem-solving sentence that consistently creates preferred
               outcomes, that is the antidote for toxic thinking?  

          A: Given any situation: What is most likely to work best for me and you, for now and the future? 

This sentence calls forth common sense wisdom to create a win/win outcome for all parties and addresses the future as well as the present outcome of action.  Of course it’s not actually magic, but it works so well that you’ll think it is.

17.    Q: What critical changes are required to free our early either/or way of thinking that serves instinct, tradition, and human dictators, and to create the mature both...and common sense thinking that empowers us to become our own person?  
          A: We upgrade our thinking by creating symbols with the power to signal new common sense action pathways.   

A new mental action pathway switches off the previously established action pathway.  I name the symbols we create (usually words) “word-switches.”  We can understand a mental word-switch as we understand the action of a physical train track switch:  we redirect the train to a new path and outcome by a single alteration at one point; this action simultaneously prevents the previously established path and outcome.  Word-switches act with the same specificity as the physical train track switch.    

Here is what I call “The seven Mind-freeing, Life-changing, World-saving word-switches.”  Each is critical to initiate the process of creating a newer way of common sense thinking (ANWOT).  Simply substitute the word-switch that “turns on” the new path and “turns off” the established trigger word(s) of the predetermined action path:  

  1. Yes, I think I can” for “I can’t,” “It’s too hard,” “Why bother.” “I give up,” “To hell with it.” “Ferk it” and other helpless/hopeless give up words that shut down our energy factory.
  2. Both...and” that supports cooperation for the “either/or” two-category thinking that biases our interpretations towards bigotry and prejudice.
  3. The descriptive “could” words that incite creative thinking for the prescriptive “should” words that dictate one predetermined “correct” action pathway.
  4. The responsibility phrase “I allow” for the dependency phrases “He, she, I, they, it, God makes me ...” that commonly lead to blaming.
  5. The Problem-solving sentence, “What is best for me and you, for now and the future?” for the dictator’s sentence, “My way, the right way.”
  6. Energy” to signal our instinctive emergency arousal response to engage in mental problem-solving action, rather than the word “anger” that leads to “fight” and “anxiety” that is biased to “flight”.
  7. Urgency” for “emergency”; then assign high, medium, or low priority to urgency.  This word-switch diminishes our exaggerated response triggered by “emergency.”   In today’s relatively civilized world, most stress has medium or low urgency.

Explanations of these seven critical word-switches may be found in strens 7 to 14 on our website and in letter #5 of the Mini-course.  Common sense thinking is uncommon and will remain so until leaders teach our population a newer way of thinking (ANWOT).   

18.    Q: What are the action pathways we have available to our will to manage life’s events?  (Accurate naming is the basis of wise self-management.)
          A: See list below: 

  1. Blaming-out and related secondary blaming (the primitive “fight” response”)
  2. Blaming-in leading to “guilt,” self-putdowns, and depression
  3. Avoidance such as physical or mental flight, procrastination, changing jobs and spouse, substance abuse, telling lies, and so on (the primitive “flight” response)
  4. Problem-solving*
  5. Self-endorsement and related secondary endorsement*
  6. The Worry response that sustains anxiety and phobic behavior
  7. The Helplessness/Hopelessness devastating “give up” response that shuts down energy
  8. The Mind/Body response leading to sustained stress and physical symptoms.  

These eight choices are explained in depth on the Educational Community web site in what I call “The Mental Freedom Control Panel” These eight action pathways encompass the choices available to our will.  Most are easy to identify and thereby wisely manage.  Two are consistently effective in getting what we want and avoiding what we don’t want.*  The other six choices are the source of most of our problems.  

Each alternative action pathway influences the well-being of our self, our loved ones, and humanity.  To what degree do you rely on each?

19.    Q: How will changing ourselves by practicing ANWOT make a difference?
          A: Changing our own way of thinking is the first step to changing the world.

We first need to be the change we want.  Leadership by example is far more effective and lasting than leadership by edict.  “A mind changed against its will is of the same opinion still.”  Dictators who rule by authority are usually replaced by would be dictators of like thinking.  We will not become effective peace leaders as long as we ourselves engage in material greed; remain stuck in  either/or two category thinking that leads to conflict instead of the both...and thinking that recognizes our similarities; teach competition more than cooperation to further our shared interests; and pursue local priorities to the neglect of global needs.

Our most effective, perhaps only opportunity to change the world is by the domino effect!  We begin by changing ourselves, influencing our nearest receptive neighbors, and spreading ANWOT virally.  Contact by contact we can reach those otherwise inaccessible.

20.    Q: Why direct our efforts to Einstein’s solution, popularizing a newer way of thinking?
          A:  A newer way of thinking leads to collaboration for lasting win/win outcomes.

I know of no better suggestion to create a lasting solution to the new dangers we create with our newest knowledge.  Alternative methods such as threats of devastating retaliation, extreme “star wars” defense measures, blocking ports and related sanctions, and negotiation between individuals whose way of thinking favors dominating more than common sense problem-solving are necessary temporary measures to postpone use of our new weapons.  None of the alternatives offer lasting peace.   The marvelous acts of some individuals who reach out with humanitarian aid are effective but too few and too late to prevent the imminent catastrophe.  Our current government, peace groups, and concerned citizens have yet to propose common sense solutions more effective than a grass roots movement to popularize Einstein’s solution, ANWOT.  

If you could teach yourself the skills that make your life more wonderful and simultaneously make the world a safer, gentler place, would you take action?  Where could you go for this information or recommend such a course to loved ones?  Our society is deficient in such educational resources.  Try ours.  Go now to  Our collection of proven Mental Wealth skills is forever free.  Once you try it, you will love making it your gift to significant others; they will love receiving your valuable gift.  You will immediately receive access to our 100+ wisdom tips, e-books, telephone seminars, and much more.  We guarantee you will never be asked for a cent for any of our electronic services.      

What are the important items on your life’s agenda?  Have you included doing your part for world peace?  If not, why not?  We ALL remain at risk until sufficient leaders take meaningful action.  Our newest WUDs offer no second chance.  What would you need to convince yourself to take action before the first strike?  If not now, when?  
Giving something of value to loved ones is among life’s greatest satisfactions.  We all start life as “takers.”  The self-endorsement skills that create an abundance of love for our self inspire us to become “givers.”  Mature people find that the satisfaction of giving exceeds that of receiving.  The rewards of giving, once experienced, become habitual.  Becoming a giver also inspires us to become a peace leader.

What are the greatest gifts you can give to your children and other loved ones?   Do you include love and forgiveness?  How about freedom from dictators?  A safe world conducive to healthy living? Citizenship in the global community?  

Consider this advice by former President Clinton addressing the Yale 2010 graduating class:

“...relentlessly, relentlessly every single day check yourself and say: ‘Am I building up the positive and reducing the negative forces?  Am I helping create a world in which we all win?’ ... you have lots of choices going forward.  Some of those choices should be to do public good as private citizens.”

Concerned people working together for a shared cause are a far more powerful force than individuals working alone.  World peace deserves a global pep rally!  Would you help make this event come true?  Our goal is 1,000,000 members by the end of 2012 or as soon as possible thereafter.  We don’t need money, but we can use all the passion we can unleash.  Change begins from within.  
O.K.  What’s the catch?  Your help is needed to benefit our loved ones.  You will make a huge contribution by simply recommending the EC web site to everyone you can. That’s it! You can become an important force in the grass roots peace movement.  The Educational Community, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, welcomes your passion to become one of the each one, teach many  leaders who will make a difference.


The EC web site:
anwot = a newer way of thinking

Mental-Spiritual Wealth is everyone’s right.
Mental Freedom is everyone’s right.





NOTE:  The U.S. Congress mandated report to President Obama has been published: The World at Risk, Report of the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism, Vintage Books, December, 2008; Bob Graham, Chairman; Jim Talent, Vice Chairman.  Important conclusions are quoted here:

From the Executive Summary

First sentence of summary, p. xv
The Commission believes that unless the world community acts decisively and with great urgency, it is more likely than not that a weapon of mass destruction will be used in a terrorist’s attack somewhere in the world by the end of 2013.  

The Commission further believes that terrorists are more likely to be able to obtain and use a biological weapon than a nuclear weapon.

p. xvii
[Our government’s] focus has been mainly limited to defense, intelligence, and homeland security programs and operations.  The next administration needs to go much further, using the tools of “soft power” to communicate effectively about American intentions and to build grassroots social and economic institutions that will discourage radicalism and undercut the terrorists in danger spots around the world.  

Preface, p. xiii
We know that our margin of safety is shrinking, not growing.... There is still time to defend ourselves, if we act with the urgency called for by the nature of the threat that confronts us.  Sounding that call for urgent action is the purpose of this report.

Preface, p. xii
Terrorists are determined to attack us again – with weapons of mass destruction if they can.  Obama bin Laden has said that obtaining these weapons is a “religious duty” and is reported to have sought to perpetrate another “Hiroshima.”

[1]The World at Risk, Vintage Books, 10/08.  U.S. Congress mandated Commission report to President Obama after interviewing over 250 world experts on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.

[2] Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists; January/February, 2007, p. 34.